21 Songs About West Virginia (2023)

West Virginia has been loved by musicians for many years because of its beautiful landscape with hills and valleys and its rich culture. This has made it a common topic in many songs across different music genres. Whether it’s folk, country, or rock, there’s a melody that perfectly captures the beauty of West Virginia.

Out of the over a hundred songs about West Virginia, we’ve handpicked the top 21 best songs to help you explore and learn more about this beautiful state.

21. “The West Virginia Hills” by Rick Pickren

Rick Pickren’s song “The West Virginia Hills” is a folk-inspired track from his “Appalachian Soul” album. The singer pays tribute to West Virginia’s natural beauty and rich culture in this song. The song’s acoustic guitar melodies blend folk and country elements, creating a wonderful ode to the state’s mountainous landscapes.


20. “A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams, Jr.

“A Country Boy Can Survive” is a country-rock song by Hank Williams, Jr. from his album “The Pressure Is On.” The words of this song praise rural living and self-reliance. Its chorus and strong vocals make it an anthem for those who embrace the country’s way of life and its hardships.


19. “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley

This heartfelt country ballad by Brad Paisley features Dolly Parton as the female vocals. It is from his album “Time Well Wasted. The song reflects on life’s journey, loss, and hope for an afterlife, leaving them with a sense of comfort and longing for reunion with loved ones we lost.


18. “Mountain Sound” by Of Monsters and Men

“Mountain Sound” is a folk-rock track brought to life by Of Monsters and Men, featured on their acclaimed album “My Head Is an Animal.” The song’s lyrics are a heartfelt ode to adventure, freedom, and a deep reverence for nature, making it a perfect anthem for wanderlust.


17. “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show

“Wagon Wheel” is a folk and Americana masterpiece by Old Crow Medicine Show from their album “O.C.M.S..” It’s about longing for a simpler life. The song is a cherished classic that connects with listeners who love its timeless and heartfelt storytelling.


16. “Lover of the Light” by Mumford and Sons

“Lover of the Light” is a folk-rock song by Mumford & Sons from their album “Babel.” The song has outstanding vocals and tells a touching story that tugs at the heart. Its raw emotion and uplifting message deeply connect with listeners who value its heartfelt and meaningful lyrics.


15. “By and By” by Caamp

“By and By” is a folk-inspired rock song by the band Caamp from their album “By and By.” It was written and performed by Caamp, who are known for their indie folk style. The lyrics narrate a tale of transformation, optimism, and introspection.


14. “Universal Sound” by Tyler Childers

This mix of country, folk, and rock is from Tyler Childers’ album “Purgatory.” The lyrics capture deep emotions, exploring the human experience, personal growth, and the quest for meaning.


13. “Home on the Road” by The Living Street

“Home on the Road” is a folk-pop tune by The Living Street from their album “Leave.” The duo is acclaimed for their soulful vocals and acoustic melodies. The lyrics touch upon themes of seeking a sense of belonging and the pursuit of finding a place to call home.


12. “You Remind Me of West Virginia” by Wyatt Turner

“You Remind Me of West Virginia” is a country-rock song by Wyatt Turner, a fictional character from a songwriting competition. The song has heartfelt lyrics that celebrate the beauty and spirit of West Virginia, set to catchy melodies. Listeners may enjoy the vivid storytelling and the song’s expression of love for the state of West Virginia.


11. “West Virginia Chose Me” by Colleen Anderson

“West Virginia Chose Me” is a country-folk ballad performed by Colleen Anderson. It speaks about the singer’s profound appreciation for the state of West Virginia. Anderson’s soul-stirring singing evokes a sense of admiration for the state’s rich history and natural beauty.


10. “Anywhere With You” by Jake Owen

“Anywhere With You” is a country-pop song sung by Jake Owen in his album “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.” The lyrics express the excitement of being with someone special and wanting to explore the world together. The song’s romantic words and uplifting melody make it popular among fans of Owen’s modern country music.


9. “Leaving West Virginia” by Kathy Mattea

“Leaving West Virginia” is a heartfelt country-folk song by Kathy Mattea in her album “Coal,” Mattea tells the story of coal miners and their families with beautiful vocals and acoustic music, showing their difficulties and strength to endure. The song is a tribute to the rich history of coal mining in West Virginia.


8. “Hills of West Virginia” by Phil Ochs

“Hills of West Virginia” is a folk song by Phil Ochs, found in his album “Phil Ochs in Concert.” Ochs was famous for his folk music that carried political messages. The song vividly describes the beauty and difficulties of the Appalachian region using poetic lyrics. The singer’s unwavering commitment to social justice is evident in the words of this song.


7. “Morning Morgantown” by Joni Mitchell

Fans of folk music and nature lovers will likely connect with the message of “Morning Morgantown.” It is a folk song by Joni Mitchell from her “Ladies of the Canyon” album. Mitchell’s heartfelt lyrics create a sense of nostalgia and longing for a simpler time, celebrating the beauty of nature and small-town life.


6. “Girl From West Virginia” by Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

“Girl From West Virginia” is a lively song by Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver from their album “Help Is On The Way.” The song showcases vocal harmonies and an upbeat rhythm. The traditional bluegrass style of West Virginia’s music is perfectly captured in this piece.


5. “Blue Ridge Mountain Song” by Alan Jackson

“Blue Ridge Mountain Song” is a country song by Alan Jackson from his album “Don’t Rock the Jukebox.” Alan Jackson and Randy Travis wrote the song. It has a traditional country style with lyrics that describe the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


4. “Come Home to West Virginia” by Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

“Come Home to West Virginia” is a jazz-pop song by Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. from his album “Landau.” It features Murphy’s smooth and soulful vocals with jazzy instrumentation. The music expresses his love for his home state of West Virginia.


3. “Wild West Virginia” by Daniel Johnston

“Wild West Virginia” is a folk song by Daniel Johnston from his album “Songs of Pain.” Johnston, known for his heartfelt and raw style, wrote and performed the song. It shares his experiences and emotions through vulnerable lyrics and a simple acoustic arrangement.


2. “West Virginia My Home” by Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard

“West Virginia My Home” is a folk and bluegrass song sung by Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard in their album “Calling Me Home.” The song is a declaration of love for the state of West Virginia, capturing its natural beauty and rich culture through its lyrics. It serves as a tribute to the cherished home of West Virginia, celebrating its unique qualities in an affectionate way.


1. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” is a timeless track by John Denver from his album “Poems, Prayers & Promises.” This folk-pop song features a gentle acoustic guitar and a melody that is easy to remember. It expresses a deep yearning for home and celebrates the beauty of West Virginia.

Whether you have a personal connection to the state or admire its beauty from afar, these songs offer a captivating musical journey that brings the charm and allure of West Virginia to life, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of those who listen.

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