21 Songs About Planning (2023)

If you are living and breathing, it is safe to say that you have plans. Even if you’re not the planning type with to-do lists, journals, and colorful post-its, for sure you have plans where to eat for your next meal.

Other folks have terrific planning techniques and they even have the ability to follow through these said plans. Some of us are somewhere in between. Some create a grocery list and manage to forget the list at home.

Some of the songs in this list are plans for more important things but some are for cancelling, changing plans or lack thereof.

Here are 21 Best Songs about Planning you might want to listen to.

21. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

What an awesome plan for the night the band’s lead vocalist, Freddie Mercury was singing about in this song! He doesn’t want to be stopped because he plans to burn through the sky and travel the speed of light. Of course, everything is figuratively speaking but you can absolutely feel the energy of this song with its lyrics and melody. Even kids know this song because it was recently featured in Sonic the Hedgehog movie in 2020.

20. Listen by Beyonce

Listen is one of Beyonce’s most powerful songs. Aside from her superior vocal prowess, she sends out an inspiring message that you have the innate ability to get away from the grips of your oppressor or abuser. In this song, she sings about being crippled by someone who made her believe she was no good but her plans to be finally heard are now coming true. Her ultimate plan is to be strong and find her own voice.

19. The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Here is another song that will encourage you to follow your plans. The message here is as raw as it could get. Life will always be difficult so keep the faith. The plan is as simple as to keep pushing and to keep climbing until you reach your dream. This song was a splendid part of Hannah Montana: The Movie, one of Miley Cyrus’ last projects as a young Disney star.

18. I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plan by Frank Sinatra

The cool, smooth voice of Frank Sinatra can bring a smile to anyone’s face. This song is actually about a heartbreak. He has to change his plans because his beloved just cheated on him with another man. This song is something that you’d love to hear while having dinner and wine in a hotel. You will hear someone who is brokenhearted but can still beautifully sing about it.

17. Don’t Change Your Plans For Me by Ben Folds Five

Here is a different perspective on changing plans. The singer asks his acquaintance or the person he’s currently seeing to NOT change her plans for him because he has plans for himself that does not include her. He plans to follow his heart and destiny. This is a pretty straightforward self-love kind of song. He has plans and honestly tells her not to change hers. They won’t be together because they should have their own different paths.

16. Best Laid Plans by James Blunt

From his 2010 album, Some Kind of Trouble, James Blunt sings this song as a desperate plea to his beloved who seems to be spiraling into depression. All the best plans and best intentions just get wasted and almost everyone is already giving up on this person. James Blunt seems to be holding on and didn’t hint on leaving her but he is singing about already having a painful time trying to help his beloved.

15. Mastermind by Taylor Swift

From her tenth album, Midnights, Mastermind is a song that is not about any sort of heartbreak. It is a confession of using her planning, scheming, and power to get the man that she wanted.  It sounds very upbeat with a mix of digital musical elements. It has a cryptic message too. You would wonder if this is autobiographical like most of her songs, and which guy is she referring to? This time around she is the “mastermind” of these plans and she won.

14. God’s Plan by Drake

Sometimes rap lyrics are very cryptic because rappers tend to use elements from their personal lives that are hard to decode. However, Drake’s song God’s Plan and its philanthropic music video are pretty simple to understand. Drake sings about how God’s plan just happens and that sometimes, things turn out for the best; like how Drake donated the almost $1M budget for his music video, much to the surprise and happiness of his fans.

13. Livin’ On a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is a timeless rock idol that has performed a lot of songs that most people can relate to. Livin’ On a Prayer is one of these well-received songs. On the surface, this song sounds happy and ecstatic but the lyrics would reveal a couple who is facing so many hardships in life. They seem to be at the brink of starvation, not making enough money to survive. What’s the plan? They have to hold on and go on “livin’ on a prayer.” Sometimes that’s just the way it is in life. Take it from Bon Jovi.

12. Kiss It Better by Rihanna

This song by Rihanna is asking her lover what his plans are. They fought so much, they hurt each other badly but they seem to desperately still want to be with each other. She asks “what are you willing to do?” She is asking what his plans are but she also simply provides the answer how to fix everything. She just needs him to “kiss it better.”

