21 Songs about Storms (2023)

The sound of a storm, including rain and thunder, can create a sense of tranquility, while for others, it can evoke feelings of anxiety and discomfort. However, one thing that’s universal is that the sound of a storm evokes vivid feelings within us.

Songs about storms can be an effective way of expressing these intense emotions and experiences, thus leaving a lasting mark on the listeners.

So headphones on because the list of the best songs about storms is coming your way.

21. Storm – Ez Mil and Raynn

Ez Mil, a Filipino-American rapper, together with his sister Raynn, will blow you away with their song “Storm.” It’s a title track and a pop song that depicts how painful it feels to be “in the same storm.” Raynn’s vocals and Ez Mil’s incredible rap skills deserve to be recognized on a global scale.

20. Thunder – Boys Like Girls

Not all storms are threatening; some can also be romantic. On their self-titled album, Boys Like Girls, a rock band, used the word “thunder” to refer to someone he loves, a thunder that always catches him off guard. This punk song will make you feel how beautiful falling in love is while you listen to it.

19. Hurricane – Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane” started with mellow guitar strums, followed by upbeat drums, then by beautiful harmonica melodies. This classic rock from his album Desire is inspired by the sufferings of the boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. The storytelling will shatter your heart for the whole eight minutes, and you’ll enjoy the music as well.

18. Hurricane Eye – Paul Simon 

Paul Simon is known for composing songs that will make you think. One great example is his alternative-pop song titled Hurricane Eye. It is among the songs he released on his 2000 album, You’re the One. Because of how amazing he is at wordplay, the meaning of this song will depend on how it speaks to you.

17. After the Storm – Kali Uchis

“After the Storm” by Kali Uchis is an R&B track from her album Isolation that currently has over 140 million YouTube views. Her lines, “‘Cause after the storm, the flowers bloom” are an attempt to encourage its listeners not to lose faith even if the light appears to be too far away. This song will not fail to reassure and uplift you.

16. The Lightning Strike – Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol put out an album titled A Hundred Million Suns. It contains their indie song “The Lightning Strike,” which explores a man’s intense feelings for someone to the point where they make him afraid. He asks, “What if this storm ends, and I don’t see you?” You’ll feel overwhelmingly emotional after listening to this song.


15. Condolence – Benjamin Clementine

This indie song titled “Condolence” is part of Benjamin Clementine’s 2015 album At Least for Now. It is a raw piece about one’s purpose in this life, as reflected in the lines:

“…Before I was born there was a stormBefore that storm there was fireBurning everywhere…”

The poetry that lies beneath this piece and Benjamin’s emotive delivery will consume you and give you shivers.

14. Gimme Shelter –  The Rolling Stones

For the next entry, we give you The Rolling Stones, who are regarded as “one of the most enduring and popular bands of the rock era.” The blues-rock song “Gimme Shelter” is from their album Let It Bleed. Fun fact: This piece, which discusses war, rape, and murder, was written in the Vietnam era. This captivating song is about finding your own meaning of shelter’ in times of disaster.

13. Praise You in this Storm – Casting Crowns

Another gospel song made its way through this collection. Casting Crowns’ Praise You in this Storm” is part of their 2005 album Lifesong. It is a heartfelt worship song, giving praise to the Lord and thanking him for both the things he gives and takes away. If you are looking for a Christian song to add to your playlist, this track deserves a spot.

12. Typhoons – Royal Blood

Royal Blood, an English rock band, dropped a groovy song titled “Typhoons.” It is the title track and an alternative-rock piece from their album released in 2021. If you’re looking for music to accompany you as you go through your own storm, this song is a fantastic option, thanks to its killer riffs, flawless vocals, and interesting tune.

11. Riders On The Storm – The Doors

Not a single person is ever born “ready” for this storm-like song, so we just learn to ride on it as the days go by. That is the theme of the 1971 track “Riders on the Storm,” performed by The Door on their album L.A. Woman. This psychedelic rock may have an upbeat drumbeat, but the voice and the melody are so relaxing to listen to.

10. Thunder – Imagine Dragons

“Thunder” is an electropop song and a Grammy Award nominee by Imagine Dragons. It’s part of their 2017 album titled Evolve. No matter what attempts others make to undermine him, he sings; he is as strong as thunder. Even with few lyrics, it still has the same impact as the message he wants to convey.

9. Every Storm – Gary Allan

Gary Allan snatched an Academy of Country Music Award for Song of the Year nomination with his song titled “Every Storm” from his Set You Free albumThis uplifting country song was written by Gary and Hillary Lindsey and is about how every storm runs out of rain, which means that every hardship will pass.

8. ‘Til The Storm Passes By  – Gaither Vocal Band

The flavorful instrumentals and the perfect harmony vocals make “Til The Storm Passes By” a golden masterpiece. Released in 2014, this Christian song is part of the Gaither Vocal Band’s album titled Hymns. The pitch-perfect vocals of Wes Hampton will also astound you. The message of this song is to find shelter in Jesus during all of life’s storms.

7. Rain – The Script

The Script’s 2017 album Freedom Child includes the pop song “Rain,” in which he expresses how he feels whenever his lover leaves. In addition to Danny, the band’s vocalist, having a distinctive voice that will make you fall in love, this song’s summery, feel-good melody perfectly balances its upbeat and mellow sections.

6. After the Storm – Mumford & Sons

You’ll be greeted by a soft guitar pluck and Mumford’s soothing baritone voice in the British band Mumford & Sons’ song “After the Storm.” Their album, Sigh No More, contains this folk song. This song will embrace you with comfort as you think about life itself and its before and afters.

5. Stormy Monday – The Allman Brothers Band

Here’s another timeless piece from the 1970s! The Allman Brothers Band’s “Stormy Monday,” from the album At Fillmore East, is a gentle rock song that will make you close your eyes and feel the peace infuse your very soul. You’ll imagine listening to music at a local bar as the band performs it.

4. Hailstorm – Hugo

‘I’ll dance my way through hailstorms” is how Hugo, a talented UK-based musician, expresses his resilience through his own song from his 2014 album Deep in the Long Grass. After listening to this indie song, you’ll wonder why you’ve never come across it before since it has all the components of great music.

3. Thunderclouds – LSD 

Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo make up the musical trio known as LDS, hence the initials. In 2019, they released “Thunderclouds” on their album, LSD released in 2019. With its energetic rhythm and lyrics about two lovers going through turmoil in their love affair, this pop song will have you tapping your toes.

2. Eye of the Storm – Ryan Stevenson

Hailed as the “Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year” by GMA Dove is “Eye of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson from his album Fresh Start featuring Gabe Real. This Christian song revolves around knowing that He is in control even in the eye of a storm. As you listen to this, it’ll bring you indescribable peace and joy.

1. Storm – Lifehouse

Let’s calm the storm as we conclude this list with a song that won the Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year. That is Lifehouse’s alternative song “Storm” from their self-titled album. Although the lyrics don’t directly refer to anyone or anything, it is assumed to be to God or to a lover. You’ll feel like a calm, peaceful sea while listening to his soothing voice, the mellow melody, and the beautiful lyrics.

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