Meaning of “Street Runner” by Rod Wave (Explained)

Rod Wave is a man on a mission. He’s all about making power moves and hustling hard to achieve success. He takes his business very seriously, always striving to avoid failure. It’s in his genes to hustle, but that also means he has to be on guard against the haters who lurk on the block. That’s why he keeps his firearm close and watches his back constantly.

Rod is always on the go, hitting the road to pursue his dreams. He’s from Florida, but he’s even looking to buy real estate in Michigan. He’s not doing all of this just for fun though. He’s scared of going back to being poor, so he’s always chasing the money. It’s the only thing on his mind.

But this lifestyle is tough, and Rod’s not the only one who’s suffering. This song is actually an apology to his girlfriend, who he’s been neglecting due to his relentless grind. He knows his absence is causing problems in their relationship, and it’s clear that he loves her deeply.

Despite all the challenges he faces, Rod Wave is determined to make it. He’s a street runner, and he won’t let anything stand in the way of his success.

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Final Thoughts

This song seems like a love song, don’t you think? After all, the outro gives us a pretty good indication of what’s going on. Wave misses his shorty, but he can’t just run back to her at the moment. Instead, he wants her to know that she’s on his mind, and he’s taking her feelings into account.

It’s also interesting to note that even when she gets upset with him, Rod doesn’t fight back. He gets where she’s coming from and doesn’t try to argue with her. Based on the intro, it seems like he’s already realized that trying to maintain this relationship might not be the best thing for him financially, but he’s still committed to doing what he can to keep it going.

All in all, it’s clear that this is a love song with a message of dedication and understanding. What do you think?

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