21 Songs About Sacrifice (2023)

Songs about sacrifice usually are centered on physical, emotional, or even spiritual efforts about giving up something important for the sake of someone or something else. Some songs focus on the sacrifice of love while other songs may be about sacrificing one’s dreams or goals to serve a higher purpose.

Also, these songs have a sense of longing or sadness as sacrificing something can be a difficult and painful experience. But oftentimes, they have a hopeful or inspiring message. Songs about sacrifice can be powerful reminders and great inspirations to those who are facing difficult choices and challenges, be it love or life in general.

21. “Everchanging” by Rise Against

Album: “The Unraveling” | Style: Punk rock

If you had been part of something you thought would never end but then suddenly it did, this song will stir up your emotions. It depicts a man in a relationship who had a painful realization that his feelings are unreciprocated, and his significant other is unsure of how she feels anymore. To provide himself with a sense of closure, he sacrificed the relationship and left her before his heart is broken again. The melody and vocals of this song are incredibly strong to listen to.

20. “World of Sacrifice” by Black Veil Brides

Album: “The Phantom Tomorrow” | Style: Hard rock

This song talks about the people who are caught up in a messed-up world where sacrifice and power rule and where only the people in charge call the shots. It speaks about fighting against the status quo, as well as standing up even if you feel so alone. This song totally rocks!

19. “Generator” by Foo Fighters

Album: “There Is Nothing Left to Lose” | Style: Alternative rock, post-grunge

In this song, love is akin to a generator. It speaks of a man who, despite not being equally loved, would sacrifice himself to be the propeller for someone’s success. The song gives off the idea of harnessing that creative energy and using it to fuel one’s passions and pursuits. Indeed, we can be a generator to somebody through the little sacrifices we do every day.

18. “I Pledge Allegiance To The State of Rock N’ Roll” by KISS

Album: “Psycho Circus” | Style: Hard rock

There is something personal and emotional in this song despite it being a hard rock tune. It depicts on how rock music rules and brings people together, no matter who they are. For rock and roll fans, this song has the power to change lives and inspire them to be better and free.

17. “Pushing Me Away” by Linkin Park

Album: “Hybrid Theory” | Style: Alternative rock

People we love can sometimes push us away and this kind of feeling disconnected despite being in a relationship is illustrated in this song. It speaks of loss and keeping distance, at the same time, it touches on the idea of self-preservation and emotional protection. Love is indeed a complex thing, and its rock musical vibe complements its theme.

16. “Sacrifices” by J. Cole

Album: “Revenge of the Dreamers III” | Style: Hip hop

This could pass to be a love letter from a husband to a wife, thanking her of the sacrifices she jad done for him and their family. A lot of women would wish to be sung unto with this song by their special loved ones. In totality, this song is a powerful and introspective song that speaks to the challenges and rewards of pursuing one’s dreams.

15. “Sacrifices” by Drake

Album: “More Life” | Style: Hip hop

This could be regarded as a biographical song as it talks about Drake’s sacrifices and hard work in his pursuit to achieve success. It follows Drake’s journey to success and the obstacles he has to overcome. The emotional depth and intensity of this song speak to the challenges and rewards of pursuing one’s dreams.

14. “Sacrifices” by Big Sean feat Migos

Album: “I Decided” | Style: Hip-hop Trap

This hip-hop trap song delves into the theme of sacrifices and challenges of achieving success including the loss of personal relationships and difficulties of surviving in the music industry. It focuses on staying true to oneself while pursuing dreams and happiness. This song resonated with many of Big Sean’s fans and with everyone who appreciates rappers’ perseverance and hard work.

13. “Sweet Sacrifice” by Evanescence

Album: “The Open Door” | Style: Alternative rock

Essentially, the song centers around the difficulty of releasing anger and pain, but it emphasizes the healing power of forgiveness. However, we have to keep on reminding ourselves to walk away from toxic relationships especially if it involves betrayal. The whole thing just feels really vulnerable and raw!

12. “Endless Sacrifice” by Dream Theater

Album: “Train of Thought” | Style: Progressive metal rock

The song speaks to the idea that true love requires sacrifice and that sometimes the sacrifices we make can be endless especially if they are intended to keep a relationship and to keep someone you love. It conveys intense emotions that describe these struggles. The metal and rock influences in the song add up to the complexities of human relationships depicted in the song.

