21 Songs About Potatoes (2023)

Songs about potatoes are exactly what they sound like – music that revolves around one of the world’s most beloved and versatile root vegetables! These tunes can be anything from playful ditties to more serious ballads, and they celebrate the humble spud in all its forms. Some potato songs might be about the joys of potato foods, while others might talk about its history and cultural significance.

So, whether you’re a potato lover or just someone who loves to put up a good tune, these potato songs will surely put a smile on your lips.   

21. “Hot Potato” by Naughty By Nature

Album: 19 Naughty III | Style: Hip-hop Rap

This song is all about the persona’s journey as a rapper and how he dominates rap battles like a boss. It’s been around since ’93 and is perfect for those battles where rappers flex their rhyming skills and mic skills. “Hot Potato” is fire not just for its dope lyrics and powerful message, but also for its impact on the hip-hop scene. People still vibe with it and feel its influence to this day.

20. “Potato Salad and Shrimp” by Glenn Davis Doctor G

Album: Grooveology 101 | Style: Jazz

This song is known for its smooth and groovy jazz track, and it refers to the simple pleasures of life like craving for a simple potato salad and shrimp. We can hear the persona in the song probably beaming with joy as he eats the potato salad and shrimp he craves for. Many listeners have found the song to be uplifting and inspiring, reminding them to appreciate the little things in life and find joy in the everyday.

19. “Couch Potato” by Jakubi

Album: Couch Potato – Single | Style: Indie Pop

The song is a fun and upbeat tribute to the joys of staying in and being lazy, with lyrics that celebrate the pleasures of binge-watching TV, ordering takeout, and hanging out on the couch. “Couch Potato” has been well-received by listeners for its infectious energy, and its fun and playful tone perfect for a lazy day at home. Others have related to the song’s message of self-care and taking time to relax and recharge.

18. “Solid Potato Salad” by The Ross Sisters

Album: N/A (Originally recorded in 1944) | Style: Swing

This swing jazz song performed by the Ross Sisters, a singing and dancing trio from the United States, was originally recorded in 1944. The song’s lyrics are playful and light-hearted, and it describes the simple delight of eating potato salad. Many fans appreciate the song’s nostalgic charm, old-school sound, and exhibition dances, and enjoy listening to it as a reminder of a bygone era.

17. “Sweet Potato Pie” by Ray Charles

Album: My World | Style: R&B

This smooth jam is all about that special someone who completes your soul and they call her “Sweet Potato Pie” because she keeps you on cloud nine, making life way more fun and exciting. “Sweet Potato Pie” is a timeless tribute to the joys of good food and good company and remains a beloved R&B classic.

16. “Soon as We Cook Sweet Potatoes” by Pete Seeger

Album: American Industrial Ballads | Style: Folk

This is a lullaby song that talks about the daily grind of ordinary laborers and their families. The song was named after the meal these people commonly cook after a long day at work. The song gives some hints on their struggles and victories, and on how they keep pushing forward no matter what. Its raw and real lyrics speak to the everyday life of people who don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

15. “Sweet Potato Piper” by Bing Crosby

Album: Bing & Satchmo | Style: Jazz

The song’s lyrics are playful and whimsical, with Crosby singing about a fantastical piper who plays a sweet potato instead of a flute. The song’s lighthearted and humorous lyrics offer a welcome break from more serious themes. The song features lively instrumentation, with swinging horns and percussion that evoke the carefree spirit of the jazz era.

14. “Potato Chips” by Jamin Bradley

Album: Hourglass | Style: Folk rock

Basically, Jamin Bradley and his brother got together for five hours and made a song called “Potato Chips”. The song delves into how much these men love potato chips and how they are willing to do anything for a taste of that salty goodness treat. They wrote the song, recorded it, and even filmed a video for it all in one go full of enthusiasm and cravings for potato chips.

13. “Small Potatoes” by Mark Knopfler

Album: The Ragpicker’s Dream | Style: Folk rock

“Small Potatoes” has been praised by fans for its honest and introspective lyrics, which offer a refreshing perspective on the importance of contentment and gratitude. Listeners appreciate the instrumentation and vocals, which add to the overall feeling of intimacy and sincerity. The track has become a fan favorite and has been performed live by Knopfler on numerous occasions and has remained to be a beloved song in Mark Knopfler’s catalog.

12. “Diggin’ My Potatoes” by Big Bill Broonzy

Album: “Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection” | Style: Blues

The song describes a man who is proud of his ability to grow and harvest his own food, particularly potatoes, which he considers to be an essential part of his diet. Broonzy’s soulful delivery and expert guitar work showcase his mastery of the blues form. It is a testament to the importance of self-sufficiency and the value of hard work and remains a beloved song in Big Bill Broonzy’s legacy.

