21 Songs About Enlightenment (2023)

There’s something special and profound about songs that touch on enlightenment. These songs delve into our life experiences which allow listeners to connect the superficial aspects of life to the deeper truths within ourselves. They also inspire us to look at broader perspectives, encourage us to reflect on our values, and pursue personal growth. Most often, people can find comfort in these songs during hard and challenging times.

21. “Alarm Call” by Björk

Album: Homogenic | Style: Electronic

The song manifests a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s like a musical wake-up call, jolting you out of any slumber and demanding your attention with its infectious hooks and vibrant production. This song will motivate you to embrace life’s twists and turns with a happy heart and an optimistic spirit.

20. “All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette

Album: Jagged Little Pill | Style: Alternative Rock

This song speaks of authenticity and connection as its lyrics express confrontational vents about the frustrating and often confining nature of a relationship. It has an empowering message of yearning for deeper, more meaningful connections with someone, both physical and emotional. A lot of Alanis’ fans find comfort and validation in this song and inspires them to live life on their terms.

19. “Break the Walls” by Fitz and the Tantrums

Album: Fitz and the Tantrums | Style: Indie Pop

It could be inferred from the title itself that it is about breaking down barriers and connecting with others. The song reminds us that in a world of isolation and division, there is a need for everyone to be more emphatic and understanding. Over the years, this song had become a fan favorite for its bold message.

18. “Monks” by Frank Ocean

Album: Channel Orange | Style: R&B

The song is inspired by the singer’s personal experience when he met a young couple during his tour. This couple initially wanted to run away with him. They eventually did, even though the girl’s father is traveling just close by. This upbeat, groovy song has heavy percussions that complement the many relationship troubles depicted in the song.

17. “Way Back Home” by Prince

Album: Art Official Age | Style: R&B

In this song, ‘home’ is understood to refer to life after death, and going back home simply depicts one’s longing to return to the Creator himself. A lot of people who are confronted by death consciously often have the same introspective desire of surrendering to Divine intervention. Indeed, nothing compares to the true love of God and His promise of a better home prepared for us in Heaven.

16. “Get Up, Stand Up” by Bob Marley

Album: Burnin’ | Style: Reggae

As it has been known that Bob Marley is among the many artists who use their craft to call out public action against common societal concerns, this song is a demand for everyone to fight against injustice, equality, and oppression. This song’s reggae rhythm creates an overall sense of unity and resilience and inspires those oppressed to take action and fight for what they believe is right and true.

15. “River of Dreams” by Billy Joel

Album: River of Dreams | Style: Pop

This song is a testimony of divine enlightenment as it explores the stream of consciousness and the themes of self-discovery, self-reflection, and a search for inner peace. This deeply personal song becomes one of the most beloved gospel songs in churches up to this day.

14. “Behind the Ritual” by Van Morrison

Album: Magic Time | Style: Folk Rock

The song explores one’s spirituality and faith as it speaks to a sense of wonder and awe at the mystery of life. It contemplates how deeply religious people find the spiritual beyond the ritual. The song speaks so much of deep faith and inner spiritual peace.

13. “Satisfied” by Van Morrison

Album: Versatile | Style: Jazz

A deep sense and understanding of genuine spirituality are evoked in the song as it explores the themes of contentment and inner peace. It also made us realize that ordinary religion can dress us up from the outside, but genuine Christianity can dress us up from the inside.  This song describes the deeply relaxing and reassuring reflection on the joys of living a fulfilled life.

12. “Let’s Work Together” by Canned Heat

Album: Future Blues | Style: Blues-rock

This song resonates with people who are ready to set aside individual differences to achieve a common goal. It speaks of the importance of working together despite the racial and personal uniqueness of people in general. Also, it evokes a call to action among its listeners to work together instead of being divisive, especially at crucial times.

11. “Spiritual Walkers” by Stevie Wonder

Album: A Time to Love | Style: R&B

This is a powerful uplifting song for Spiritual Walkers since they are often put down and judged by most people they come across. The song highly speaks of God and these spiritual walkers remain unabashed amidst people’s negative comments about them. It encourages listeners to hold on to their faith and spiritual beliefs with fervor and perseverance.

