21 Songs About Winning (2023)

In this world full of challenges, you do not only need intelligence or smartness to win. Whatever battle you are fighting right now, please know that you are not alone in that road you are traversing. There are a lot of people who have already been there or who are even there traveling with you right now.

These songs about winning in our list are proof that you are not alone in the journey of life. 

21. Winning – Santana

Winning is one of the tracks in the Zebop Album of the American Rock band Santana released on April 29, 1981. The song narrates the bad situations that the persona in the song had experienced, but then fate had turned and ‘lady luck’ arrived. This only proves that there is always hope in life.

20. Lose Yourself – Eminem

Lose Yourself is a single released on October 28, 2002.  Written by American Rapper Eminem, himself, Lose Yourself is a song about the struggles of B-Rabbit (Eminem’s character) in the movie 8 Mile. Do you know that Eminem wrote this song during breaks while they were shooting the movie? Such a talent!

19. Hall of Fame – The Script

Hall of Fame is a very encouraging song from Irish rock band, The Script. This is included in their #3 Album released in Ireland on September 7, 2012; in the UK on September 10, 2012; and in the US on October 9, 2012. The song tells us that we can be somebody whoever we are, whatever field we are in, as long as we do our best in what we do.  

18. You’re the Best – Joe Esposito

From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album of Karate Kid released in 1984, You’re the Best is another song that will awaken the fighter in you. This song was performed by American singer-songwriter Joe Esposito, composed by Bill Conti (music) and Alee Willis (lyrics). “Fight till the end, Cause your life will depend on the strength that you have inside you…”

17. Gonna Fly Now – Bill Conti

Here’s another song from a motion picture–known as Theme from Rocky. Gonna Fly Now is from the movie Rocky (1976) performed by Bill Conti. The lyrics are very short but for those who were able to watch the movie, the melody itself is already enough to motivate. This song is also being used during boxing games.  

16. Paths of Victory – Bob Dylan

From American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, Paths of Victory is a country song that talks about reaching your goals as long as you keep going. The song uses a metaphor of rough and bumpy road as a challenge in our journey of life. Sources say that this song was written and recorded by Dylan in 1963 but was only officially released in 1991. 

15. Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

“I get knocked down. But I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down” This song by Chumbawamba will inspire you to keep getting up whenever life knocks you down. This song was released in 1997 under the Tubthumper Album of Chumbawamba and was nominated as Best British Single at the 1998 Brit Awards.. 

14. U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer

This song talks about how a small town boy became a big hit in the music and dance industry. Stanley Kirk Burrell, American rapper, known as MC Hammer became popular in the 80’s and 90’s for his funky music and signature dance moves. Can’t Touch This is one of his songs that will make you kick and move.

13. Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

This song is full of grit. You cannot stop Alicia Keys from reaching what she wants. Girl on Fire is the carrier single of her album, Girl on Fire. The song was released on September 4, 2012, while the album was released on November 22, 2012. Alicia Keys is an American singer, song writer and a classically trained pianist.  

12. One Moment in Time – Whitney Houston

This song is from a woman named ‘The Voice’, Whitney Houston–American singer-actress. This song is personally connected with Whitney because it recounts her experiences of pain and heart-brokenness. This is about grabbing an opportunity and doing your best to prove that you can be the best.

11. All Star – Smash Mouth

All Star is a hit by the California band Smash Mouth in their album Astro Lounge released in 1999. This song is about a person who is always looked down upon by others, so he would always live by the rules. But he believed in himself and was able to break free and enjoy life. This song was featured in some movies, including Shrek. 

10. Best Day of My Life – American Authors

Best Day of My Life was featured in the 2013 Ben Stiller movie  Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This song is included in the Oh, What a Life Album of American rock band American Authors. Best Day of My Life is just so full of positivity, even the melody of the song is easy to listen to, makes me wanna dance.

9. On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

On Top of the World is the fourth track in the debut album (Night Visions, released on September 4, 2012) of American pop rock band Imagine Dragons. This song is about reaching one’s dreams. The persona says to conquer even the deepest oceans or the highest mountains, whatever it takes. 

8. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now was written by Diane Warren and Albert Hammond and performed by American rock band Starship for their second studio album No Protection released in 1987. This song is about having someone who can be your partner in reaching your dreams, someone who will fight for and with you whatever the world may say.

7. I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

I Got a Feeling is a dance pop hit by the Black Eyed Peas in their album The E.N.D. released in 2009 and produced by David Guetta. This song by the Black Eyed Peas talks about conquering the night. The band describes it as a college anthem for people looking forward to escape life’s pressure by going out and having a ball.

6. Celebration – Kool and the Gang

Winning is something that we celebrate. Celebration is the first single from the twelfth studio album of Kool and the Gang with the same title as the song. It is about getting together, partying and being happy for the good times. This song is the first and the only song of Kool and the Gang that reached number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 

5. Good Feeling – Flo Rida

This song by American rapper-songwriter Flo Rida was featured in the EMI Records’ Absolute Hits (5) Album released in 2011. This song’s lyrics and melody will really give you a good feeling when you hear it. Did you know that the real name of Flo Rida is Tramar Lacel Dillard?

4. Roar – Katy Perry

Roar is a song from the fourth studio album of American singer, songwriter and television personality Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, popularly known as Katy Perry. This song symbolizes the persona being like the tiger–a fighter and the lion, the king of the jungle. It is about fighting even if you are being pushed down by others.

3. The Champion – Carrie Underwood

From the album, Cry Pretty, of American singer Carrie Underwood, The Champion is a very empowering song. It was originally written for the Super Bowl by Carrie Underwood, Brett James and Chris DeStefano where they only meant to highlight the greatness of the athletes, but later on included the lives of ordinary people. It also features American rapper, actor and record executive Ludacris. 

2. The Winner Takes It All – Abba

This song is a dance hit by the Swedish pop group ABBA. It sounds like a happy song which you might wanna dance with, but the winner that is being referred to in the song is the one who is not (most) affected in a lovers’ break up. This song is included in their Super Trouper Album.

1. We are the Champions – Queen

From the sixth album of the British rock band Queen, titled News of the World in 1977, this song reveals the fierce attitude of a winner. It is also often used in competitions, especially sports competition–it was the theme song of the 1994 World Cup. Champions indeed keep fighting ‘til the end.

I hope these songs awakened the champion in you. Keep fighting; you are invincible! 

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