21 Songs About the Color Orange (2023)

There is a countless variety of things that can be associated with orange and this vibrant color also correlates to a lot of emotions like desire, passion, hope, and nostalgia. Because of these, a lot of songs were made to explicitly mention orange in their lyrics and had been known for years to depict the symbolisms of this hue.

Whatever the meaning beyond the “color orange” in these songs, all of them unfailingly capture the unique energy and euphoria in every one of us.

21. “Selfmade Orange” by Changmo

Album: Boyhood | Style: K-Hip Hop

This song is one of the many favorites amongst K-pop fans. ‘Orange’, in this song, refers to a son or daughter of a rich family. And ‘self-made orange’ is used to refer to someone who had made himself successful and rich all by himself; thus, he may call himself self-made orange for that matter. This song seems to be an autobiographical narration of Changmo’s life because he, unfortunately, grew up in a poor family and environment contrary to where he is now.

20. “Orange Peel” by Reuben Wilson

Album: Blue Mode | Style: Rock Instrumental

This track had been released in 1970, and it was said about no other than an “orange”. Nevertheless, Wilson’s fans interpreted this as something about the joys of life and the ecstatic feeling of being alive. This is a great background sound over the speaker during a get-together with friends.

19. “Orange Moon” by Erykah Badu

Album: Mama’s Gun | Style: Soul

As the “orange moon” in the lyrics symbolizes the balance of men’s masculinity to women’s femininity, this song reminds us to not overthink and complicate things too much because nature itself redirects everything into its balance. The soothing arrangement is incredible making you feel as much relaxed as when listening to a lullaby.

18. “Orange” by Passepied

Album: Neon and Tiger | Style: Pop rock

This Japanese song, even if it is delivered in the Japanese language, is very appealing to audiences from all over the world because of its rhythm and instrumentation. Released in 2018, this song is a perfect choice for background music for your cheerful and upbeat celebrations and dances.

17. “Everybody Loves Oranges” by Storybots

Album: Storybots Super Songs | Style: Children’s Music

“Everybody Loves Oranges” is a cheerful children’s song with a group of animated characters that focus on the many different things that people and animals love about oranges, such as their bright color, sweet taste, and juiciness. The song teaches children about the nutritional value of oranges and encourages them to try new foods. So, if you have toddlers at home, both of you will surely love this song.

16. Orange Crush” by R.E.M

Album: GREEN (1988)| Style: Rock and Roll

The song was said to be an anti-war song as it speaks of the incidents during the Vietnam War in its lyrics. It talks of a man’s experience to be compelled to go to war regardless of his willingness to do so or not. Since its release in 1988, this song had become a reference to topics of war in academic schools.

15. “Orange Amber” by The Vines

Album: Winning Days | Style: Alternative rock

This song speaks of the wonders of a passing time as the persona in the song reflects on the nostalgia and bittersweet memories of past experiences. “Orange amber” in the song is a metaphor for sunset which connotes the end of a chapter of one’s life. The emotional content of this song is released through superb instrumentation and rhythmic patterns of this song.

14. “Skies Of Orange Fire” by Judd Starr

Album: Spirit And Skin | Style: Alternative rock

Listeners of this song appreciate the song’s sense of hope, renewal, and optimism as showcased through its uplifting lyrics. This is a somewhat emotional song, especially for people who experienced the passing of time. Jude Starr’s unique vocals and style make this song more appealing to its audiences.

13. “Orange Juice Blues” by Bob Dylan, The Band

Album: Moondog Matinee | Style: Blues rock

From the song’s lyrics, we can somehow infer that the “orange juice blues” of the title refer to the feeling of nausea and regret that often accompanies a hangover. The instrumentation, however, sets the somber mood for the song and creates a sense of reflection and regret, and self-loathing. “Orange Juice Blues” captures the essence of The Band’s unique sound and style.

12. “Evolution Orange” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Album: Raise! | Style: Funk

The song speaks of the importance of embracing changes to grow and evolve, both as individuals and as a society. The “orange” in the song’s lyrics could be regarded as a color that represents creativity, innovation, and adventure. With its funky rhythm, this song is a creating a sense of celebration and optimism.

