21 Songs About Being Selfish (2023)

Songs About Being Selfish

Selfishness and greed are believed to be the top reasons why living in this world is hard, as most people only care about things that are beneficial for them. However, …

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21 Songs About Insanity and Madness (2023)

Songs About Insanity and Madness

Songs about insanity and madness explore the themes of mental health, psychological distress, and the inner workings of the human mind. These songs often delve into the chaotic, irrational, and …

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21 Songs About Surrender (2023)

Songs About Surrender

Surrender, a profound decision that embraces various facets of human existence, delves into the realm of releasing control in order to embark on a journey of healing or attain something …

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21 Songs About Fighting (2023)

Songs About Fighting

Songs about fighting are a way for musicians to express emotions related to struggles in life, including conflicts, wars, and unfairness. However, not all fighting songs are good. Some can …

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21 Songs About Forgetting (2023)

Songs About Forgetting

Music and memory have a powerful correlation. Listening to songs is believed to be a great way to foster memory retention and combat memory loss. Over the years, a lot …

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21 Songs About Miracles (2023)

Songs About Miracles

What are your thoughts on miracles? There are those who believe that what we term a “miracle” is actually just an example of a natural phenomenon or a stroke of …

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21 Songs About Insomnia (2023)

Songs About Insomnia

Do you remember a time when you couldn’t sleep? The human brain is said to be at its most productive at night. As a result, people have a hard time …

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21 Songs About Waiting (2023)

Songs about Waiting

Waiting is a part of our lives. It’s something that we do everyday. If we need to go somewhere, we wait for our ride. When we go out to eat …

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21 Songs About Sacrifice (2023)

Songs About Sacrifice

Songs about sacrifice usually are centered on physical, emotional, or even spiritual efforts about giving up something important for the sake of someone or something else. Some songs focus on …

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21 Songs About Being 19 (2023)

Songs About Being 19

At 19 years old, you’re on the brink of adulthood, caught between youthful excitement and future challenges. This time of life is often explored in music, expressing the changes, self-discovery, …

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21 Songs About Indecision (2023)

Songs About Indecision

Making decisions is one of the parts of life that everyone considers the hardest. No matter how big or how small the decision we have to make is, it will …

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21 Songs About Feeling Numb (2023)

Songs About Feeling Numb

Most of the time, suffering from mental and emotional pain makes someone feel heavy. But do you know which is worse than feeling hurt? It is feeling numb. When we …

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21 Songs About Haters (2023)

Songs About Haters

Since time immemorial, songs had been an avenue for people to express their thoughts, feelings, and sentiments. Among the most despicable emotions by far is hate, and many singers and …

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21 Songs about Beauty (2023)

Songs about Beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We have different standards of beauty, but with what the media projects of what beauty is, it is not easy for us …

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21 Songs About Being Lost (2023)

Songs About Being Lost

Being disoriented is one of the common feelings one would experience in this crazy world, and it is but fitting to let the deep emotions out to help find meaning …

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21 Songs About Dreams (2023)

Songs About Dreams

Songs about dreams are musical collections centered on the universal experience of the mysterious nature and emotional significance of dreams in our lives. These songs feature lyrical narratives and musical …

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21 Songs About Pain, Hurting, and Suffering (2023)

Songs About Pain, Hurting, and Suffering

Songs that are themed on pain, hurting, and suffering are types of music that usually reflect on regrets, heartbreaks, broken promises, disappointments, and depression. Although these emotions are often expressed …

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