21 Songs About the Good Old Days (2023)

Why does the past seem better when you look back on it than it did at the time? Don’t you love to reminisce sometimes? We might not have all the right answers to your questions, but we have all the right music to accompany you while thinking about the old days! Here are the 21 best songs about the good old days.

21. Glorious — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“Glorious” is a hip-hop song by Macklemore, featuring Ryan Lewis. The song was released from his album Gemini (2017). In this song, Macklemore talks about looking back to his past motives, inspirations, and purpose while also talking about his new perspective. Additionally, he raps about starting fresh and feeling glorious about this second chance.

20. Good Old Days — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“Good Old Days” is another hip-hop song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis from the album Gemini (2017). What can we say? 2017 must have been a great year for them. The song tells the story of a time when he was still starting his career. He was in a 12-passenger van, dreaming about what it could be like to have his name written on a star. 

19. Thnks fr th Mmrs — Fall Out Boy

“Thnks fr th Mmrs” is a rock song from the album Infinity on High (2007). Fall Out Boy sang about getting back with his ex for casual intimacy, even though they’ve already broken up. Although the lyrics imply the guy is mad at his ex for leaving him, he still desires her and is available for her anytime.

18. The Good Old Days — Rick Astley

“The Good Old Days” by Rick Astley is a song about good childhood memories. Released from his album Beautiful Life (2018), this nostalgic song takes us to the songwriter’s origin, his worry-free childhood, and his teenage friends. The chorus talks about how fast the years have gone by and how we miss the good old days.

17. In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) — Dolly Parton

“In the Good Old Days” by Dolly Parton is a country song that talks about how life was during the good old days. Ironically, the lyrics also say those good old days were bad times. This is due to poverty, which Dolly Parton painted in many ways through her lyrics. She couldn’t even have fun with a boyfriend because she couldn’t buy a dress!

16. Good Ol’ Days — The Script

“Good Ol’ Days” is a pop song by Irish rock band The Script, released from their album #3 in 2012. The song talks about their humble beginning. According to the song, everything was simple back then and they were just regular guys hanging out at the bar. Now, things are more complicated, and some days are more critically important than other days.

15. Good Old Days — Blink-182

“Good Old Days” is a rock song by Blink-182, released from their album California (2016). The song is about the highs and lows of childhood memories. The song’s lyrics talk about the good old days when their group was united in wanting the same things. However, adulthood came and they grew apart.

14. Automatic — Miranda Lambert

“Automatic” is a country song by Miranda Lambert from her music album Platinum (2014). The song paints a perfect picture of the past before everything turned digital. In the past, everyone waited for their turn, did everything by hand, and everyone wrote on paper. Now, everything is automatic. While innovation is convenient and time-saving, we can’t help but miss the thrill of doing things manually.

13. Hold Onto the Memories — Corey Tynan

“Hold Onto the Memories” by Corey Tynan is a song about saying goodbye to the present and starting a new journey. This song has been used as a theme in many graduations. The lyrics perfectly imply that the skills, talents, and memories we’ve learned through our college years will be the guide we need when we start our careers.

12. Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days) — The Judds

“Grandpa” by The Judds is a country song about the good old days, released from the album Hampton Virginia 1985 (live). In this song, a curious girl was asking her grandfather to tell her stories about the past. Interestingly, she was asking about things that should be considered social norms, while questioning her generation’s morality.

11. Give Me Back My Hometown — Eric Church

“Give Me Back My Hometown” by Eric Church is a nostalgic song about his hometown. The verse is about a man he overheard in a bar saying how much he hated his hometown. However, he proceeds to tell us about his wonderful youth days, especially moments spent with friends. He couldn’t help but notice how much their town has changed. Eric sang his willingness to give anything to get his old hometown back.

10. OLD DAYS — Russ

“OLD DAYS” is a hip-hop single by RUSS, released in 2019. The song is about reminiscing about the good old days he had in Atlanta. Unfortunately, those good old days are gone. Their family fell apart and he’s been getting involved in substances. Due to this, he also admitted he had to carry a gun and be wary of the people he trust.

9. Still The Good Old Days — Sheryl Crow ft. Joe Walsh

“Still The Good Old Days” is a song by Sheryl Crow, featuring Joe Walsh. The song is about keeping the passion in a long-term relationship. While many pop songs are about couples who have grown apart, Sheryl Crow gave us a song about what it’s like to be in a fun and healthy relationship. Apparently, one of the keys to a happy relationship is to never get bored of each other!

8. Good Old Days — Luke Combs

“Good Old Days” by Luke Combs is a country song about his childhood and everything he loved about it. Combs listed the things he did when he was a teen, such as sneaking out, making up white lies about his whereabouts, and sleeping in. 

7. One of These Good Old Days — Al Green

“One of These Good Old Days” by Al Green is a song about a woman he loved through the years. This was reciprocated for a while, as they have good memories together. However, the song’s lyrics revealed that there had been issues with lies, foolish talks, and hurtful words.

6. The Good Old Days — The Libertines

“The Good Old Days” is a song by English band The Libertines, released from their album Up the Bracket (2002). The song is about refusing change and modernity, rejecting today’s culture of instant gratification. The song takes us back to when things were simpler, songs were better, and love is more genuine. 

5. Touch the Stars — Rachele Lynae

“Touch the Stars” is a country song by American singer Rachele Lynae. The song is about seizing the opportunity and treasuring moments with your loved one. Don’t you love love? It can always make you feel younger—like you still have your whole life ahead of you. What better way to spend it than to keep your loved ones close?

4. I Don’t Belong In This Club — Macklemore and Why Don’t We

“I Don’t Belong In This Club” by Macklemore and Why Don’t We is a pop song about trying to fit in, but still feeling out of place, particularly in a nightclub. Have you ever been to a busy club, but no matter what you do you’re just not feeling it? The song’s lyrics emphasized many small details about the club that only bored people notice.

3. Memories — Elvis Presley

“Memories” by Elvis Presley is a song about old times and sweet memories. According to Presley, memories can be compared to wine—they become sweeter as they age. The song is dedicated to couples who have been together for decades and through ups and downs.

2. These Are The Days Of Our Lives — Queen

“These Are The Days Of Our Lives” by Queen is a song about life’s fleeting nature. The lyrics encourage us to reflect on our priorities and keep a grateful attitude no matter what happens. Sadly, two months after the song was released from the album Innuendo (1991), Freddie Mercury passed away.

1. In My Life — The Beatles

“In My Life” is a rock song by The Beatles, released from their album Rubber Soul (1965). The song is a nostalgic look back to the past, which includes the places they visited, people they’ve grown to love, and things they’ve treasured. However, these are all secondary compared to the woman they love.

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