21 Songs About Being 28 (2023)

Songs About Being 28

Being 28 years old is a particular time that has inspired many songs. These songs capture the happy, sad, and even uncertain moments that come with this age. They warmly …

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21 Songs about Daydreaming (2023)

Songs about Daydreaming

Daydreaming is commonly used as a form of mental relaxation and escape from the stresses of daily life. In addition, it helps us think more creatively and critically. However, this …

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21 Songs About Being 27 (2023)

Songs About Being 27

27 is when you’re transitioning from your early twenties to mid-twenties, and you may realize you’re leaving behind the carefree days of youth. This realization can be both exciting and …

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21 Songs About Overcoming Obstacles (2023)

Songs About Overcoming Obstacles

Listening to songs about overcoming obstacles conveys a feeling of determination and perseverance amidst the adversities of life. This kind of powerful music could easily lift up and encourage struggling …

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21 Songs About Being 17 (2023)

Songs About Being 17

Adolescence is the most exciting part of one’s lifetime. That moment when we turn 17 when we feel like not a child anymore ‘though not yet an adult, is also …

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21 Songs about Bravery and Being Courageous (2023)

Songs about Bravery and Being Courageous

Many artists have shared their stories of overcoming challenges, setbacks, and hardships through their music. Such songs provide comfort and encouragement to those facing similar struggles, reminding them that they …

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21 Songs About Planning (2023)

Songs About Planning

If you are living and breathing, it is safe to say that you have plans. Even if you’re not the planning type with to-do lists, journals, and colorful post-its, for …

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21 Songs About Being 26 (2023)

Songs About Being 26

Turning 26 is a significant milestone that marks the transition from the carefree years of early adulthood to a more settled phase of life. Many musicians have captured the complex …

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21 Songs About Problems (2023)

Songs About Problems

Problems are among the most difficult things to communicate, thus the only thing people can do is pick up a pen and write songs as an escape from reality and …

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21 Songs to Describe Your Life (2023)

Best Songs to Describe Your Life

Life is an entertaining thing. We are all on this journey of some sorts where we don’t even usually know where our destination is. Things sometimes go well for us, …

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21 Songs About Choices (2023)

Best Songs About Choices

We constantly make decisions throughout our day-to-day lives. They can be as mundane as deciding how much sugar to put in your morning coffee or as complex as deciding whether …

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21 Songs About Progress (2023)

Best Songs About Progress

As we proceed and go forward in our everyday life, whether we take big strides, baby steps, or even as we crawl as this is all we can do, we …

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21 Songs About Finding Yourself (2023)

Best Songs About Finding Yourself

Every once in a while, we find ourselves questioning a lot of things – our purpose, our existence, even our very own identities. As our minds open to all these …

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