11. “Heaven Only Knows” by Bob Moses

Album: “Battle Lines” | Style: Pop Rock

This song can take you to a dreamy state of introspection, at the same time, encourages you to never hesitate to make a sacrifice. Its soothing and invigorating music will knack your most emotional memories and capture your most immersive imagination. This is a perfect song to listen to when you’re feeling introspective or just want to unwind after a long day.

10. “My Sacrifice” by Creed

Album: Weathered | Style: Alternative rock

This heartfelt song of love and devotion speaks about a person who is willing to sacrifice everything to

be with the person they love. The song’s emotional chorus expresses his desire to be there for his partner through thick and thin and promises to sacrifice everything for their relationship. These themes touch the hearts of its fans and listeners.

9. “The Price” by Twisted Sister

Album: Stay Hungry | Style: Hard Rock / Heavy metal

It’s a total power ballad about how we have to give up stuff to make our dreams come true. The singer talks about how hard it is to succeed and the tough choices we make. But even though it’s tough, the persona in the song is proud of the choices they’ve made to reach their goals. Everyone loves this song and thinks it’s a total classic that continues to be inspiring people for years!

8. “Song to the King” by Natalie Grant

Album: Worship with Natalie Grant and Friends | Style: Contemporary Christian music

Listeners of this song find it deeply moving and inspiring as it celebrates the greatness of God and His sovereign power. It reminds us how worthy God is for all the praise and worship. This beautiful song evokes a message of sincere faith and eternal love.

7. “Young Love” by Gavin DeGraw

Album: Free | Style: Pop rock

The innocence and excitement of falling in love for the first time can be attributed to this song. Yet, this basically talks about fighting for what you want and taking risks in almost everything. In life, you might fall or get hurt while climbing that mountain of success; thus, a lot of sacrifices is required. This song continues to resonate with a lot of teenage love in all aspects of it.

6. “The Lazarus Heart” by Sting

Album: …Nothing Like the Sun | Style: Pop rock

This song has been inspired by the singer’s dream about his beloved mother, which is why, most fans associate its meaning with the love of motherhood. Based on the song’s lyrics, we can infer that the process of bearing a child is considered an ultimate sacrifice of a woman, but in doing so, we are reminded that this kind of sacrifice leads to the renewal of ourselves for a greater purpose. Everyone appreciates and loves this thought-provoking music.

5. “Self Sacrifice” by James Droll

Album: Unreleased single | Style: Pop

Ever felt like a sucker for self-sacrifice? This song’s for you as it reflects on the struggles of letting go of someone you love for their own good. It depicts an internal conflict and emotional turmoil with being torn between making painful decisions in life. The intricate and innovative production of the song create a unique, mesmerizing music that captures the hearts of its listeners.

4. “The Sacrifice” by Dolly Parton

Album: Little Sparrow | Style: Country

This song will reteach us the hard truth that nothing goes without a little sacrifice as there will always be a cost to every decision we make and to every action we take. Regardless, the prize of sacrifice is always upon God’s provision. This song reminds us of these things, and a lot more!

3. “Lucky Man” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Album: Emerson, Lake & Palmer | Style: Progressive Rock

This song could be used to pay homage to someone who had fought a fight for the greater good of his people. It depicts the man as someone who was born into a luxurious life already but had to sacrifice and give up these luxuries to go to war and leave all his positions behind. In the song, this man died and it reminds us that no material possessions or wealth in the world could guarantee how long a person would live. This is a sad truth, but the most honest and sincere.

2. “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge

Album: When A Man Loves A Woman | Style: Soul

This song has been inspired by the songwriter’s own experience of heartbreak when his ex-girlfriend left him to pursue a modeling career because he was, at that time, jobless. This painful experience makes this song relatable to a lot of fans worldwide. Thus, it made this song popular among people who have shared the same catastrophic experience of love, devotion, and sacrifice.

1. “Sacrifice” by Elton John

Album: Sleeping with the Past | Style: Pop Ballad

This power ballad speaks so much of the rigors of married life as it follows the story of the persona in the song who might have been tempted to walk out of their marriage but considers otherwise. For him, holding on to the marriage is not a sacrifice as it is rather the right thing to do. Staying away from temptations is the ultimate sacrifice to keep a marriage intact. Although this song opens to a lot of emotional interpretations, one thing is generally true – you’ll be hooked to the song and to Elton John’s vocals once you listen to it!

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