21 Songs About Candy (2023)

People have loved songs about candy for a long time. They have fun and sweet lyrics that make people happy and nostalgic. Candy represents happiness and simple joys, so it’s a popular theme in music because it lets people enjoy a carefree and delightful world. Let’s listen to the sweetness of the 21 best songs about candy. 

21. “Candy Girl” by New Edition

This song is about the singer’s admiration for a girl who he thinks is sweet and amazing. “Candy Girl” by New Edition is about feeling grateful for the girl’s presence in the singer’s life. This was released in 1983 on the album “Candy Girl.”

20. “Candy” by Mandy Moore

“Candy” by Mandy Moore was released in 1999 on her album “So Real.” She sings about her affection for someone, craving it like candy. The lyrics express her intense need for the person’s company and love.

19. “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies

“Sugar Sugar” is a song that shows the singer’s loving feelings for someone special, comparing the person to candy. The song celebrates the happiness and sweetness that love brings to their life. It was released in 1969 on The Archies’ album “Sugar Sugar.”

18. “Lollipop” by The Chordettes

This song by The Chordettes talks a lot about lollipops and how they make the singer happy. It has a comfortable and catchy tune. This was released 1981 on their album “Eis am Stiel, Volume 3: Liebeleien.”

17. “Sell Me Candy” by Rihanna

Rihanna’s “Sell Me Candy” talks about an exciting and irresistible relationship, like enjoying candy. The singer wants to be captivated by the other person’s fantasy and desires an emotional connection. Released in 2007, this pop song is part of her album “Good Girl Gone Bad.”

16. “Candy Store Rock” by Led Zeppelin

“Candy Store Rock” is a song by the famous rock band Led Zeppelin. It came out in 1976 on their album called “Presence.” It is about the singer being tempted by someone using food to express his desire.

15. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard

Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me” is all about enjoying love and passion. The singer uses sweet and sugary metaphors to express the excitement and pleasure of being in a relationship. It came out in 1987 and became the soundtrack of “Coyote Ugly.”

14. “Candy” by Iggy Pop

“Candy” by Iggy Pop is a track on the album “Berlin 91” and was released in 1994. This song is about the singer’s attachment to a girl, reminiscing their time together. It features the American musician Kate Pierson.

13. “Oh, Candy” by Cheap Trick

This song is about feeling confused and sorry about the actions of a man named Candy. It discusses loneliness, self-destructive behavior, and how others can’t always control or change someone’s choices. “Oh, Candy” is a part of the band’s self-titled album released in 1977.

12. “Yummy Yummy Yummy” by Ohio Express

“Yummy Yummy Yummy” by Ohio Express compares love to a tasty treat, emphasizing the sweet and satisfying nature of being in love. This pop-rock song was released in 1968 on their album “Ohio Express.”

11. “Candy Girl” by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

“Candy Girl” is a track on the album “The 4 Seasons Sing Ain’t That a Shame and 11 Others.” The lyrics convey the singer’s happiness and excitement after finding perfect love, whom he calls his “Candy girl.” This song by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons came out in 1963.

10. “Candy and a Currant Bun” by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s “Candy and a Currant Bun” is about a girl in the sky buying candy and a bun. The singer expresses his wanting to be with this girl. It came out in 1970 on the album “Masters of Rock.”

9. “Kitchen Ware & Candy Bars” by Stone Temple Pilots

“Kitchen Ware & Candy Bars” talks about being betrayed by someone. The song expresses a longing for honesty and genuine relationships. This song by Stone Temple Pilots was released in 1994 on their album “Purple.”

8. “Candy Rain” by Soul For Real

“Candy Rain” by Soul For Real is a song about solid and passionate love. The singer compares their love to colorful raindrops, calling them “candy-coated raindrops.” It was released in 1995 on the album of the same title.

7. “The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr.

“The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr. is about the Candy Man who makes different kinds of candy. The song presents the Candy Man as a magical character who can turn ordinary things into delicious treats. It was featured in the 1971 movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

6. “Kid in a Candy Store” by JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa’s “Kid in a Candy Store” compares life to a candy store with many sweet and exciting things to experience. It encourages everyone to appreciate the simple joys of life, like being a kid in a candy store. This was released in 2017 on the album “Kid in a Candy Store.”

5. “Candy” by Cameo

“Candy” by Cameo is a track on the album “Word Up!” released in 1986. In this song, the singer expresses an intense crush on someone, using candy as a metaphor to describe the sweetness and excitement they feel.

4. “Cotton Candy Land” by Elvis Presley

“Cotton Candy Land” by Elvis Presley is a rock song 1963 on his album “It Happened at the World’s Fair.” The lyrics of this song describe a magical place called “cotton candy land” that the Sandman creates in dreams. It guides listeners to a magical adventure where candies and marshmallows are mentioned.

3. “Incense And Peppermints” by Strawberry Alarm Clock

Strawberry Alarm Clock released the song “Incense And Peppermints” in 1967 as a track on their album of the same title. The phrase “incense and peppermints” is repeated throughout the song and inspires us to reflect on ourselves and question the norms of society.

2. “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow and Razed in Black

“I Want Candy” discusses the singer’s infatuation with a guy who is both tough and sweet. They compare this person’s appeal to candy, expressing their desire for them. This rock song by Bow Wow Wow and Razed in Black came out in 1982 as part of the album “I Want Candy.”

1. “A Marshmallow World” by Dean Martin

A Marshmallow World” by Dean Martin talks about the snow-covered ground, friendly marshmallow clouds, and evergreen trees. This song celebrates the joy and sweetness of the season, encouraging everyone to enjoy the whimsical and happy atmosphere of this “marshmallow world.” This music is often played during the Christmas season.

These songs can be about love, desire, or just enjoying the little things in life, and they always bring joy to listeners of all ages.

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