21 Songs About Fighting (2023)

Songs about fighting are a way for musicians to express emotions related to struggles in life, including conflicts, wars, and unfairness. However, not all fighting songs are good. Some can have negative messages about violence, while others can inspire people to be strong and never give up. Here are 21 songs about fighting that you may ponder on.

21. “Fight For Your Right” by Beastie Boys

“Fight for Your Right” by the Beastie Boys was released in 1986 on their album “Licensed to Ill.” It has rebellious lyrics that challenge authority figures like parents and teachers. The song reflects the free-spirited youth culture of the 1980s.

20. “Fighting My Way Back” by Thin Lizzy

“Fighting My Way Back” was sung by Thin Lizzy in 1975. The message is about being determined to get back up after facing problems. This song has a rock style and was released on the album “Fighting.”

19. “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

“Seven Nation Army” is a famous rock song by The White Stripes that came out in 2003. The song talks about a person’s strong will to fight and not be stopped by anyone. This track is from their album “Elephant” and was awarded Best Rock Song by the Grammys.

18. “Kiss With a Fist” by Florence + the Machine

In 2008, Florence + The Machine released “Kiss with a Fist,” a song about a relationship filled with physical abuse between both partners, but they choose to stay together. The piece suggests that any relationship, even an abusive one, is better than being alone.

17. “Fight or Fall” by Thin Lizzy

“Fight or Fall” by Thin Lizzy was released in 1976 on the album “Jailbreak.” The song’s rock and roll sound emphasizes the importance of brotherhood and standing together.

16. “Fight It Out” by Pat Benatar

The song “Fight It Out” was released by Pat Benatar in 1982 on the album “Get Nervous.” The song has a classic rock sound and highlights the significance of taking charge of one’s life.

15. “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones released “Street Fighting Man” in 2007 on their album “Beggars Banquet.” This rock song talks about the violence and rebellion of young people who fought against societal norms and corrupt politics.

14. “Fight Back” by NEFFEX

“Fight Back” by NEFFEX is a hip-hop rap song on the album “Fight Back: The Collection.” The song encourages people to follow their dreams even when others criticize or discourage them. It talks about how hard it is to be unique and different when everyone wants you to be like everybody else. It was released in 2017.

13. “Before the Fight Ends You” by Hatebreed

Hatebreed’s “Before the Fight Ends You” talks about how hard it is to express yourself during tough times. The song inspires people to forget their past mistakes, stay in the present, and stand up for what they believe in. It came out in 2013 on the album “The Divinity of Purpose.”

12. “Fight ’Em ’Til You Can’t” by Anthrax

“Fight ’Em ’Til You Can’t” by Anthrax talks about dead people coming back to life and attacking the living and urges people to fight against them. It stresses the need to take action to defend oneself and others, even if it seems impossible. It came out in 2011 on their album ‘Worship Music.”

11. “Fight Fire With Fire” by Metallica

“Fight Fire With Fire” by Metallica is from their “Ride the Lightning” album released in 1984. This metal song talks about a world on the brink of nuclear warfare and urges people to retaliate using the same methods as their enemies.

10. “Fight From the Inside” by Queen

“Fight From the Inside” by Queen is an anthem about fighting against authority and societal rules. It encourages listeners to actively resist the system instead of being passive. The lyrics suggest that one must stand up and fight for their beliefs to make a real change. It was released in 1977 as a track on their album “News of the World.”

9. “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” by Elton John

“Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” by Elton John discusses rebelling against authority figures and their strict rules. The song encourages people to let loose and enjoy their weekends. It’s a track on his album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” which came out in 1973.

8. “Spoilin’ for a Fight” by AC/DC

“Spoilin’ for a Fight” by AC/DC was released in 2008 on the album “Black Ice.” This song is about the singer’s eagerness to fight anyone who opposes them. They want excitement and to defend themselves and their lifestyle.

7. “The Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson’s “The Fight Song” came out in 2000 on his album “Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death).” This metal-rock song talks about feeling suffocated by everyday life and fighting against a world that doesn’t care about human suffering.

6. “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor is about a rapper called Ryu and how he worked hard to become successful. The lyrics explain that Ryu succeeded because of his luck, skill, willpower, pleasure, and pain. It was released on the album “The Rising Tied” in 2005.

5. “Warrior” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s “Warrior” is about a person who went through a tough time but became stronger because of it. Released in 2013, this electronic pop song is a track on her album “Demi.”

4. “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder

“The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder urges listeners to stay strong and not give up during difficult times. It emphasizes the importance of living fully and not letting obstacles hold you back. It was released in 2011 on the album “The Papercut Chronicles II.”

3. “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

“Lose Yourself” is a song by Eminem about chasing your dreams. The words tell a story of a man who faces problems but doesn’t give up on his goals. This rap song was released in 2002 on his album “8 Mile” and inspires people to have confidence in themselves and go for what they want.

2. “Till I Collapse” by Eminem ft. Nate Dogg

Eminem’s song “Till I Collapse” is about overcoming difficulties and finding the strength to keep going. It featured the rapper Nate Dogg and was released in 2002 on the studio album “The Eminem Show.”

1. “We Will Rock You” by Queen

“We Will Rock You” is a popular song by the band Queen. The lyrics tell the story of a boy who becomes a man and takes on the world. The song was released in 1977 as part of the “News of the World” album and is often played in sports events.

These songs serve as a timeless reminder of the human spirit’s resilience and ability to triumph over adversity.

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