21 Songs About Chocolate (2023)

Chocolate has long been part of our lives throughout history. Even today, chocolate continues to be a symbol of sweetness and love as well as comfort food for many of us. It has long been standard fare on holidays like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck, as we have prepared a box of surprises for your sweet tooth: a playlist of the best songs about chocolate! So let’s get started and savor these delicacies!

21. Chocolate — The 1975

Awarded as the Anthem of the Summer by the UK Festival, “Chocolate” by the band The 1975 will be our first treat. Their self-titled album, released in 2013, contains this alternative pop song. Although the song’s lyrics contain euphemisms, its overall quality is nicely complemented by its innocent and jovial musicality. If you are on the road with your friends, then The 1975’s “Chocolates” is a perfect track to jam to.

20. Chocolate Girl — Deacon Blue

Fall in love with a beautiful song titled “Chocolate Girl.” In this song, the singer, Deacon Blue, describes a woman as a “chocolate girl” who “melts when he touches her” and is “broken up and swallowed.” It is an indie rock song with brilliant wording and fine backing harmony. Deacon Blue’s album Raintown features this classic piece.

19. Hot Chocolate Boy — Beat Happening

Beat Happening released his rock song “Hot Chocolate Boy” in 1991. From the moment the drums kick in, you will begin tapping your toes instantly. As the vocalist casually describes a romantic boy longing for some sweetness in his life, it is backed up by simple yet appealing guitar riffs. If you are into classic, alternative rock music, then “Hot Chocolate Boy” is a must-listen!

18. Sweet Like Chocolate — Shanks & Bigfoot

Shanks & Bigfoot is a musical duo hailing from the UK. They are best known for their single “Sweet Like Chocolate”, which topped the UK Singles Chart in 1999. Because of its upbeat tune and catchy melody, this song from Swings and Roundabouts earned a nomination for the Brit Award for Song of the Year. If you are having a bad day, “Sweet Like Chocolate” can effectively lift your mood.

17. Chocolate Pope — Electric Six

Electric Six’s “Chocolate Pope” is a humorously brief indie track that features him singing about how, when his girlfriend was going through a rough patch, he cheered her up by giving her a “chocolate pope.” Electric Six is well-known for successfully fusing music and comedy in its performances. This band’s 2006 single “Chocolate Pope” was taken from their album Switzerland.

16. Chocolate Cake — Crowded House

Looking for some chocolate-themed music to take you back to the old days? Listen to “Chocolate Cake” from Crowded House’s Woodface. It was once shortlisted for the International Viewer’s Choice Award for MTV Australia. The Finn Brothers, Neil and Tim, wrote this clever song. They used chocolate cake to symbolize things we want but don’t need.

15. Chocolate — Kylie Minogue

The most successful female Australian artist of all time, Kylie Minogue, will enchant us with her pop single “Chocolate.” She embodies the title of this song from her album Body Language musically, as it has a chocolate-like sound. The song “Chocolate” has a seductive and alluring melody that can make you feel trapped and hypnotized.

14. Chocolate Jesus — Tom Waits

The following song from Tom Waits’ album At the Terminal – Burbank Airport ’99 (live) will catch your attention both for its unusual musical style and for its intriguing title. “Chocolate Jesus” is a blues masterpiece the legendary Tom Waits wrote and introduced as a song for those “who have trouble getting up on Sunday morning and going to church.” This non-conformist musician’s performance of “Chocolate Jesus” is something you shouldn’t miss out on!

13. Chocolate Rain — Tay Zonday

Listen to “Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday and reminisce about the good ol’ days of YouTube. The viral single “Chocolate Rain” is featured as the 2007 album’s title track. Over the past 16 years, it’s amassed over 130 million views on YouTube. With the success of this song, American YouTuber Tay Zonday became known as “Chocolate Rain Guy” for his distinctively smooth bass singing.

12. Ms. Chocolate Lil Jon

Feel the energy build up with Lil Jon’s hip-hop song “Ms. Chocolate.” This song, about how attractive they are to chocolate-skinned women, is from the 2010 album Crunk Rock. You will adore the cutting-edge instrumentals that give this song such a clean, contemporary feel, in addition to their vocal and rapping prowess. Lil Jon, R. Kelly, and Mario worked together on this song that will get you moving.

