21 Songs About South Carolina (2023)

Have you ever wondered what sets the music of one state apart from another? Consider South Carolina, where the smooth jazz of Charleston and the country-folk sounds of Myrtle Beach are just a few of its musical styles.

We got here 21 of the best songs that showcase the unique charm of South Carolina.

21. “South Carolina Low Country” by Josh Turner

This soulful country song is from Josh Turner’s 2007 album “Everything is Fine.” It is about the beauty and culture of the South Carolina Low Country, and you can feel the singer’s gratefulness in the lyrics.


20. “Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina” by Dean Martin

“Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina” is a pop song from Dean Martin’s “The Capitol Recordings, Vol. 5” album released in 1954. The song is about a man who wants to be in South Carolina with his lover, who is waiting for him in a small brown house. He reads her letters about the nice weather and lovely scenery, making him more eager to return.


19. “Carolina Girls” by General Johnson and The Chairman of the Board

This classic R&B beach music tells about how much the singer adores women from South Carolina. It features a sax solo along with an upbeat rhythm. “Carolina Girls” is from the “Beach Music Anthology,” released in 2006.


18. “Charleston, South Carolina” by Lovie Austin & Her Blue Serenaders

This song is a mix of jazz and blues and is featured on the album “Lovie Austin Vol. 2 (1924-1926).” “Charleston, South Carolina” by Lovie Austin & Her Blue Serenaders is a perfect song for dancing. It is also associated with the iconic Charleston dance that gained popularity during the 1920s.


17. “She’s Carolina” by Cody Webb

“She’s Carolina” by Cody Webb is a country song from the album of the same name. It was released in 2016 and has lyrics in the form of Webb’sa love letter for a woman who embodies the state of South Carolina.


16. “Beers and Sunshine” by Darius Rucker

This feel-good song by Darius Rucker is from his 2022 album “#1’s, Volume 1”. It has a laid-back country style and a message full of positivity, making it a must-listen for those who want to find sunshine during dark moments.


15. “South Carolina Blues” by Junior League Band

This song by The Junior League band is from their 2021 album “South Carolina Blues.” It falls under the folk genre and features a lively rock style. The band’s lead singer, Lissy Rosemont, co-wrote the song with guitarist and fellow band member James Frolio.


14. “Coast of Carolina” by Jimmy Buffett

“Coast of Carolina” by Jimmy Buffett is a country music under the album “License to Chill” released in 2004. In the song, the singer says he thinks he and his partner are doing better now, even though it took them a few tries to get there. He knows life can be uncertain, and it’s easy to focus on things that have already happened. But he still wants to make their relationship work and won’t give up.


13. “South Carolina” by John Linnell

“South Carolina” by John Linnell has a funky piano intro with words that describe a terrible bike accident and what happened after. Still, they also have some funny parts, like repeating “Crash my bicycle” and talking about eating and drinking.
“South Carolina” is from the album “State Songs” and was released in 1999.


12. “Carolina in the Morning” by Dean Martin

This song, categorized as easy listening, is another classic by Dean Martin. It talks about the feeling of being in South Carolina, specifically in the morning. The singer expresses his appreciation for the state’s beauty, evident in the lyrics describing the morning glories, butterflies, and dew.


11. “Dancin’, Shaggin’ on the Boulevard” by Alabama

“Dancin’, Shaggin’ on the Boulevard” by Alabama is a country song from their 1997 album “Dancin’ on the Boulevard.” The band had a Grammy Award nomination for Best Country Performance, which is just one reason why their music is always a hit.


10. “Waltz for a Girl in South Carolina” by Brett Shady

This folk song by Brett Shady is from the album “The Devil to Pay,” released in 2010. This song is about missing someone who’s gone, a girl from South Carolina. At the beginning of the song, it says it’s important to let go of the past and focus on the present so you don’t feel sad thinking about memories.


9. “Carolina” by Parmalee

“Carolina” by Parmalee revolves around homesickness and longing for someone who makes the singer feel like they belong somewhere. It is from the 2013 album “Feels Like Carolina” and falls under the country genre.


8. “Gone to Carolina” by Shooter Jennings

“Gone to Carolina” by Shooter Jennings is another country song that has a message about longing to go back to the state. The singer thinks of the rain in the south and a train station, which makes them want to take a break. This song was released in 2005 under the album “Put the “O” Back in Country.”


7. “Sumter County Friday Night” by Lee Brice

The song “Sumter County Friday Night” talks about how the singer and his friends prepare for a fun Friday night in Sumter County. This piece by Lee Brice is from his 2010 album “Love Like Crazy.” The groovy guitar intro makes it a distinguishable country song.


6. “Carolina Can” by Chase Rice

Chase Rice’s “Carolina Can” is from the 2014 “Ignite the Night” album. The style of singing in this song is easily recognizable. The lyrics are full of memories of growing up in South Carolina.


5. “Carolina” by The Charlie Daniels Band

This 1976 song is a mix of pop, folk, and rock. “Carolina” by The Charlie Daniels Band is another song that speaks of a singer’s unforgettable memories in the state, expressing love and longing. It also describes the feeling of being home in South Carolina.


4. “Carolina in the Morning” by Judy Garland

“Carolina in the Morning” is a classic by Judy Garland, released in 1955. The singer talks about how sweet it is to meet his lover in the morning and how he longs to hear pretty stories once more. This song is categorized as vocal or easy listening.


3. “Carolina Blue” by Bucky Covington

“Carolina Blue” by Bucky Covington is from his self-titled album released in 2007. The song is about a person who lives in Los Angeles and follows his dreams but misses someone important back home in Carolina. Bucky’s raspy voice is an excellent accompaniment to this fantastic ensemble.


2. “Pretty Girl from Raleigh” by The Avett Brothers

This folk song by The Avett Brothers indeed brings a country music vibe. From their album “A Carolina Jubilee,” “Pretty Girl from Raleigh” describes a talk between two people, one is upset, and the other doesn’t seem to care. The words of the song show that a relationship has ended.


1. “Carolina” by Harry Styles

This pop song by Harry Styles is a unique track from his 2017 self-titled album. The song is about a girl the singer met once, so he wrote a song about her. He wants to tell her how much he likes her and hopes she hears his message.

There’s always something that music lovers will surely enjoy about these songs, so pick your track now and look through the window into the heart of South Carolina-inspired music.

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