10. “Living In the Material World” by George Harrison

Album: Living In the Material World | Style: Pop rock

When listening to this song, we can contemplate the realms of both the material world and the spiritual world. This is an introspective song that inspires a deeply spiritual journey and searches for deeper meaning from the superficial attempt to pursue material wealth. It urges listeners to focus on the things that truly matter in life, such as love, kindness, and compassion.

9. “Enlighten Me” by Grouplove

Album: Big Mess | Style: Alternative Rock

This song enlightens its listeners to appreciate the many great things they have, big or small. It urges us to live in the present and take control of our lives by embracing the changes that come with it. The song’s message of positivity and growth creates a sense of urgency and excitement that drives the song forward.

8. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield

Album: Unwritten | Style: Pop

Our lives are written by us, and this authorship is depicted in this song’s meaning. It tells us to live our lives unplanned so that we can embrace and appreciate everyday changes and experiences.  Life is full of possibilities and opportunities, and we must make ourselves open to all these. The positive message of this song creates a sense of hope and possibility that resonates with listeners.

7. “Breathing Underwater” by Emeli Sandé

Album: Long Live the Angels | Style: Pop

When your problems take a toll on you, you tend to breathe underwater and aim for survival in great desperation. The song details the persona’s worst experiences in a relationship and her enlightened realization that she is much better off alone. This is a moving and uplifting song that encourages listeners to find the strength within themselves to overcome even the most difficult of obstacles.

6. “You Don’t Own Me” by Leslie Gore

Album: Lesley Gore Sings of Mixed-Up Hearts | Style: Pop

This is an ultimate statement of empathy as the song reminds its listeners to treat others fairly and be kind and loving in all aspects. This can also be an empowering song for people who are struggling with the challenges imposed by gender roles. Its message of independence and defiance contributes to the ideals of feminism and liberation.

5. “Watching the Wheels” by John Lennon

Album: Double Fantasy | Style: Soft rock

This song reflects on the essence of spending quality time with family, rather than wasting time on career progression. A lot of fans may have contradictory views on the song’s message, but everyone must agree that quality time with loved ones is incomparable. The song’s deep meaning is delivered in a calming and reflective tone that encourages listeners to slow down and take time for themselves.

4. “Enlightenment” by Van Morrison

Album: Enlightenment | Style: Soul

Released in 1990, this soulful song is an exploration of spirituality and personal growth as the persona in the song desires to break free from the world. He had been enlightened by the power of God’s love, thus, he realizes his need to ultimately surrender everything to God. The song’s message of self-reflection and the pursuit of enlightenment is timeless and universal and has touched the hearts of people from all walks of life.

3. “Nirvana” by Donovan

Album: Sunshine Superman (1966) | Style: Folk rock

Nirvana, in Buddhism, is the state of enlightenment – the highest state – that someone could be. This song speaks about this state and the ethereal atmosphere of inner peace and spiritual tranquility.  This song also reflects on one’s realization of the importance of breaking free from the bonds of earthly possessions.

2. “Universe Am I” by Donovan

Album: Cosmic Wheels (1973) | Style: Folk rock

This is a very captivating song that features mystical and cosmic themes. Its core message revolves around the premise that when one realizes that his way of living is not right, the universe will shine more brightly for him. The whole song suggests a higher level of compassion and faith in the interconnectedness of all existence and the idea that each individual is an integral part of the cosmic tapestry.

1. “Born Free” by Andy Williams

Album: Born Free (1967) | Style: Classic Pop

Old as it may be, this song evokes a timeless message of freedom to live the life you want to live. It captures the essence and joys of embracing life’s adventures and seizing the opportunities that life presents. Oftentimes, it takes one to be spiritually enlightened to appreciate being born free in a world that seems to be full of bondage. The song’s timeless appeal continues to evoke emotions of joy, hope, and a zest for life, making it a cherished and enduring piece in Andy Williams’ repertoire.


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