Norah Jones “Come Away with Me” Lyrics Meaning

“Come Away with Me” is a song by American singer-songwriter Norah Jones, released in 2002. The song has been widely praised for its simple yet evocative lyrics, which invite listeners to embark on a journey of love and escape.

In this article, we will analyze the meaning behind the lyrics of “Come Away with Me,” exploring the themes of love, intimacy, and escapism throughout the song.

Lyrics Interpretation

Before we delve into the story behind this song, let’s take a closer look at each verse of the lyrics.

Verse 1

“Come away with me in the night

Come away with me

And I will write you a song”

In the opening lines, the singer invites her lover to join her on a nighttime escape. The invitation is tender and intimate, with the promise of a song as a means to express her love. The nighttime setting creates a sense of mystery and allure, reflecting the deep connection between the two lovers.

Verse 2

“Come away with me on a bus

Come away where they can’t tempt us

With their lies”

Here, the singer proposes a journey on a bus, suggesting a spontaneous, carefree adventure. The mention of escaping “their lies” implies that the world around them is full of deceit and dishonesty, and that by leaving it behind, the couple can find solace in each other’s company.


“And I want to walk with you

On a cloudy day

In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high

So won’t you try to come”

In the chorus, the singer envisions a peaceful, romantic walk with her lover on a cloudy day. The imagery of yellow grass growing knee-high suggests a sense of comfort and security in the natural world. The phrase “won’t you try to come” emphasizes the importance of the invitation, as the singer is genuinely asking her partner to join her on this journey.

Verse 3

“Come away with me and we’ll kiss

On a mountaintop

Come away with me

And I’ll never stop loving you”

The singer continues her invitation, this time envisioning a mountaintop where they can share a passionate kiss. This image further enhances the romantic escapism theme, as the mountaintop represents a place where they can be alone, free from the distractions and challenges of everyday life. The promise to “never stop loving you” conveys the depth and sincerity of the singer’s feelings.

Verse 4

“And I want to wake up with the rain

Falling on a tin roof

While I’m safe there in your arms

So all I ask is for you

To come away with me in the night

Come away with me”

In the final verse, the singer dreams of waking up to the sound of rain falling on a tin roof while being held safely in her lover’s arms. The rain’s soothing sound and the warmth of her partner’s embrace create a sense of comfort and belonging. The song concludes with a repetition of the opening invitation, emphasizing the importance of the journey they will embark upon together.

True Meaning Behind “Come Away with Me”

The title track of Norah Jones’ debut album “Come Away with Me” is a love song that captures the essence of a romantic escape, where the only thing that matters is the connection between two souls. Released in 2002 when she was just 22, Jones’ enchanting voice paints a picture of a world where love transcends the chaos of everyday life.

At the time, Jones was dating her bass player, Lee Alexander, and their relationship could have been an inspiration for the heartfelt lyrics. The album, produced by the legendary Arif Mardin, was released on the jazz label Blue Note Records.

Although Jones had the final say on the tracklist, she chose to leave off several songs she had written herself, instead opting for the compositions of her collaborators. Among them was her guitarist, Jesse Harris, who contributed five songs to the album, including the lead single “Don’t Know Why.”

The music video for “Come Away with Me” was directed by James Frost, known for his work on Radiohead’s “House of Cards” and Coldplay’s “Yellow.” It features Jones driving what appears to be the 1971 Cadillac DeVille that held a special place in her heart. This indestructible car, purchased by Jones’ mother, became an important part of her life while she lived in Texas and needed to commute for work.

As fate would have it, the Cadillac would play a crucial role in shaping Jones’ musical journey. While she was a student at the University of North Texas, she lent the car to a friend to transport a band visiting from New York City.

This encounter led to a lasting connection with Jesse Harris, who later became one of her key collaborators when she moved to New York to pursue her music career. The car eventually found a new home with one of the other musicians from that fateful Texas trip, symbolizing both her roots and the journey that brought her to the world stage.


The song “Come Away with Me” mirrors the story of Jones’ life, reflecting a sense of adventure, love, and the importance of cherishing the connections that shape our lives. It’s a testament to the power of music to capture our hearts and transport us to a world of serenity and love, just like the Cadillac DeVille that carried Jones and her dreams from Texas to New York City.

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