11. Making Plans by Miranda Lambert

This is probably the sweetest, simplest song in this list. Miranda Lambert sings to her beloved, tells him that they’ll be together forever, making their plans, living their lives together. It’s the exact opposite of songs with messages of leaving their hometowns, chasing their dreams, and seeking their destiny elsewhere. This is a simple country song that says, she’s here to stay. That’s the plan.

10. The Masterplan by Oasis

“All we know is we don’t know.” This is such a humble line that describes life. Oasis sings about how we are all a part of a great “Masterplan.” Although we don’t always understand why things happen in life, it will all make sense in the end because we are a part of this big, intricate plan that our minds probably do not have the ability to fully grasp. We may never understand any part of it but we should just move on, go on, and hopefully do good in the process.

9. No One Knows My Plan by They Might Be Giants

This song almost comes off as comical because it uses such a happy tune when in fact, it is about a prisoner behind bars singing about how no one knows his plans and that no one understands him. It has a hint of a deeper meaning with its line “allegory of the people in the cave by the Greek guy.” The Greek guy the singer was pertaining to was Plato, and the allegory of the cave is about men chained to a cave and can only know anything through shadows. They do not know anything about the real world but despite their limitations, they claim that they do indeed know a lot. If one of them was freed and the freed prisoner talks about all the wonderful things he sees in the world, the chained prisoners will not believe him.

8. Perfect by Simple Plan

This song was released and became an instant hit in 2002. Perfect is such a painful song about a father-son relationship that has been utterly broken and is beyond repair. He feels like he has disappointed his father and did not even “grow up according to plan.” So many people have strained relationships with their fathers, making the term “daddy issues” such a common thing to say. A kid feeling so unloved and not being able to fulfill his/her parents’ plans or wishes provides such an emotional trauma that the child will bring into adulthood.

7. Whatever Your Plan Is by Josie Buchanan

This song is a beautiful declaration of complete trust and dedication to God. With full confidence and submission, Josie Buchanan believes and lifts up everything to Him. Whatever His plan is, she embraces it wholeheartedly. She is not a bit afraid because she knows that He never failed her. Even if everything is taken away from her, His grace is enough. She does not need to plan, whatever His plan is, that will happen.

6. Big Plans by Why Don’t We

This is a cute and light love song by the band Why Don’t We. This pop song was released in 2019 and is an easy serenade to a beloved asking her to believe in him and to take a chance on him. Why should she do that? Because he has “big plans” for them and he knows that he’ll make strides in the future and become so much more than what he currently is.

5. The Motto by Tiesto and Ava Max

Here’s a song about a grand plan to party. The plan is to never leave, spend so much money, drink champagne, and have fun with friends. It’s a simple, catchy song that you’d like to play and listen to as you prepare for a party or while you’re in one. This electronic dance song was released in 2023 in Tiesto’s album Drive.

4. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script

There’s a man who has hopelessly fallen in love with a woman that he’s not with. He decides and plans to go back to the spot where they met and wait for her indefinitely. It’s a pretty solid plan, in his opinion. He even foresees people giving him alms or policemen calling him out. He already knows that he has to convince them that he’s just waiting for his beloved. His plan’s success hangs on to wishful thinking that she will eventually discover that he has been waiting for her and that she’ll rush into his arms. Good luck on this plan!

3. Stickwitu by The Pussycat Dolls

This is an honest love song of a woman who appreciates her man and knows that she is appreciated in return. She bares her plan in this song that she’ll be sticking with her man no matter what. She reassures her beloved that there’s nothing that can go between them. She plans to stay with him for the long term and there’s no changing that.

2. The Plan by G Eazy

From his 2017 album, The Beautiful and Damned, G Eazy raps about all the money, luxury, influence, and power that he has. In the song, he repeatedly says “Thought that was always the plan.” He shares details about his success but ends the song asking his audience what their plan is because money won’t just magically appear, you have to make it yourself.

1. Making Plans for Nigel by XTC

This song was released in 1979 under XTC’s album entitled Drums and Wires. Who is Nigel? It seems to be a whimsical song which repeatedly mentions Nigel. However, looking through its lyrics, you’ll find a bit of a dark element where Nigel’s parents have completely planned out his life. They believe that he’s happy even if there’s no proof of that. They also planned where he’ll be working – British Steel. Nigel’s life was planned out for him. He doesn’t have a say in this plan at all. Do not be like Nigel.


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