Simon and Garfunkel “Homeward Bound” Lyrics Meaning [Explained]

Ah, “Homeward Bound.” A classic Simon & Garfunkel track that screams nostalgia. As we dive into the meaning behind this tune, we’ll discover it’s so much more than just longing for your own bed and your pet cat.

Lyrics Interpretation

Before we delve into the story behind this song, let’s take a closer look at each verse of the lyrics.

Verse 1: The Nomadic Artist’s Desolation

“I’m sittin’ in the railway station

Got a ticket to my destination

On a tour of one-night stands

My suitcase and guitar in hand

And every stop is neatly planned

For a poet and a one-man band”

The opening verse sets the scene for a wanderlust-driven artist, equipped with his guitar and suitcase, symbolizing the life of a touring musician. However, the carefully arranged stops and continual one-night stands seem less a celebration of adventure but more a manifestation of a nomadic existence. The imagery of a ‘one-man band’ evokes a sense of solitude, further underlining the desolation attached to this lifestyle.

Chorus: The Longing for Home

“Homeward bound

I wish I was

Homeward bound

Home where my thought’s escapin’

Home where my music’s playin’

Home where my love lies waitin’

Silently for me”

The recurring chorus encapsulates the song’s central theme – the yearning for home. The idea of ‘home’ appears not merely as a physical space but also an emotional sanctuary. It’s where his thoughts find freedom, his music resonates, and his love awaits him. This poignant expression of longing suggests an inner conflict between his chosen path and his desire to return home.

Verse 2: The Monotony of Tour Life

“Every day’s an endless stream

Of cigarettes and magazines

And each town looks the same to me

The movies and the factories

And every stranger’s face I see

Reminds me that I long to be”

Here, the tedious routine of tour life is laid bare. The endless cycle of cigarettes and magazines, the unvarying towns, and the indistinguishable faces of strangers depict a sense of ennui. Despite the seemingly glamorous life on the road, the protagonist feels a deep, unfulfilled desire for familiarity and belonging – a stark contrast to the mundane reality he currently endures.

Verse 3: Seeking Solace in Artistry

“Tonight I’ll sing my songs again

I’ll play the game and pretend

But all my words come back to me

In shades of mediocrity

Like emptiness in harmony

I need someone to comfort me”

In the final verse, the artist finds himself bound to the stage once more, singing the same songs, and feigning enthusiasm. The harsh self-criticism (‘shades of mediocrity’ and ’emptiness in harmony’) reflects his disillusionment with his own art due to his loneliness. This need for comfort, presumably found in his distant home, further amplifies his yearning.

True Meaning Behind “Homeward Bound”

From Simon’s own words, the song is like a snapshot of a particular time and place – Liverpool at 22. Now, Liverpool might seem an odd spot for an American folk duo, but remember this was the swinging 60s, the era of the British Invasion. Simon was travelling, and he found himself penning this tune. Though he’s not a huge fan of the song, he appreciates its sweet-natured vibe. It wasn’t about anger or unhappiness, but a reflection of what he described as an almost idyllic time in his life.

“Homeward Bound” followed on the heels of their first hit, “The Sound of Silence,” a surprise chart-topper that brought the duo back together. In the crazy whirlwind that followed, you can imagine how this tune was born. They were suddenly thrust into the hectic life of touring musicians, bouncing from city to city, always on the move.

Now, some folks reckon that this song is all about homesickness, the weariness of living out of a suitcase, and the desire to be back home with loved ones. And sure, there’s definitely a layer of that in there. But to be honest, I think it dives deeper.

The song isn’t just about missing mom’s home-cooked meals or a favorite armchair. It’s about yearning for a time and a place that’s passed, an escape from the solitude and loneliness that can creep in when you’re constantly on the road. It’s a feeling that we all get from time to time. You know, that longing for a simpler time when things seemed better, brighter, happier.

We all know that we can’t really go back. The past is the past, and it never comes back quite how we remember it. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting it, as irrational as that might seem.


“Homeward Bound” beautifully captures that universal human experience. It’s not just a road-weary musician’s longing for the comfort of home. It’s a shared nostalgia, a longing for something that’s out of reach, and yet remains a part of us. That’s what makes this song so timeless and relatable, even if you’ve never strummed a guitar or hopped on a tour bus.

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