21 Songs about Wind (2023)

Wind and music are connected in several ways. The wind is a very important factor when creating specific musical sounds through instruments such as the trumpet, flute, clarinet, etc. In addition, the wind is frequently used in creating artistic lyricism. For example, songwriters usually use the characteristics of the wind to vividly describe and express effective imagery.

Therefore, the wind is a unique component of music. This is why we have compiled a collection of wind-themed songs for you to enjoy, and here are the 21 best songs about wind:

21. Dust in the Wind — Kansas

Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind” is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of wind-related music. Its lyrics are inspired by a poem line, “For all we are is dust in the wind.” The Point of No Return album features this classic masterpiece that will make us reevaluate our existence. Despite its somber theme of human insignificance, it has been hailed as one of the most beautiful compositions of all time.

20. Wind Beneath My Wings — Bette Midler

The classic song “Wind Beneath My Wing” by Bette Midler won the Grammy for Record of the Year. This delicate tune, originally recorded in 1988 for the movie “Beaches,” is an expression of appreciation for the people who have helped propel her to success. You can’t listen to this masterpiece without getting emotional because it’s just so evocative and full of nostalgia.

19. Wind Song — Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian pianist, played the instrumental piece titled “Wind Song.” It is a great piece to play to help you sleep peacefully at night or if you just want to alleviate stress. Wind Song from his Underwater album is deeply comforting and emotional, so you definitely should add this to your instrumental collection.

18. The Wind — Cat Stevens

A soul-touching song is up next. It is titled “The Wind” and was recorded by Cat Stevens in 1971. This folk track was also featured in the animated movie “Sing.” It is less than two minutes long, but the impact and peace it will have on the listeners may remain with them for the rest of their lives.

17. Master of the Wind — Manowar

The Triumph of Steel is an album by the American metal band Manowar, released in 1992. It features a song about the wind titled “Master of the Wind,” a song about struggles, hopes, and dreams. It has a soft rock style that will speak to your heart as you listen to it. The singing and the instruments are equally impressive and uplifting.

16. Candle in the Wind — Elton John and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Performed by living legend Elton John with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is a folk-pop piece called “Candle in the Wind.” It’s on the album Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. “Candle in the Wind” is a heartwarming song composed by Bernie Taupin as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe’s fleeting life as a fellow musical artist.

15. Wind Of Change — Scorpions

There are few songs as iconic as “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions. Your interest will be piqued right away by the catchy whistling tune. It can be found on the record, Crazy World. Along with its memorable melody, the song’s lyrics artistically and poetically portray unity and change. Those who came into the world after the album’s release in 1990 can probably hum along with this masterpiece.

14. Hurricane — Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan performed a magnificent masterpiece titled “Hurricane” for his Desire album. This classic rock song by Bob Dylan showcases his versatility as a musician. Although it was recorded in 1976, the lyrics are still timely, so anyone can relate. Hurricane’s arrangement will make you drop everything you’re doing and just listen to it.

13. Summer Breeze — Seals & Crofts

Seals & Crofts is a duo known for their soft rock songs. One of those tracks is “Summer Breeze” released in 1972. The ambiance of this piece is exemplified by its name, as it conveys a feeling similar to that of a warm summer breeze. Its tranquil melody and comforting selection of words will make you forget all your worries.

12. Easy Wind — Grateful Dead

The groovy folk song “Easy Wind” was first released by the Grateful Dead in 1970 on their album, Workingman’s Dead. Both the melody and the backing track have a bluesy-rock flavor that’s easy on the ears and very pleasant to listen to. The lyrics were derived from the perspective of a laborer building a highway.

11. Watch The Wind Blow By — Tim McGraw

Another country artist is here to soothe the atmosphere: Tim McGraw with his song “Watch the Wind Blow By.” It’s a romantic song about just enjoying a slow day and watching the wind blow beside his loved one. You will feel as if you are also lying down under a tree, feeling the autumn breeze. Playing this song from Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors’ album is a surefire way to calm your nerves and clear your head.

10. Riders on the Storm — The Doors and Zuma Dionys

Listening to “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors and Zuma Dionys will put you right in the eye of the storm. The use of thunder effects lends a foreboding atmosphere to this psychedelic rock composition. It’s an amazing song full of poetic imagery and symbolism, and it’s on an album called Riders on the Storm (Zuma Dionys edit).

9. Walk the Way the Wind Blows — Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea’s third studio album, Walk the Way the Wind Blows, is a collection of country music. The album’s title track is about dealing with heartbreak. You will undoubtedly cry while listening to this song’s sentimental lyrics, which were written by Tim O’Brien. The song was nominated for a Country Music Association Award for Single of the Year in part because of Kathy’s stunning vocal clarity and tone.

8. Four Strong Winds — Neil Young

The rich sounds of a variety of instruments herald the start of Neil Young’s “Four Strong Winds.” His performance is so passionate that it makes the audience feel every word. This country-folk song is part of his album titled Comes a Time and was written by another legend, Ian Tyson. The melody, the vocals, and the lyrics of this masterpiece will go straight to your heart.

7. Cold Wind Blows — Eminem

Eminem will heat up the game with his rap song “Cold Wind Blows.” He describes himself as cold as a cold wind that isn’t affected by his haters. The curses in this song give more power and stress to his incredible wordplay. You will definitely feel how pissed off he is as he spits the lines. This song came from his album, Recovery, which will let listeners vent out while listening to his enjoyable track.

6. Winter Winds — Mumford & Sons

In the folk song by Mumford & Sons, the winter winds serve as a metaphor to describe the protagonist’s feelings of isolation in relation to the woman he is with. The track is called “Winter Winds” and is from their Sigh No More album. It is a well-written song that will make its listeners feel a certain kind of gloom.

5. Must Have Been The Wind — Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin recorded “Must Have Been the Wind” for his 2020 album, These Two Windows. His voice gives such emotional depth to this pop song. You’ll be moved to tears by the story of a neighbor he is trying to help, who is in denial about the domestic abuse she is experiencing and makes excuses like “It must have been the wind.”

4. Summer Wind — Frank Sinatra

Among Frank Sinatra’s more than 1,200 recorded works is the song “Summer Wind.” This appealing song, which compares the passing of the seasons to that of a love affair, is tinged with melancholy. In 1966, he recorded “Summer Wind” for the album Strangers in the Night; it is a pop song with a jazzy twist.

3. Wild Is the Wind — David Bowie

David Bowie will serenade you with his smooth vocals heard in his song “Wild is the Wind.” It is a soft pop-rock song that describes being in love and losing control. This lovely classic from his 1976 album, Station to Station, sounds like the rustling leaves that will calm your very soul.

2. Colors of the Wind — Judy Kuhn

The Academy Award for Best Music (Original Song) was given to Judy Kuhn for her well-known song “Colors of the Wind.” This mesmerizing ballad was first presented to the public in 1995 as the soundtrack to the Disney animated film “Pocahontas.” The incredible theatrical voice that Judy Kuhn possesses is showcased in the song “Colors of the Wind,” which will indeed paint bright colors to your day.

1. Hurricane — Luke Combs

A country song by Luke Combs tops our list of favorite songs about the wind. “Hurricane” is the name of the song from the album This One’s for You. The song’s sweeping melody and heartfelt lyrics will quickly win you over. Luke Combs sings about how, when she walked in, her hair blowing in the wind, he couldn’t help but fall in love. Aside from being a beautiful song to listen to, it was also nominated for the iHeartRadio Music Award for Country Song of the Year because of how good it is.

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