21 Songs about Romeo and Juliet (2023)

Fight for your love. Against all odds. Till death do us part.

These are just some of the universal messages of Romeo and Juliet love affair. Their love cannot be hindered by anyone or anything–even their beloved families. Many of us experience hiding our love affair because our families don’t approve of it. But, regardless of what they say we still prove that love can move mountains. I just hope that our love won’t suffer the tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet.

Here is our list of songs that are inspired by Romeo and Juliet’s love affair, some were taken from the movie itself.   

21. (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet – The Reflections

Many people who are in love idolize Romeo and Juliet, just like this song by the American singing group from Detroit, Michigan, USA–The Reflections. (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet made the reflections known in the music industry in 1964. This hit music tells about how a man would strive just to give anything to his lady. 

20. Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Strait was a part of the comedy ensemble 200 Cigarettes released on February 26, 1999 in the USA. This song is from the British rock band’s 1980 Making Movies Album. It is said to be a product of the broken romance of Strait Dire’s frontman and songwriter Mark Knopfler, after his failed relationship with Holly Vincent–leader of the band Holly and The Italians.

19. Not Romeo Not Juliet – Bryan Adams

Romeo and Juliet’s love affair has been extraordinary because of their situation brought about by their families’ relationship to one another and their social status. Not Romeo Not Juliet, sung by one of the most best-selling artists of all time Byan Adams, is a love story of two ordinary people who found each other and they just don’t want to say goodbye to each other.  

18. Romeo – Dolly Parton

Romeo by American country singer Dolly Parton is the first single released from the album Slow Dancing to The Moon which features her fellow country singers: Billy Ray Cyrus, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea, Pam Tillis and Tanya Tucker. In the song, the girl is referring to the man he likes as “Romeo” because of those good qualities that she mentioned which she likened to that of Romeo’s.

17. Romeo’s Tune – Steve Forbert

Romeo’s Tune doesn’t directly tell about Romeo from Sheakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet, but if you try to understand the song, you will realize why Steve Forbert gave this title to this song. Romeo’s Tune was first released in 1978 as a single. Steve Forbert didn’t include this in his debut album which he released in 1978 because it didn’t match the theme. The song was later on included in his second album Jackrabbit Slim in 1979.  

16. They Don’t Know – Kristy MacColl

Are you wondering where they mentioned Romeo and Juliet in this song? They Don’t Know narrates how the girl in the song fights for her love for her boy–a typical Romeo and Juliet love story. The girl says that she doesn’t care about what other people say about him. This version of the song by Kristy MacColl was recorded and released in 1979; it was later recorded by Tracey Ullman for her album You Broke My Heart In 17 Places which was released in the US in 1983.

15. Romeo – Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube used the saying “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” in this beautiful reggae beat. The persona in the song is telling the girl he wants that he is not like other typical guys who bring flowers. He asks the girls if she can be his ‘Juliet’ and can he be her Romeo.    

14. Romeo had Juliette – Lou Reed

This song by Lou Reed is a representation of the modern day Romeo and Juliet. It was released in 1989 as a part of Lou Reed’s fifteenth solo studio album New York. Being a songwriter and a poet himself, Lou Reed had put together the lyrics of this song to be very poetic. There are a lot of metaphors and symbolisms like them being caught in the faulty stars which means there are hindrances to their relationship.   

13. Desolation Row – Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s Desolation row isn’t really entirely about Romeo. Desolation Row, as described by New Oxford Companion to Music, is by far Bob Dylan’s work that has achieved a high level of poetic lyricism. He has included characters from the Bible, from works of fiction and other prominent names. This is an 11-minute track which serves as the closing track of Dylan’s sixth studio album, Highway 61 Revisited.

12. Romeo Loves Juliet – Rick Astley

Romeo Loves Juliet is from the fifth studio album by English singer, songwriter and radio personality, Rick Astley, entitled Keep It Turned On. This song is the modern version of the balcony scene of the original Romeo and Juliet play–details such as herbal tea, mobile phone, brought this classic play into the modern era.

