21 Songs About Surprise (2023)

What is your perspective on the unexpected? Sure, it piques the interest of some, but not everyone is keen to deviate from what is usual. Nevertheless, unanticipated occurrences are like seasonings that enrich our lives as human beings, which is why songs about surprises have already been penned and produced over the years.

We aren’t here to leave you hanging, so ranging from the classics to the most recent tracks, here is a rundown of the best surprise-themed songs:

21. No Surprises — Radiohead

To begin with, let’s all appreciate the beauty of Radiohead’s “No Surprises.” Not only the great quality music video it has, which earned the Brit Award for British Video of the Year, but this pop song’s dream-like atmosphere will take your breath away. This track from Radiohead’s OK Computer album was released in 1997 but has a quality that is way ahead of its time.

20. What a Surprise — The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters’ album Black & White contains the R&B song titled “What a Surprise.” It is a true classic that has both memorable tunes and words to its songs. Because of the high quality of their singing and their music, their band was extremely popular during those eras.

19. Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox) — John Lennon

Another classic will awaken you with its lively vibes. It’s “Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)” by the famous singer John Lennon. This rock song is found in his album, Walls and Bridges. The lyrics revolved around his adoration for a woman who came as a sweet surprise in his life.

18. Surprises — Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s rock classic “Surprises” features a backing track that strikes the ideal balance, allowing his vocals and the narrative of the song to shine through without being drowned out. This track was released in 1982 as a part of his album titled The Nylon Curtain. It’s the kind of song you don’t want to end.

17. Surprise Me — SWV

SWV, a powerhouse vocal trio, will give you that feel-good moment as they captivate you with their song “Surprise Me.” “Surprise Me” is one of their more popular songs. This R&B song from SWV’s Greatest Hits album features a melody and the group’s sweet voices that come together to create a mellow and suave combination.

16. Surprise Surprise — Billy Talent

Released in 2012, Billy Talent’s “Surprise Surprise” got the MuchMusic Video Award for Best Post-Production and many other nominations. This rock song, which can be found on the band’s album titled Dead Silence, features not only an impressive music video but also cleverly written lyrics as well as powerful and compelling instrumentation.

15. Wonderful Surprise — The Downtown Fiction

The Downtown Fiction’s “Wonderful Surprise” is another rock song with mesmerizing beauty. The song’s lyrics express his gratitude for someone he adores and how he regards her as a wonderful surprise. This song from Let’s Be Animals, their 2011 album, will make you cherish the people you care about.

14. Surprise — Chloe Bailey

Love is indeed in the air! The lyrics to the soul song “Surprise” by Chloe Bailey are not only romantic, but they are also quite steamy. This song, which serves as the album’s title track, showcases her range as a vocalist. In addition to that, it was also awarded the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Female Artist.

13. No Surprize —Aerosmith

Feeling sleepy but you shouldn’t? Try to play Aerosmith’s “No Surprize.” Yes, with a Z. This rock song from his album Night in the Ruts will definitely boost your energy and help you get through the day with a good vibe. The instrumentation of this track is so contagiously alive, making it a great piece to rock ‘n roll too!

12. The Surprise Knock — The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers will join in the fun with their alternative song, “The Surprise Knock.” It’s impossible to listen to this song without bobbing your head and humming along. From their 2019 album, In the Morse Code of Brake Lights, comes this spacey tune that manages to be neither overpowering nor boring.

11. Shanghai Surprise — George Harrison

The lyrical wit and creativity can be seen in George Harrison’s song “Shanghai Surprise” from his album Cloud Nine. In the song, he sings with Vicki Brown, whose vocals are also undeniably impressive. This rock song from 1987 is a fun masterpiece in terms of its lyrical content as well as its musical composition.

10. Surprise, Surprise — The Rolling Stones

Drum beats followed by tambourines and then guitar riffs are the opening flow of the song “Surprise, Surprise.” This rock and blues track is from The Rolling Stones’ album The Rolling Stones, Now! It has an upbeat tune and lyrics centered on a love that didn’t end that well but was unsurprisingly not hurtful at all. You’ll surely enjoy this rock song!

9. Baby, What a Big Surprise — Chicago

We have yet another timeless song from the 1970s. It’s “Baby, What a Big Surprise,” performed by Chicago. Nothing but a relaxing feeling is what this song carries. It has that mellow and romantic beauty that is found in classic songs. This soft rock song from Chicago XI is perfect for drifting off to sleep or just cooling down.

8. Surprise Surprise — Celine Dion

Here to bless us with a stunning pop song is the Queen of Pop herself. Even if it’s your first time hearing it, Celine Dion’s “Surprise Surprise” from Taking Chances will immediately become one of your favorite songs. The tune is so beautiful that you’ll want to listen to it over and over.

7. Welcome to Paradise — Green Day

The next song will be “Welcome to Paradise” by Green Day. As soon as they start playing this rock song, you’ll want to jump right in and start jamming! Although the music itself is upbeat, the lyrics are rather depressing. It’s a song introducing the unconventional, surprising way of life he leads and can be found on the band’s Kerplunk album.

6. Beautiful Surprise — Tamia

It should not come as a surprise that the song “Beautiful Surprise” by Tamia, which serves as the title track of her album that was released in 2012, won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song. Its lovely melody and lyrics, not to mention Tamia’s impressive and sweet voice, make it impossible for listeners not to fall in love with it.

5. She Likes Surprises — Soundgarden

Do you enjoy metal rock? We hope you’re still around, as we have a treat for you: Soundgarden’s “She Likes Surprises.” The pop-rock on the band’s Superunknown album is insanely catchy and has a fantastic arrangement. The song’s lyrics are also exceptionally clever. This is why it is considered a gem by music fans and is something you’ve got to listen to well!

4. Nothing Surprise Me — Relly “The Emcee”

Rellevance, an album by Relly “The Emcee”, was dropped in 2020. It features a rap song titled “Nothing Surprise Me.” Chi Chi The Eternal is also featured in this hip-hop that is full of swag and attitude. The song is about how life doesn’t surprise him anymore. “Nothing Surprise Me” will inspire you to push past your limitations and achieve your goals.

3. It Took Me by Surprise — Maria Mena

Maria Mena’s “It Took Me By Surprise” is a song about regretting being the toxic one in the relationship and how her ex-lover’s move is something she didn’t see coming. From her album Viktoria, this track will open its listeners’ eyes to how they are as a partner. The tune of the lyrics is memorable, making this a pleasant song to sing along to.

2. Surprise Valley — Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic’s “Surprise Valley” appeared on their 1999 album ‘Til the Medicine Takes. It’s a rock song that builds from a bizarre intro to a warmer chorus. The singer, John Bell, got the inspiration for the song’s lyrics while on a hike with his wife. In addition, the band’s whole performance will never let you down.

1. No Surprise — Daughtry

We’re now on the final cut of our collection of the best songs about surprises. Here is “No Surprise” by Daughtry, taken from their album Leave This Town. It’s an emotional tale of a once-beautiful love that eventually crumbles, told in a rock song with a country feel. You will undoubtedly be moved by Chris Daughtry’s voice, the song’s captivating instrumentals, and its impactful narrative.

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