11. “The Orange and the Green” by The Irish Rovers

Album: The Unicorn | Style: Irish folk music

The song may arouse various religion-related thought-provoking realizations as the song tells the story of a man who is caught between two cultural identities: his father’s Protestant heritage (represented by the color orange) and his mother’s Catholic heritage (represented by the color green). The persona in the son, being a son of these two conflicting religious representations, describes his trials due to this mixed-up. However, this folk song features a rhythm that sets the mood of its listeners into something positive and vibrant and offers a message of understanding and empathy.

10. “Orange Blossom Special” by Johnny Cash

Album: Orange Blossom Special | Style: Country

This classic folk song is a fiddle tune to a passenger train of the same name that ran from New York to Miami in the early 20th century. The song’s association with this rich history made it even more sentimental as it captures the thrilling adventure of riding a train on a long cross-country journey. The energy and motion in the song drive its listeners to fast-paced and entertaining storytelling.

9. “Shaking Up Orange St.” by Prince Buster

Album: FABulous Greatest Hits | Style: Ska, Rocksteady

Considered one of the best Buster’s classic songs, “Shaking Up Orange St.” describes the excitement and energy of the dance and music culture thriving on Orange Street in Kingston, Jamaica where Buster originates. Buster’s dynamic vocals stabilize the song’s expression of energy and excitement and listeners never failed to appreciate the song’s infectious melody.

8. “The Power of Orange Knickers” by Tori Amos

Album: The Beekeeper | Style: Alternative rock, piano rock

Knickers is a standard term to refer to underwear, thus, the power of the orange knickers under her petticoat refers to how empowered she feels to have this secret and the sexual influence on him. The song illustrates a woman with a bright and shocking thing hidden away under very proper petticoats; however, only she and the people she allows know about it. Listeners love the impact of this song on the idea of having a secret that provides power over people who do not know it.

7. “Orange Color Queen” by Ty Segall

Album: Ty Segall | Style: Indie rock

Typically, songwriters often use the orange color to symbolize passion and intensity in a relationship, and this song is one of its best. This heartfelt, acoustic ballad has the same dreamy and romantic tune that celebrates the charm and appeal of a woman, to whom we can refer to as an “orange-colored queen” based on the song’s lyrics. Many listeners have shared how this song reminds them of their own experiences of falling in love.

6. “Orange Skies” by Love

Album: Da Capo | Style: Folk Rock

The sunny feeling of being in love and happy in a relationship is captured in this 12-liner song.  It evokes a sentimental feeling as the persona in the song talks about the girl in comparison to chocolates, sugars, and oranges. It is one of the classic songs with great guitar work.

5. “The Orange Song ” by Stefani Rose

Album: Learn The Colors | Style: Pop

You will never get bored with this song about the color orange because it has both interesting lyrics and a very grooving melody. The song is best for children, but adults can enjoy this just as much. The music is entertaining and will be sure to get the kids dancing and singing along.

4. “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan

Album: DeAnn | Style: Folk

The beautiful track uses “the orange” in a symbolic image of the sunset, which is part of the day when we usually reflect on the turnouts of the day’s events. This song conveys a powerful imagery of emotions particularly loss, confusion, and loneliness for a person’s absence in the persona’s life. However, despite the heavy and dramatic feelings evoked in the song, it also acknowledges the fact that even in the midst of grief, there could still be beauty to be found.

3. “Frozen Orange Juice” by Peter Sarstedt

Album: As Though It Were a Movie | Style: Pop

This song describes a young man’s inclination to a glamourous life of luxury and indulgence, and his belief that happiness can be found in material possessions as depicted by the mention of a frozen orange drink in the song. A lot of fans can relate to this song due to its fun and playful spirit that captures the ecstatic feeling of a particular moment in time.

2. “Orange Trees” by MARINA

Album: Love + Fear | Style: Pop

Released in 2019, this upbeat song celebrates the simple joys of life in the rural setting. The persona in the song uses a lot of imagery to describe the lush greenery of the place, with the orange tree serving as a symbol of abundance, youthfulness, and growth. This song undeniably brings back a lot of memories of the past and lets us take a break from the explorations we do with all the chaos of modern life.

1. “Orange Colored Sky” by Natalie Cole

Album: Unforgettable | Style: Jazz

This song uses a lot of figurative language to describe how happy she is to have seen someone suddenly. The jazzy feel of the song enhances the feeling of nostalgia brought about by this kind of sudden reunion. Natalie Cole’s playful and flirty vocals even add up to the enchantment and enthusiasm of the song.

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