21 Songs About Sunshine (2023)

The word “sunshine” is frequently used figuratively. But its significance can vary from person to person; for some, it may be pleasurable, while for others, it may be a rare sight. No matter how you feel about the sun, there are songs about it that can bring us together. Whatever genre you are into, here are the greatest sunshine-themed songs ever made to satisfy your ears:

21. “You Are My Sunshine” – The Pine Ridge Boys

Let’s kick things off with one of the all-time biggest hits. This country classic has won the hearts of listeners with its tranquil and catchy tune. Though still being contested, it is believed to be a single track performed by The Pine Ridge Boys. “You Are My Sunshine” is a perfect example of a heartwarming song.


20. “Sunshine Song” – Jason Mraz

You’ve probably heard the song I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. Well, he also has one called Sunshine Song from the album Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess: Live on Earth. This song sets a nostalgic mood and talks about how relative and contagious happiness is. It’s so soothing that it can take you to a different world while listening to it.


19. “Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles

If you are looking for a song to uplift your soul, “Here Comes the Sun” is the one for you. This masterpiece belongs to The Beatles’ album Abbey Road. It is a pop song that gently reminds us that no matter the downpour, the sun will always shine, and things will eventually be okay.


18. “Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina and the Waves

No other song can make you dance around and make every day feel like Friday more than this pop-rock song. It’s one of the greatest hits of the band Katrina and the Waves. Because of its upbeat and summery nature, this title track can surely elevate your mood and shine through your day.


17. “Sunshine” – OneRepublic

If you’re looking for a modern song about sunshine, this OneRepublic’s single is for you. It is recorded as a soundtrack for the 2021 movie Clifford the Big Red Dog. With its 140 beats per minute tempo, this pop song can instantly give you positive vibes and make you feel like you are at the beach sipping an ice-cold lemonade or surfing through the waves.


16. “Brighter Than Sunshine” – Aqualung

This song by Aqualung is an indie-pop love song released on his album Still Life. This piece has been featured in several films and shows, including Cold Case and A Lot Like Love. It highlights the joy of being dazzled by the radiance of love. Regardless of your romantic status, this is a song worth listening to.


15. “Bringing Back the Sunshine” – Blake Shelton

If you find yourself behind the wheel and searching for a song to enjoy the ride to, give “Bringing Back the Sunshine” a shot. Blake Shelton has a lot of great country songs, and the title track on this album is one of them. This relaxing song will make your time spent traveling more than worthwhile.

14. “Sunshine on My Shoulders” –  John Denver

Back to the classic folk songs, this timeless piece from John Denver’s album Poem, Prayers, and Promises is a calming song perfect to listen to before bed. In the song, this legendary artist expresses gratitude for the emotions that sunshine gives him and how he wishes that his dearest experience the same.

13. “Pocketful of Sunshine” – Natasha Bedingfield

When life gives you lemons, the pop song “Pocketful of Sunshine” from the album N.B. by Natasha Bedingfield is a great source of encouragement to help you make lemonade. This upbeat track centers around being able to bounce back from setbacks and looking on the bright side of difficult situations.

12. “Brighter Than the Sun” Colbie Caillat

The folk-pop song “Brighter Than the Sun” by singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat is a perfect song to listen to as you enjoy your morning coffee. This love song from her album All About You talks about a tale of two people’s love for each other that shines brighter than the sun and will undoubtedly brighten your day.

11. “Good Day Sunshine” – The Beatles

The Beatles have made it onto the list twice! From their 1966 album Revolver comes this pop-rock tune. The band only needed two days to record this masterpiece, yet it has been celebrated as the best “get up and go” tune for decades. The catchy chorus and recurring verses surely made a lasting impression.

10. “She’s Only Happy in the Sun” – Ben Harper 

If you’re looking for a heartfelt tune, I highly recommend this rock song by Ben Harper from his album Diamonds on the Inside. Despite the fact that the lyrics can be interpreted in a variety of ways and are probably more gloomy than upbeat, you can’t deny that Harper’s lyrical talent and storytelling will leave you captivated.

9. “Sun is Shining” – Bob Marley & the Wailers

Heads up, reggae lovers! “Sun is Shining” by Bob Marley & the Wailers from the album Kaya is both a relaxing and uplifting reggae song. The combination of the instrumentals, the vocals, and the mystical words made it the perfect chill song to remind us of the beauty of every single day.

8. “Turn Up the Sunshine” – Diana Ross & Tame Impala

Another fresh option is the soundtrack for the well-known film Minions: The Rise of Guru, which was performed by the surprising duo of Diana Ross and Tame Impala. Ross’ comeback album Thank You, released in 2021, contains this pop song. It is a great song to make your day brimming with energy with its 70’s-vibe melody and uplifting lyrics.

7. “We Bring the Sunshine” – Benji Jackson

Summertime has a special way of making everyone feel relaxed and happy. Benji Jackson’s upbeat title track is guaranteed to brighten your day, no matter the time of year. As the chorus goes, “throw away your cares” and let this song wash over you like warm sunshine.

6. “Trip Around the Sun” – Kenny Chesney

Once again, a country tune has made the cut. You’ll be hooked on Kenny Chesney’s piece from the album Cosmic Hallelujah right from the opening music. Both soothing and energizing, it will have you snapping your fingers and beaming with happiness.

5. “Cover Me in Sunshine” – P!nk & Willow Sage Hart

This beautiful duet between singer-songwriter P!nk and her daughter Willow can be found on P!nk’s album All I Know So Far: Setlist. It’s a hopeful pop song about the future that was written during the COVID-19 pandemic. Willow’s innocent voice makes this song even brighter. Absolutely, this is something to which we can all relate.

4. “Sunshine” Liam Payne

This pop single from the movie Ron’s Gone Wrong was performed by Liam Payne, formerly of the popular boy band One Direction. You’ll want to get down to its groovy techno rhythm.  Positive thinking and accepting one’s uniqueness are also stressed in this song’s lyrics, so it’s a great song for your mental health.

3. “Ain’t No Sunshine” – Bill Withers

This classic rock tune from Bill Withers’ album Just as I Am is unlike any of the others on the album because it deals with the writer’s grief and loss over a former lover, as well as the idea that the sun went away along with her. Nevertheless, it’s still a perfect song to listen to, especially on cloudy, rainy afternoons.

2. “Soak Up The Sun” –  Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow released this joyful tune in 2002 on her album C’mon, C’mon. Crow co-wrote the song with Jeff Trot during the time she was in need of a song to make herself happy while recovering from surgery. This pop song tells listeners to let go and enjoy the sunshine.

1. “The Sound of Sunshine” – Michael Franti & Spearhead

Last but not least, this single from the album of the same name performed by Michael Franti and Spearhead falls under several genres: pop, folk, indie, etc. He mentioned various things that he thinks are the sound of sunshine. So, turn your gloomy days around or appreciate your sunny days even more by listening to this motivating track.

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