Meaning of “By Your Side” by Rod Wave (Explained)

If you’re a fan of Rod Wave, you may have noticed that his latest single, “By Your Side,” is a bit more upbeat than some of his other songs. Unlike his usual themes of depression and past struggles, this track is all about his come-up story. It reads like a rags-to-riches memoir, with lyrics that highlight his journey to success.

However, the interesting twist in this song is that Rod implies that his success is not just from the music industry, but also from his past as a street runner. Growing up, he fell in love with guns and hustling, which seems to have been passed down from his gangster father. It’s possible that he’s still involved in that lifestyle today or maybe this is just his way of representing the street life in the studio.

Of course, hip-hop is a genre that values authenticity, but also loves a good story. So, it’s possible that Rod is embellishing his street past for effect. Either way, the song is a testament to his resilience and determination to succeed. And with its catchy beat and uplifting message, it’s a great addition to his catalog.

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Behind the Title: Rod Wave’s ‘By Your Side’

Well, did you know that the title was actually sampled from another track? Yeah, you can find that little tidbit at the bottom of this post. But don’t worry if you’re not sure what the title means in the context of the song. It’s actually just a cool element that the composers added for effect.

Now, if you listen closely, you’ll notice that both the verse and chorus hint at Rod being on the move, probably touring or something like that. So, in a way, the title can be interpreted as saying that even though he’s not physically there, his music still puts him “by the side” of his listeners – the fans who feel his presence through his music.

Pretty cool, right? It just goes to show how a small detail like a title can add a whole other layer of meaning to a song.

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