11. “Sweet Potato” by Cracker

Album: Kerosene Hat | Style: Alternative Rock

This song from way back in 1993, got a cool mix of rock and country sounds with twangy guitar riffs and drawling vocals. It’s all about a guy who’s going through a rough time after a breakup, and he uses the metaphor of sweet potato to describe how he’s feeling sad and empty. “Sweet Potato” is a standout track on Kerosene Hat and a classic of 90’s alternative rock.

10. “Mashed Potato Time” by Dee Dee Spark

Album: Mashed Potato Time| Style: Rock and Roll

The golden oldie “Mashed Potato Time” has helped along the mashed potato dance craze in the early 1960s characterized by twisting and stomping movements that mimicked the action of mashing potatoes. The song describes the steps of the dance, urging listeners to take their partner by the hand and start dancing in a foreign land. The song remains a beloved staple of oldies radio stations and retro dance parties up to now.

9. “Diggin’ My Potatoes” by Buddy Guy

Album: Stone Crazy! | Style: Blues

This song is all about a guy who’s been hit with heartbreak and is feeling down because he’s without his special someone. The persona in the song uses the line “Somebody’s diggin’ my potatoes, tramplin’ on my vine” to describe how it feels like when someone comes into your life and takes over your most valuable possessions. But, as the song progresses, he eventually gets over his ex-lover and realizes that he doesn’t need her anymore.

8. “Hot Potatoes” by The Kinks

Album: Sleepwalker (1977) | Style: Rock, Pop

“Hot Potatoes” is a super cool song about gender roles in relationships. The lyrics are so clever and funny and tell how the persona in the song really wants things to be more equal between partners. He keeps saying “hot potatoes” over and over again, basically meaning that he wants things to be simple and chill, not all fancy and complicated as she offers. But then, in the end, he realized that he actually wants more than just simplicity—he wants love and affection from her. It’s a really catchy tune with a deep message.

7. “Boiled Potato” by Blake Babies

Album: Sunburn (1990) | Style: Alternative rock

The lyrics of this song express a deep affection towards the boiled potato placed in front of you, portraying it as the hero. The singers profess their love for potatoes, stating how they satisfy their cravings and bring them comfort. The song emphasizes the singers’ inability to fully articulate their fondness for the simple pleasure of consuming a boiled potato.

6. “Potato’s In the Paddy Wagon” by The New Main Street Singers

Album: A Mighty Wind Soundtrack (2003) | Style: Folk

This comedic song tells a story of a family who is overly protective of their only daughter, delivered with humorous puns and wordplay in its lyrics. It showcases a parody of a young woman taken by the local sheriff, and the whole family thought she was abducted, yet the truth is that they are lovers, and the local sheriff wants to marry her. The family’s sudden change of emotions and perspectives towards the situation makes the song more comical.

5. “Baked Potato” by Joyful Awe Music

Album: Joyful Awe Music | Style: R&B

The song is solely focused on baked potatoes and margarine, occasionally mentioning a side dish of lemon tart with cool whip. Most of the lyrics consist of the singer repeating the phrase “Baked potato and margarine” in a lively tone, and featuring a simple melody and a cheerful, upbeat tone that conveys a sense of lightheartedness and playfulness.

4. “Mrs. Potato Head” Melanie Martinez

Album: Cry Baby (2015) | Style: Electropop, alternative pop

This song was actually inspired by that iconic American toy, “Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head”, those little plastic potato characters that you can deck out with all sorts of plastic add-ons. This song deals with plastic surgery, its effects, the struggle for beauty in the modern world itself, and people who succumb to these pressures. This song does not aim to bash women who opt for plastic surgery, rather, it hopes to be an eye-opener for them to embrace their natural beauty.

3. “Hot Potato” by The Wiggles

Album: The Wiggles (1991) | Style: Children’s music

This splendid children’s song is super easy to sing along to and has a catchy melody that’ll get you moving and grooving. The chorus goes “hot potato, hot potato” is repeated over and over again and will have you singing and dancing in no time. The song’s got a simple vibe, with just a guitar, keyboards, and drums playing along. It’s the perfect tune to get your little ones active and having fun!

2. “Potato Girl” by Jake Llaguno

Album: N/A (single release) | Style: Indie folk

This song was inspired by the character of Sasha Brauss from Attack on Titan, a Japanese manga first released in 2009 that was made into an anime adaptation in 2013. Sasha Brauss is nicknamed “Potato Girl” in the series because she would do almost anything for potatoes. The song has a soft and intimate feel, with Llaguno’s gentle guitar strumming and tender vocals creating a sense of intimacy and warmth.

1. “Potato” by Cheryl Wheeler

Album: Different Stripe | Style: Folk

This goofy song about potatoes set to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance is said to be Cheryl’s most ridiculous song ever written. This talks about the different dishes which potatoes can end up to, as much as the many other wonders of it as a staple food and plant. These are all done with Cheryl’s talent-infused vocals and once you hear the song, you’ll get this all too familiar feeling as well and readily sing along with it.

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