11. Chocolate. — Kiana Ledé

You will surely crave chocolate after listening to “Chocolate.” by Kiana Ledé featuring Ari Lennox. This soul track from KIKI (The Instrumentals) is a delight to listen to over and over again, thanks to its catchy melody and ethereal vocals. In addition, watching the music video will make everyone smile, as it gives off such positive vibes.

10. Chocolate Fe’s and Redbones — Twista

The song “Chocolate Fe’s and Redbones” by Twista was released as a single in 2005 as a part of the rapper’s album titled The Day After. You are going to be astounded by the effortless rapping skills of Twista and Johnny P, not to mention their silky smooth voices. You can count on feeling good after listening to this upbeat, all-inclusive hip-hop track.

9. More Songs About Chocolate and Girls — The Undertones

Take pleasure in the positive energy that is brought about by “More Songs About Chocolate and Girls.” It was included on the album Hypnotised, which The Undertones released in 1980. The bass lines and enthusiastic mood of this classic rock make it a musically entertaining choice and an excellent option to jam to with your friends.

8. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk — Rufus Wainwright

In his album Poses, Rufus Wainwright discusses his favorite things, including cigarettes, chocolate milk, and jelly beans, through “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk.” It becomes clear after listening to the entire folk song, though, that the lyrics are actually his attempt to tell the world to be kinder to him as he is a complete mess, like a man with a child’s heart, wanting both cigarettes and chocolate milk at the same time.

7. Chocolate City — Parliament

Back in 1975, the musical band Parliament released “Chocolate City” as their album’s title track. This song is unique in its own way, as it features a tasty blend of classic jazz and funk music. Moreover, the almost casually spoken lyrics capture the tradition and culture of that time. Playing “Chocolate City” will undoubtedly lift your spirits.

6. Chocolate — Morris Day and The Time

Take the dance floor and move to the beat of Morris Day’s “Chocolate” from Pandemonium. The 1990 single “Chocolate” is widely regarded as a soul classic. Morris Day performed this with accompaniment from The Time, making for an energetic collaboration. Its funky rhythm and tune will surely get you in the mood to show off your dance skills.

5. Mars Bars — The Undertones

Mars Bar is a chocolate brand loved by people from all over the world. Due to its mouth-watering taste, a song titled “Mars Bars” was even written for it. It can be found on The Undertones’ self-titled album. “Mars Bars” is a cheery song with lyrics that center on how much he loves Mars and how it makes everything better. If you also enjoy this treat, then you will certainly enjoy this track as well!

4. Chocolates & Roses — The Green

No matter how cliche it may sound, chocolate and flowers are always a safe bet if you want to make your special someone happy. The Green released a single in 2013 called “Chocolates & Roses” as part of their Hawai’i ’13 album. The singer tells a girl that he’s irresistible, just like chocolate and flowers. This sugary reggae tune will have you yearning for love all over again.

3. A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night — Doris Day

The title “A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night” is not only a clever pun but also a timeless work of art. This song belongs to Doris Day’s The Formative Years album. Musically, it is as smooth and sweet as a sundae. In addition, Doris’ mesmerizing voice will also melt your heart. The song’s soothing melody and rhythm are ideal for bedtime listening.

2. Chocolate — Snow Patrol

Listening to Snow Patrol’s “Chocolate” will give you a feeling of nostalgiaIt is an indie pop-rock tune from the band’s album Final Straw. Having cheated on his then-lover, Gary Lightbody wrote this song as an expression of regret. On the other hand, “Chocolate” is a song about coming to terms with one’s own adulthood and the realizations that come with it.

1. Savoy Truffle — The Beatles

The highly influential rock band The Beatles will be our last bite in this playlist of chocolates. Through the song “Savoy Truffle,” it is safe to say that The Beatles also have a sweet tooth! “Savoy Truffle” is a classic folk-rock piece from their 1968 album, The Beatles. The epic combination of all the musical instruments being played and the lighthearted lyrics make it an awesome dessert!


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