21 Songs About Shots (2023)

When talking songs about shots, it could be a mix of references to alcoholism or to violence, as in gunshots. The lyrics of these songs can touch on a wide variety of emotions, from the joy of good times with friends to the pain and consequences of excessive drinking.

It can also describe the agonizing pain inflicted by violence toward someone. No matter what the reason is, you could always find songs about shots that would best describe your emotions.

21. “Shots” by Imagine Dragons

Album: Smoke + Mirrors | Style: Pop Rock

This song is about failed relationships which many people could relate to. It reflects on a person who is afraid to commit to a relationship because he knows for sure that he’ll just be going to mess around. The title of the song is a metaphor for painful words and actions done to his loved one.

20. “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” by John Lee Hooker

Album: House of the Blues | Style: Blues

At times when we have problems that are so heavy to bear, we tend to drink away our problems with bourbon, scotch, or maybe a beer. This song emphasizes that kind of desperation to escape from the snags of life. It describes how a person could have the tendency to drown themselves in alcohol due to sorrow.

19. “Take A Shot” by Konshens

Album: It Feel Good | Style: Reggae

Released in 2018, this song has an empowering message to take a shot, be it of alcohol or of dreams. Its positive message is complemented by its reggae music. Listeners could easily jive to it because it evokes an upbeat but carefree spirit. Celebrate the joys of life and always take a shot!

18. “Tequila Shots” by Kid Cudi

Album: Man on the Moon III: The Chosen | Style: Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop

This song reflects a person’s search for inner peace. It depicts further the struggles of mental health and depression giving this song a more destructive and disturbing vibe. Tequila shots are associated with things he does to numb his pains and his vain attempts to cope with life.

17. “Shot Down” by DMX

Album: It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot | Style: Hardcore Rap

This song is a representation of friendships brought about by gangs. As this song talks about being caught between crossfires of two gangs, this may also be a story of a man betrayed by his friends and left to be shot down in the streets. The lyrics create a vivid graphical representation of violence and aggressive behaviors through its hardcore rap style.

16. “Shot Through The Heart” by Bon Jovi

Album: Bon Jovi | Style: Rock

The rock style of its music contradicts the sad and painful message of the song. The song talks about the harsh reality that heartbreaks are a part of the game called love. In this song, the singer is illustrating the agony, as if shot through the heart, of a man caused by a woman. In the end, he did not take back the woman into his life because he had by now learned to move on.

15. “Hot Shot” by Jimmy Cliff

Album: Hot Shot | Style: Reggae

One of the most iconic songs in the music industry, this song has it a staple of reggae music around the world. It is about a singer trying to make it big in the business. However, in totality, this song is a track that honors the joy of music as an expression of love and life itself.

14. “Shots” by Lil Tecca

Album: We Love You Tecca 2 | Style: Rap

This rap song is about the ways by which a person must take risks and shoot for the stars no matter what. This song’s a celebration of success, at the same time, of making bold moves to attain success. The song has been released in 2019, and since then it had gained popularity among fans of rap music.

13. “I Just Shot John Lennon” by The Cranberries

Album: To the Faithful Departed | Style: Alternative Rock

This song is inspired by the incident of the assassination of John Lennon in 1980. The title of the song had been quoted from the perpetrator when he was asked if he knew what he did and he told everyone “I just shot John Lennon”. If you are a fan of the Beatles, this will make a lasting impression on you.

12. “Swimming Pools (Drank)” by Kendrick Lamar

Album: good kid, m.A.A.d city | Style: Hip-Hop

This song is a mind-opener to two major influencers in a person’s life – alcohol and peer pressure. It is about a young man who explores the dangers of alcoholism as metaphorically meant by the title itself. This song has an honest introspective approach to life’s realities which is why it captures the hearts of listeners.

