21 Songs About the Color Blue (2023)

Commonly, the metaphorical meaning of the color blue pertains to sorrow. Songs with “blue” in their title or lyrics are oftentimes associated with feeling sad. However, blue songs aren’t all necessarily about having the blues. The color blue has long been a source of inspiration for music which covers a variety of meanings and genres.

Whether you came to celebrate the countless shades and nuances of the color itself, or you simply want to dwell so much on the unhappiness you may have, these 21 songs about the color blue would certainly make it worth your while.

21. “Blue Ain’t Your Color” by Keith Urban

Album: Ripcord

Style: Country/Pop

Listeners often feel a strong emotional connection to “Blue Ain’t Your Color”. This melancholic ballad speaks of a failed relationship and it relates so much to anyone who have been heartbroken. More so, the song gives a message a comfort to the persona as it tends to console and give an open idea that everyone deserves someone better.

20. “Baby Blue” by Badfinger

Album: Straight Up

Style: Rock

Written by Badfinger’s guitarist and vocalist, Pete Ham, the song speaks about deep love and admiration as it describes a beloved as being his “baby blue.” This classic rock ballad touched the hearts of listeners worldwide over the years due to its incomparable heartfelt lyrics and the band’s melodic instrumentation.

19. “Baby Blue” by George Strait

Album: Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind

Style: Country

This country ballad tells the story of a man who still holds deep feelings for someone and is struggling to move on from a past love. The song’s bittersweet melody is a perfect breakout for anyone savoring a broken heart or just someone mending a broken heart.

18. “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen

Album: Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Style: Country/Pop

The title of the song itself suggests that “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” is an upbeat, carefree country song that celebrates the joys of summertime and young love. It evokes a nostalgic feeling of happy times and youthful adventures. Contrary to the connotation of the color blue in its title, this song is perfect for road trips, beach days, and outdoor activities because of its fun-filled message and melody.

17. “Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea” by George Harrison

Album: Brainwashed

Style: Rock/Blues

The song’s message of struggle and perseverance in the face of adversity is one that many people can relate to. Despite the song’s heavy emotional subject, listeners who would want to find strength and resilience in difficult times find this song a perfect source of energy and urgency because of its upbeat tempo.              

16. “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” by Elton John

Album: Too Low for Zero

Style: Pop Rock

Once you listen to the song, you will surely be hooked up to it. Although “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” talks about how letting go and moving on could be so hard, John’s soulful voice conveys a sense of hope, comfort, and resilience at times of love adversities.

15. “Tangled Up In Blue” by Bob Dylan

Album: Blood on the Tracks

Style: Folk rock

This folk-rock song tangles up its listeners to listen over and over again as its lyrics and melody drives a narrative of love’s complexities. The imagery, metaphors, and emotional turmoil in the song lets its listeners jump back and forth between time periods; thus, giving a roller coaster ride of emotional impact.

14. “Blue Morning, Blue Day” by Foreigner

Album: Double Vision

Style: Rock

Ever had a blue morning or a blue day? This song could perfectly capture your raw mood. “Blue Morning, Blue Day” is a classic rock song that generally resonates with grief and struggle, but its chorus gives a touch of hope as it suggests a way to move on from a heartbreak and deal with life’s complexities.

13. “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley

Album: Elvis Presley

Style: Rock and Roll

This song is a typical display of rocking and rolling in energy. This timeless classic is uplifting and inspiring. The blue suede shoes are a metaphor for one’s uniqueness and its lyrics talk about a warning against envy and jealousy. Surely, no one could have delivered the song superbly other than Elvis Presley himself.

12. “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra

Album: Out of the Blue

Style: Pop rock

Contrary to the common belief that blue is associated with being sad, Mr. Blue Sky is a joyful, upbeat, and optimistic song. The presence of a clear blue sky in the song connotes that there will always be a rainbow after a heavy rain. This iconic song is something that uplifts and inspires listeners of all ages across the world.

11. “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On” by Mel McDaniel

Album: Let It Roll

Style: Country

This all-time favorite traditional country music celebrates everyday pleasures and enjoyment. It describes a typical girl in her favorite blue jeans ready to go out of town for some fun. This song is a perfect background music for a night-out with friends, summertime road trips, and parties.

10. “Mr. Red White and Blue” by Coffey Anderson

Album: This Is Me

Style: Country

A deep sense of patriotism in this song pays tribute to those unsung heroes who served and offered their lives for the country, particularly, men and women from the military. Most often played during reunions and military parties, the emotional and heartfelt lyrics give a deep sense of pride and gratitude for the sacrifices of the military and the values that Americans hold dear.

9. “Feelin’ Blue” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Album: Willy and the Poor Boys

Style: Rock

The song’s title literally prompts us that this song is infused with sadness and worry. The tempo and melody remind its listeners of a person struggling to cope with the pain of losing someone very dear. Listen to it and you’ll surely be introspecting on the emotional weight it brings.

8. “Blue Turns To Grey” by Cliff Richard with the Shadows

Album: Kinda Latin

Style: Pop Rock

This pop-rock ballad expresses deep melancholy on how complex human emotions could be.  “Blue Turns to Grey” is a metaphor for the transition of emotions. The richness of its lyrics takes its listeners to an equivalent spectrum of transition.


7. “Blue Moon” by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart

Album: Various

Style: Jazz/Pop Standard

The rare occurrence of a blue moon is an analogy to the rarity of true love with the hope of finding it back if lost. Its poetic lyrics add up to the romantic element of the song. This is a perfect theme song for lovers who have found true love over time.

6. “Blue Bayou” by Linda Ronstadt

Album: Simple Dreams (1977)

Style: Country rock, Soft rock

This song depicts a feeling of de ja vu. It talks about longing to come back to a familiar place or a place you grow up in order to find refuge from the troubles of the world. The comforting feeling of the imagery evoked in the song made it a top favorite of people who are so caught up in this chaotic world and wants to escape.

5. “Something Blue” by Neil Diamond

Album: The Jazz Singer Soundtrack (1980)

Style: Soft rock, Pop rock

Ever been a victim of unrequited love? “Something Blue” will capture your mood as you lament the loss of a beloved. Its emotive vocals are so heart-touching that you’ll surely cry your eyes out while remembering the fondness of people you deeply miss so much.


Album: Blue Velvet (1963)

Style: Pop, Easy Listening

Blue velvet in the song describes the persona’s blue velvet dress and how the sight of that dress brings up many fond memories of a past love. The sentimental and romantic nature of the entire song struck out the dreamy hearts of its avid listeners.

3. “Blue Eyes Blue” by Eric Clapton

Album: Runaway Bride soundtrack (1999), Pilgrim (1998)

Style: Soft rock, Pop rock

Falling in love with someone with blue eyes is a cliché to most. But this song is actually the perfect representation of how true and possible it can be. The soulful music of the song connects the tenderness and vulnerability of the persona to the depth and essence of true love.

2. “Once In A Blue Moon” by Earl Thomas Conley

Album: Somewhere Between Right and Wrong (1982)

Style: Country pop

This classic song talks about regrets and vulnerability. It echoes the emotional after-effect of finding true love but not cherishing it which then resulted in eventually losing it. The air of nostalgia in this song is something that listeners of all ages can heartfully relate to.

1. “Blue Night” by Michael Learns To Rock

Album: Blue Night (2000)

Style: Pop rock, Soft rock

Michael Learns To Rock nailed it with this song! The heart-touching emotions depicted in the song made missing someone so much of a big deal, even to the point of painfully enduring it.  The song’s sincere lyrics of deep true love made fans fall in love all over again.


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