“My Universe” Lyrics Meaning – Coldplay & BTS Song

The collaboration between British rock band Coldplay and South Korean superstars BTS on “My Universe” has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Released on September 24, 2021, as the second official single from Coldplay’s ninth studio album “Music of the Spheres,” the song debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The lyrics of this song are a beautiful testament to the power of love that transcends boundaries, time, and space. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the meaning behind the lyrics of this uplifting track.

Lyrics Interpretation

Before we delve into the story behind this song, let’s take a closer look at each verse of the lyrics.

Verse 1

In the night, I lie and look up at you

When the morning comes, I watch you rise

There’s a paradise they couldn’t capture

That bright infinity inside your eyes

The first verse sets the scene for the cosmic love story that unfolds throughout the song. The lyrics describe the feeling of longing and admiration that the singer has for their beloved.

The “paradise they couldn’t capture” suggests that their love is unique and indescribable, with a hidden depth that others cannot fathom or replicate. This notion is further emphasized by the “bright infinity inside your eyes,” which evokes the concept of eternal, boundless love.


I fly to you every night

Forgetting that it’s just a dream

I meet you with a smile

Never-ending forever, baby

In this pre-chorus, the singer describes the dream-like nature of their love. They “fly” to their beloved every night, as if drawn to them by an irresistible force. Even though it’s only a dream, the singer’s love remains steadfast and constant, never-ending and everlasting. The use of the word “baby” in the last line adds an element of intimacy and tenderness to the lyrics.


You (you), you are (you are) my universe

And I (I), just want (just want) to put you first (to put you first)

And you (you), you are (you are) my universe

And you make my world light up inside

The chorus is a declaration of love, with the singer proclaiming their beloved as their “universe.” This metaphor emphasizes the importance and significance of their love in the singer’s life.

By stating that they “just want to put you first,” the singer expresses their devotion and prioritization of their loved one above all else. The final line, “you make my world light up inside,” conveys the happiness and fulfillment that the singer derives from their love.

Verse 2

Darkness used to be more comfortable for me

In the long shadow (eyes)

And they said that we can’t be together

Because, because we come from different sides

This verse delves into the obstacles that the couple faces in their love story. The singer acknowledges their previous comfort in darkness and isolation, but their relationship with their beloved has changed this perception. The mention of “long shadow” may symbolize the challenges they’ve faced.

The last two lines reveal external forces trying to keep them apart due to their differences. Despite these adversities, the couple’s love remains strong and unwavering.


What brightens me up

Is the star embroidered with love called you

You in my universe

Make another world for me

You are my star and my universe

After all, this hardship is just brief

Always shine bright as you are now

We will follow you through this long night

The bridge serves as an affirmation of the singer’s love and dedication. The beloved is compared to a “star embroidered with love,” a celestial body that illuminates their life. The singer goes on to acknowledge the hardships they face but believes that these struggles are temporary.

They encourage their loved one to continue shining brightly, promising to stand by their side through the “long night” of adversity. This section of the song reinforces the idea that love can endure even the most challenging circumstances.


I fly with you

When I’m without you I’m crazy

Hold my hand

We are made of each other, baby

The outro reiterates the theme of togetherness and devotion. The singer emphasizes the profound connection they share with their beloved, stating that they are “made of each other.” The plea to “hold my hand” conveys the desire for physical and emotional closeness, highlighting the deep bond between the two.

True Meaning Behind “My Universe”

The lyrics of “My Universe” delve into the theme of love that transcends boundaries and differences, encouraging listeners to choose love in the face of adversity.

Lines such as “And they said that we can’t be together because, because we come from different sides” acknowledge the challenges that can arise when people from different backgrounds or circumstances fall in love.

However, the chorus triumphantly dismisses these doubts, with the singers proclaiming, “You, you are my universe, and I just want to put you first.”

“My Universe” was co-written by both bands alongside renowned Swedish producer Max Martin, and its lyrics are sung in both English and Korean.

This multilingual approach underscores the song’s message of unity and love that transcends barriers, while also reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the artists involved.

Musical Styles

“My Universe” features a moderately fast tempo of 105 beats per minute and is set to a 4/4 common time signature. This upbeat rhythm drives the song forward and sets the stage for a dynamic, engaging listening experience. The track is written in the key of E major, and the BTS vocal range spans from the note F♯3 to the note B5, highlighting their versatility and impressive vocal abilities.

The song expertly fuses the distinctive sounds of Coldplay and BTS, incorporating elements of synth-rock and dance-pop, as well as a touch of EDM. This fusion of styles creates a fresh and exciting auditory experience that showcases the unique talents and influences of both groups.

The outro of “My Universe” is particularly noteworthy for its bold electro-dance vibe. Coldplay introduces this powerful, pulsating energy that elevates the track to new heights, adding an unexpected yet captivating twist to the song. This burst of electro-dance flavor enhances the overall impact of the song and leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

Music Video

The music video for “My Universe” was directed by Dave Meyers and released on September 30, 2021. The video takes place in the Spheres planetary system, where music has been banned by the “Silencers”. The Silencers were first introduced in Coldplay’s 2011 album, “Mylo Xyloto”.

The video features Coldplay, BTS, and the fictional alien band Supernova 7 performing “My Universe” together. Despite being located on different planets, the three groups are united as holograms through “HOLOBAND” technology controlled by alien DJ Lafrique. The performance is broadcasted throughout the system from her radio ship while being hunted by the Silencers.

Coldplay filmed their portion of the video at an empty, abandoned municipal swimming pool complex in Rubí, Barcelona, in July 2021. Meanwhile, BTS shot their scenes on a green-screen stage at a studio in Seoul, South Korea, two weeks after the Barcelona shoot. The use of green screens allowed for cool visual effects and to unite the scenes from both groups.

The music video isn’t the only thing the bands released together. On September 24, 2021, they also released a space-themed lyric video featuring animated handwritten lyrics from both bands in English and Korean. Additional visualizers for the instrumental and three remix versions of the track were published in the following days.


Coldplay and BTS’s “My Universe” is a testament to the power of collaboration and the universality of love. The track masterfully combines the musical styles of both groups, resulting in a vibrant, dynamic fusion of synth-rock, dance-pop, and EDM.

Its heartfelt lyrics address the challenges of love across boundaries, ultimately celebrating the strength and resilience of love in the face of adversity. With its compelling message and innovative musicality, “My Universe” serves as a reminder that love knows no bounds and has the power to bring people together, regardless of their differences.

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