11. To You I Bestow – Mundy

Edmund Enright, popularly known as Mundy, recorded this song as a part of his debut album Jelly Legs released under Epic Records in 1996. To You I Bestow is featured as one of the soundtracks of the Romeo + Juliet movie adaptation by Baz Luhrmann, an Australian Director.    

10. A Time for Us – Andre Rieu

This beautiful violin rendition of the song A Time For Us by Andre Rieu is a love theme song from the movie Romeo and Juliet. Andre Rieu is famous for organizing the Johann Strauss Orchestra in 1987 with only 12 members. Now, the orchestra is composed of more than one hundred members. 

9. Romeo and Juliet – The Killers

The Killers is an American rock band from Las Vegas USA. They released their compilation album Sawdust on November 9, 2007 under Island Records. The album included Romeo and Juliet which is the sixteenth track in the album. It tells of the story of the Romeo in the story who left and when he came back his Juliet doesn’t treat him the way she did before he left. 

8. Balcony Scene – Craig Armstrong 

From the most famous scene in the classic Romeo and Juliet–the balcony scene, Balcony Scene is an instrumental song used as the background music in the said scene. This song was written by Craig Armstrong, Nellee Hooper and Marius de Vries. It was performed by Craig Armstrong and The London Session Orchestra for the movie Romeo and Juliet in 1996. It was produced by TCF Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)/ Sony/ ATV Songs LLC/ Westbury Music/o/b/o/ Love Lane Music/ Fox Film Corp. (BMI). 

7. Juliet – Robin Gibb

Juliet is a single from Robin Gibb’s second solo album How Old Are You? Which was released in May 1983 in the UK and June 1983 in the US. This became a big hit for Robin Gibb who has started his solo career. Don’t you know that Robin Gibb was an important part of the 70s musical group Bee Gees? Yes, the legend–Bee Gees actually stand for BG’s or Brothers Gibbs.     

6. The Cinema Show – Genesis

This song shows a typical dating activity–going to the movies. It narrates how a man (Romeo) and a woman (Juliet), both are already working, prepare for their date. Both young and adult lovers can relate to the message of this song. Cinema Show is a part of English rock band Genesis’s fifth studio album Selling England by The Pound released in September 1973 under Charisma Records. 

5. Romeo – Petula Clark

This may be one of the proofs that the theme of Romeo and Juliet is timeless and universal. Romeo by Petula Clark is a recording of a 1919 composition by Robert Stolz entitled Salome, though the lyrics of Clarks’ song was written by Jimmy Kennedy. This song has made Petula Clark more well-known because it has become a chart topper in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway and Australia.

4. Romeo and Juliet – Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler’s own version of Romeo and Juliet is a more melodic ballad than his former band Dire Straits’ version of this song. Mark Knopfler recorded his own rendition of this song in 2005. It is the fifth track in his Lyon Album which was released on April 5, 2005. He wrote this song as an expression of his love for his ex-lover Holly Vincent. 

3. Happy Ending – Elvis Presley

In contrast with the tragic story of the classic Romeo and Juliet by William Sheakespeare, Happy Ending, by the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, is about what the title itself suggests. This song is the final track of the musical It Happened at the World’s Fair which was released on April 3, 1963 in the USA.  

2. Romeo and Juliet – Johnny Drille

This song is just full of good vibes–the melody and the lyrics can give you the ‘last song syndrome’. Nigerian singer-songwriter Johnny Drille recorded this song as the carrier track of his album with the same title as the song and released it in 2017 under Mavin Records. In the song, the man is pursuing the girl he loves to be his Juliet–with typical promises like ‘I’ll give you what you want’.   

1. Love Story – Taylor Swift

Love Story somewhat became personal to Taylor Swift. Some people, including her fans, speculated that it reveals about her love story with Joe Jonas in 2008. It was said that the two dated for sometime even if Taylor’s parents didn’t approve of them. Just like other teenagers who are being hindered by their parents to engage in a relationship, Taylor ignored the advice given to her. This song, part of her Fearless Album, was released in 2001. 


Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has inspired a lot of lovers, musicians, poets, artists, etc all over the world. Its universal and timeless theme still lives and is still being discussed in schools until now. I hope you enjoyed listening and reading. Thanks!   

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