21 Songs About Reuniting and Getting Back Together

Relationships can fail for various reasons, but that does not necessarily indicate the end of the road. The experience of being apart from someone can ignite a desire to love them more deeply and to make things right.

This collection of songs about reuniting and getting back together will surely strike a chord and arouse a range of emotions and may make one take a chance on love again.

21. Starting Over Again – Natalie Cole

Do you believe that line that goes, “Love is sweeter the second time around?” We’ll hear that from our opening track: Natalie Cole’s timeless classic piece. Her song “Starting Over Again” has that soft, gentle sound. This mellow pop song is from her album titled Good to Be Back. You’ll feel how nice and exciting it is to start over.

20. We Are Never Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

It’s time for Swifties to shine! This folktronica piece is from Taylor Swift’s famous and controversial album titled Red. It’s a joyful song about setting boundaries with an ex-lover after getting back together and failing too many times. The artistry in this song and the infectious melody will keep you wanting more.

19. Whatever It Takes – Lifehouse

If you’re into alternative rock, then Lifehouse’s song from their 2007 album Who We Are is the perfect one for you. As you listen to “Whatever It Takes,” he sings how willing he is to do whatever it takes for her to come back. The sincerity in his words, as well as the arrangement of the song, create a nostalgic and comforting atmosphere.

18. I Want You Back – The Jackson 5

“I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5 is also a great song about wanting to reunite. From this Jackson family album titled Motown’s Greatest Hits, released in 1992, comes this soul track full of praiseworthy musicality, vocals, and stage presence. A man desperate to win back the heart of her ex-lover is the storyline of this track.

17. Stay – Miley Cyrus

The sadness in Miley Cyrus’ song titled “Stay” will definitely tear your heart. This pop song belongs to her Can’t Be Tamed album. In the lyrics, she talks about how empty her life is without her loved one and how she hopes that they are back together again. You’ll appreciate Miley as an artist after listening to this song.

16. Back To You – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s undeniable singing talent, the stirring lyrics, and the masterful arrangement of “Back to You” make listeners fall more and more in love with this pop song with each listen. This beautiful piece is from the popular TV series 13 Reasons Why’s soundtrack album.

15. Against All Odds – Phil Collins

The immortal beauty of Phil Collins’s Against All Odds won him the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. A reconciliation of two people’s love that is “against all odds” is the story of the title track of his album released in 1984. Surely, this power ballad is something engraved in our hearts when it comes to music.

14. Good Girls – LANY

LANY is here to provide a brand-new, catchy pop song. “Good Girls,” a song from the band’s self-titled album, features vocalist Paul pleading with his significant other to give him a chance to reignite their romance with the lyrics Baby, come back. I know my way around your heart,” which will definitely melt the listeners’ hearts.

13. On Bended Knees – Boyz II Men

“On Bended Knees” is one of the most remarkable and successful songs by Boyz II Men. You will undoubtedly feel the chills and a sense of nostalgia as you listen to this soul song. This track from their album II is a heartfelt plea for another chance at a life with the person he loves.

12. Lego House – Ed Sheeran

Give Lego House a listen if you’re looking for musical solace. The song “Lego House” from Ed Sheeran’s + album released in 2011 is a metaphor for a relationship that needs to be repaired. His attempt to better love someone is expressed in this alternative-pop song. The combination of Ed’s voice and the melody will bring back memories.

11. Last Time – Anson Seabra

Anson Seabra, an artistic singer-songwriter, released Last Time in 2020 as part of his debut album titled Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom. It follows the plot of two people trying to rekindle a relationship but messing it up again and again at the same time. The gentle piano adds that solemn yet painful atmosphere to this masterpiece.

10. Stay – Rihanna

Rihanna’s 2012 album Unapologetic features an R&B piece that garnered the iHeartRadio Music Award for Song of the Year and a billion views on YouTube. Featuring Mikky Ekko, “Stay” is a song about two individuals who both want each other to stay and fill the void inside of them. The intense emotions in this beautiful piece will pierce through you.

9. Love is Sweeter – 100 Proof

Let’s go back to classic songs. This funky song was released in 1970 from 100 Proof’s album titled Somebody’s Been Sleeping in My Bed. “Love is Sweeter” is about lovers who took their relationship for granted but are now prepared to make up for all the mistakes, renew their hopes, and put things right.

8. Reunited – Peaches & Herb

A breakup isn’t always bad; for some people, it can be a way to realize how priceless their relationship and their loved ones are. This scenario is captured in the R&B song “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb. This track, which belongs to their album titled 2 Hot,, has that feel-good, easing quality thanks to the optimistic lyrics and their perfect vocal harmony.

7. Let’s Be Us Again – Lonestar

Starting with captivating instrumentals, “Let’s Be Us Again” by Lonestar is the title track of their 2004 album. Listening to this country song takes you to a serene place with its comforting tune and emotive delivery of lines. As the title suggests, the story centers on a character swallowing his ego and asking someone to take him back.

6. Open Arms – Journey

Let’s welcome the next entry with open arms. Considered one of the greatest hits of the music era is Journey’s “Open Arms.” It is a metal rock single from their successful 1981 album Escape. This ageless work of art is sure to captivate you as it conveys a lover who wishes for a second chance at love.

5. If Ever You’re in My Arms Again – Peabo Bryson

There are things we don’t appreciate until they’re gone.  Peabo Bryson’s Straight from the Heart album contains the touching R&B song “If Ever You’re in My Arms Again,” which tells the tale of a man who promises to love his woman more if she gives him a chance.

4. Talking to the Moon – Bruno Mars

Talking to the Moon is a song released on Bruno Mars’ album Doo-Wops & Hooligan in 2010 and gained more fame when he re-released it with an official lyric video on YouTube. The first verse starts with:

I know you’re somewhere out thereSomewhere far awayI want you back, I want you back

This soul song’s pain, longing, and love are bound to speak to you as it impacts your very soul.

3. Looks Like We Made It – Barry Manilow

There is no chance that you won’t enjoy this song by Barry Manilow. 1992 saw the release of The Complete Collection and Then Some, his album. “Looks Like We Made It” is a song about two people who have parted ways and tried to find love elsewhere but still yearn for the love that only they shared. You’ll remember the days when things were simpler and stress-free while listening to this pop song.

2. Closer – The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers’ mega-hit song “Closer” with Halsey tells the story of a couple that reunited four years after their split and still have the same desire for each other.  This electronic pop song, which was released in 2016 on their Collage album, is indeed “never getting older.” Their official music video has amassed over 2.9 billion views as of this writing.

1. After All – Cher & Peter Cetera 

A certain kind of magic exists when two souls keep returning to one another despite difficulties. Here to complete this list of best songs about reuniting and getting back together is Cher and Peter Cetera’s pop masterpiece from the album Heart of Stone. The poetic lines and stunning music in “After All” are entrancing, stirring, and beautiful, and they will overflow with emotions in the hearts of their listeners.

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