Meaning of “Fallen Fruit” by Lorde (Explained)

If you’re wondering what Lorde’s song “Fallen Fruit” is about, it’s best to hear it straight from the artist herself. Lorde explains the song’s narrative in two ways. In one explanation, the narrator describes an escape to a safe place in the future, when our world has become uninhabitable due to climate change. In the other, Lorde speaks to her parent’s generation, questioning their careless consumption of natural resources and their role in causing climate change.

Regardless of which explanation you go with, the song’s main focus is on climate change and global warming. The environment is messed up, and we need to take action. It’s important to keep this in mind because the lyrics themselves don’t necessarily make it clear what the song is about.

Even with this information, it can still be challenging to connect the song’s wording to the concept of climate change. However, the “fallen fruit” in the song’s title is a clear symbol of the detrimental changes that have occurred in our environment in recent history.

In summary, Lorde’s “Fallen Fruit” is a powerful message about the urgent need to address climate change and its effects on our world.

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Lorde’s “Fallen Fruit” – An Eco-Friendly Addition to the Solar Power Album

Lorde’s “Fallen Fruit” was added to her Solar Power album playlist on August 20, 2021. This album title was obviously influenced by environmental concerns, but interestingly, we haven’t come across any other songs in the album based on this topic yet – at least not in the half we’ve covered so far.

However, Lorde made a conscious effort to package the album in a more eco-friendly way compared to the industry norm, which is pretty cool!

Lorde began writing “Fallen Fruit” on a plane to Los Angeles to meet Jack Antonoff, one of the top behind-the-scenes guys in the music industry. Antonoff worked on the entire Solar Power album and is credited as a writer of this song alongside the vocalist. They both produced the track as well.

“Fallen Fruit” is brought to us by Republic and Lava labels, and Lorde performed it live for the first time at SummerStage festival in New York City’s Central Park on August 21, 2021. Have you listened to this eco-friendly addition to the Solar Power album yet?


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