21 Songs About Keys (2023)

Songs About Keys

Songs about keys often revolve around the symbolic or literal meanings associated with keys. They unlock a world of musical exploration, unlock forbidden doors, captivate our imagination, and resonate with …

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21 Songs About Mystery (2023)

Songs About Mystery

Life is undoubtedly a mystery that we must solve, like a puzzle. Because of this, a ton of songs with a distinct sense of mystery have been created over the …

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5 Songs About Buttons (2023)

Songs About Buttons

Buttons have been an essential part of our lives for centuries, from the ornate buttons that adorned the clothing of royalty to the humble buttons that hold our coats together. …

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21 Songs About the Color Orange (2023)

Songs About the Color Orange

There is a countless variety of things that can be associated with orange and this vibrant color also correlates to a lot of emotions like desire, passion, hope, and nostalgia. …

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21 Songs About Hollywood (2023)

Songs About Hollywood

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when the word ‘Hollywood’ is mentioned? For sure, you will be thinking of prestige, elegance, wealth, and fancy life. You’re not …

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21 Songs about Romeo and Juliet (2023)

Songs about Romeo and Juliet

Fight for your love. Against all odds. Till death do us part. These are just some of the universal messages of Romeo and Juliet love affair. Their love cannot be …

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21 Songs About the Color Blue (2023)

Songs About the Color Blue

Commonly, the metaphorical meaning of the color blue pertains to sorrow. Songs with “blue” in their title or lyrics are oftentimes associated with feeling sad. However, blue songs aren’t all …

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21 Songs About Corvettes (2023)

Songs About Corvettes

Picture yourself feeling the breeze while driving a Corvette and listening to your favorite playlist – sounds like a dream, right? Well, for some people, the luxury that is attached …

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21 Songs About Ghosts (2023)

Songs About Ghosts

No book can fully explain to you the fears, ambiguities, questions, and mysteries that the concept of “ghosts” carries. Perhaps, that is the reason why our curiosity is easily aroused …

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