11. “I Shot The Sheriff” by Bob Marley

Album: Burnin’ | Style: Reggae

Since its release in 1973, this song had been the most beloved and enduring protest song throughout history. It is a song about doing something bad, specifically shooting a sheriff, in self-defense. From being a political protest song to being an allegory to personal struggles and redemptions, this song had it all.

10. “Hot Shot Love” by Foghat 

Album: Foghat | Style: Blues rock

One of Foghat’s best-known tracks, this song had been recognized due to its clever lyrics and searing guitar solos. It is about a man falling in love with a woman characterized to be hotter than hot. It also captures the thrill of trying to impress this woman with all the money and possessions in the world but to no avail.

9. “One Shot 2 Shot” by Eminem

Album: Encore | Style: Hip-hop

This song talks about gun fights and gunshots.  Its vivid narrative about violence makes you see the real action in front of your own eyes. However, Eminem fans attest that there is something in the song that makes it so relatable when they are down or depressed. The song makes you feel the beat of the music pumping with your heart.

8. “Big Shot” by Billy Joel

Album: 52nd Street | Style: Pop Rock

This is one of the best hangover songs in music history. Basically, it talks about a man who is bitter and feeling wronged by a woman that he tends to drown himself in a drinking spree every night only to find himself disheveled the morning next. Fans appreciate this song’s easy-to-dance and sing along with its tempo.

7. “16 Shots” by Stefflon Don

Album: Secure | Style: Dancehall, Reggae, Hip-Hop

If you are feeling epic, this song will make you dance off. Tale has been told that this song was inspired to call out police brutality in conducting the Black Lives Matter movement. More than the lyrics though, the musical accompaniment and dynamic reggae delivery of the song revitalize and catch listeners’ attention.

6. “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi

Album: Slippery When Wet | Style: Hard rock

No matter how depressing the lyrics may be, you will end up singing and dancing along with this song. The lyrics is describing a man who experienced being played by the woman he loves, as suggested by the lines “I played my part | But you played your game”. The phrase “you give love a bad name” can be dedicated to all people who had trampled on the sacrament of true love.

5. “I Shot The Sheriff” by Eric Clapton

Album: 461 Ocean Boulevard | Style: Reggae, Blues

This rendition of the song by Eric Clapton from its original Bob Marley version has become an iconic representation of the node of both rock and reggae. This song speaks about injustice experienced by authorities and people’s struggles for civil rights. Until now, this song is performed in events that honor protesters, whatever the cause may be.

4. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar

Album: Crimes of Passion | Style: Hard rock, Pop rock

Hitting with the best shot is an idiomatic expression that means that no matter what you do, you will not be able to hurt or inflict damage on them. The song’s lyrics are a song of defiance to people who would want to bring others down; but with the promise to stand and fight no matter how worst the situation could have been.

3. “Shot of Poison” by Lita Ford

Album: Lita | Style: Hard rock

Released in 1991, this song metaphorically compares a toxic relationship to a shot of poison. It talks about a woman’s addiction to love even if she continually feels and experiences the pain of such a relationship, she still wants and begs for more. This song is a mind-opener to never let your addiction to love to become your self-destruction.

2. “One Shot At Love” by LL Cool J

Album: Walking with a Panther | Style: Hip hop, R&B

Once true love finds you, this song will encourage you to take a chance at it. This romantic hip-hop ballad walks around the premises of friendship, love, guilt, and lost chances. Listeners are persuaded to seize love before it is too late. The ultimate message of this song is to take the risk to take one shot at love regardless of the consequences.

1. “Shots” by  LMFAO

Album: Party Rock | Style: Electropop, Dance-pop

Although this song appears to be unsophisticated to most people, this is a perfect song to dance along to when you are drunk. It celebrates the joy of letting loose and having good times with friends. It has catchy lyrics because it openly mentions the usual actions of heavy drinking and partying which is not common in most songs nowadays. Nevertheless, this has become one of the best sought-after dance floor music despite its controversies.

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