Polo G “RAPSTAR” Meaning (Explained)

“RAPSTAR” by Polo G is a raw and insightful representation of the struggles and experiences that come with fame and success. With compelling lyrics and emotional depth, the song is a powerful exposition of the artist’s life.

Lyrics Interpretation

Before we delve into the story behind this song, let’s take a closer look at each verse of the lyrics.

Chorus and Verse 1: The Sweet and Bitter Sides of Success

In the chorus, Polo G portrays his successful lifestyle, marked by wealth and fame, symbolized by the ‘BMW’ and ‘new deposit’. He’s making ‘two thousand a minute’, living in a world filled with the sounds of ‘planes flyin’, ‘crowds screamin’, ‘money counters’, and ‘chains clangin’. But despite the upbeat tone, the artist reveals a darker side of his experience, saying, ‘I’m probably gon’ drown when I’m in it’ – suggesting the potential for his success to overwhelm him.

In the first verse, Polo G conveys his emotional detachment and his struggle with intimacy. After each encounter, the women in his life ‘can’t get near’ him. The only ‘bitch’ he allows to converse with him is ‘Siri’, indicating his tendency to isolate himself from genuine human connections.

Second Verse: The Unseen Battle

The second verse delves further into Polo G’s inner struggles. While he presents a cheerful facade in public, privately, he battles loneliness and pain, admitting that when alone, his ‘eyes [are] teary.’ He reveals that he has been ‘gettin’ high to hide behind my insecurities,’ illustrating his reliance on substances as a means to cope with his fears and anxieties.

Third Verse: The Search for Authenticity Amidst Chaos

In the third verse, Polo G’s lyrics carry an intense longing for authenticity and realness amidst the chaos. He describes his relentless grind and loyalty to the streets, despite the violence it brings – ‘Homicides when we lurk,’ and ‘white tees turned burgundy T-shirts.’ His lyrics reveal a deep sense of anxiety and an intense desire to escape – ‘Anxiety killin’ me, I just wanna leave Earth.’

Despite his despair, Polo G continues to fight through his hardships, ‘Put that on every war scar, for every battle I fought.’ This potent line encapsulates his resilience and determination, underlining the strength it takes to persevere through life’s battles.

Refrain: A Paradox of Winning

Each verse is followed by a repetition of the chorus. This refrain serves to juxtapose Polo G’s exterior success and the inner turmoil he’s grappling with, creating a stark contrast. He is ‘winning’ in the material sense, yet internally, he feels as though he’s drowning. It illustrates the paradoxical nature of his reality as a ‘RAPSTAR.’

True Meaning Behind “RAPSTAR”

Polo G’s new single, “RAPSTAR,” is a trap track that gives us a glimpse into his life and success in hip-hop. This rapper’s not just blowing smoke – he’s been smashing it with his previous albums, ‘Die a Legend’ and ‘The Goat’, and now he’s got his sights set on his third album, ‘Hall of Fame.’ But “RAPSTAR” isn’t just about celebrating success – it’s about getting real about what it’s like to live in the limelight.

First off, the dude loves his BMWs, I mean who wouldn’t? When you’re making “two thousand a minute,” buying a sweet new ride is no biggie. And let’s be real – that kind of cash doesn’t just fall from the sky. Polo G’s been working hard, dropping tracks that hit #2 in the US and even breaking into the UK scene. His songs, along with his brand deals, are raking in the dough.

But Polo G’s not just about the glitz and glam. He’s not afraid to get real about the downsides of fame. He talks about how exhausting it can be to constantly be in the public eye – people constantly wanting pictures, autographs, a piece of his time. When he gets home, he’s alone with his thoughts, and sometimes they’re not pretty. He confesses that he uses drugs to keep his insecurities and anxieties at bay. It’s a raw, honest look at the struggles that can come with success.

Now, let’s talk about the Tupac comparisons. People have been saying Polo G is like a reincarnation of Tupac – that’s some seriously high praise. Tupac is one of the all-time greats of the rap game, so being put on that level is a pretty big deal. Polo G seems to take it in stride, though, stating that he’s “never put out a weak verse.”

And it’s not just about the music – Polo G is also emulating Tupac’s iconic style, posting pics of himself sporting a white headband, a classic Tupac look. But, there’s a darker side to the comparison, too. In “RAPSTAR,” Polo G hints at the possibility of betrayal from those close to him, mirroring the conspiracy theories around Tupac’s tragic shooting.


In “RAPSTAR,” Polo G opens a window into the complex world of fame and success, shedding light on the unseen battles and the relentless pursuit of authenticity.

Through his lyrics, he paints a compelling picture of the paradoxical experience of achieving the dream and dealing with its darker side, ultimately revealing that the journey of a rap star is far from being just about the glitz and glam. Rather, it is an ongoing struggle between public perceptions of success and the private battles waged within the depths of one’s soul.

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