21 Songs About Floating (2023)

Songs about floating transcend the boundaries of reality, inviting us to let go and surrender to the ethereal realms of music and evoke a sense of lightness as if we’re effortlessly drifting through time and space. These songs encapsulate the sensation of floating, transporting us to a state of blissful tranquility as each note and lyric acts as a buoy that guides us through a sonic sea of introspection, imagination, and pure sonic bliss.

21. “Floating In The Sea” by Boogie 9x

Album: Waves of Emotion | Style: Pop

This pensive track will transport you to a serene place with smooth vocals and a laid-back vibe that captures the feeling of relaxation and freedom as its lyrics paint a picture of escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let go of your worries, and simply enjoy the tranquil experience of being adrift in the sea as it is the perfect song to unwind, daydream, or create a soothing atmosphere.

20. “Floating” by ScHoolboy Q

Album: Crash Talk | Style: Rap

The rapper starts off the song talking about being in a club, where he is transfused with a drip drop of substances as well as about his luxurious lifestyle and being in a constant state of floating. Thus, the song could be interpreted as being high or feeling elevated due to his wealth and success. Overall, “Floating” encourages listeners to enjoy the moment and their own successes.

19. “Tiny Bubble” by Paul McCartney

Album: Egypt Station | Style: Pop/Rock

This delightful tune will put a smile on your face as it showcases McCartney’s timeless songwriting and catchy melodies capturing the essence of joy and positivity. The lyrics evoke a sense of carefree happiness and the simple pleasures in life, reminding us to appreciate the little things and find beauty in everyday cheerfulness.

18. “Floating” by Mac Miller

Album: Circles | Style: Hip-hop

The song’s lyrics could both be regarded as spiritual and emotional as it suggests how the persona experiences a high sense of freedom when he is “floating”. The open-ended lyrical style of this track was directly talking about drugs, and “floating” is just meaning his high as the persona in the song talks about his high and the addiction he struggled with along with his desire to “get away”.

17. “Floating” by The Moody Blues

Album: To Our Children’s Children | Style: Rock

This ethereal song envelops us in a dreamlike atmosphere with its lush instrumentation and haunting harmonies as if you’re floating through a mystical realm. The song touches upon themes of unity, love, and the transcendental nature of existence allowing you to drift away on a cosmic tide and immerse yourself in the psychedelic soundscape crafted by The Moody Blues. Close your eyes and let the music wash over you to wander freely as you float along with the captivating melodies of this timeless classic.

16. “Floating In The Air” by The Fin

Album: There | Style: Pop

This mesmerizing indie pop track transports you to a blissful state of mind as the song captures the sensation of freedom to let you embrace the present moment with pure serenity. Its smooth vocals, accompanied by shimmering guitars and lush electronic textures, create an ethereal atmosphere that feels like you’re soaring through the sky in a daydreamy state.

15. “Float On” by Modest Mouse

Album: Good News for People Who Love Bad News | Style: Rock

Optimism is highlighted in this song as it urges its listeners to survive all kinds of negativities with the hope that things will pan out for good in the long run. It reminds us that life goes on irrespective of our wise decisions and that good and bad could happen without our direct control. Thus, the best response to life is to always remember that these situations are all temporary.

14. “Float” by The Neighbourhood

Album: I Love You | Style: R&B

The introspective lyrics of this song delve into themes of longing, self-reflection, and the complexities of human relationships showcased in a laid-back groove that envelops you in a sense of emotional depth. It is the kind of song that draws you in with its atmospheric allure, inviting you to get lost in its ethereal beauty and get you carried away by the mesmerizing sounds as you float through a realm of emotional introspection.

13. “We Float” by PJ Harvey

Album: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea | Style: Rock

Be captivated by the atmospheric soundscapes and haunting vocals as the song immerses you in a world of introspection and contemplation, evoking a sense of floating through life’s unpredictable currents. This song also paints a vivid landscape that speaks to the ebb and flow of human experiences and invites you to reflect on the complexities of existence, offering a sense of surrender in the face of uncertainty. Let this music wash over you and take you on a journey of introspective exploration.

12. “Floating” by Blue Rodeo

Album: Diamond Mine | Style: Country Rock

Whisk your way on a melodic journey of heartfelt lyrics and twangy instrumentals as the song perfectly captures the essence of a lazy day spent drifting along with the music. The lyrics speak of longing, self-discovery, and the bittersweet nature of life’s ups and downs so sit back, relax, and float along with the music and let your thoughts wander.

11. “Float” by Janelle Monáe

Album: The Electric Lady | Style: R&B

Indulge yourself in pure bliss for this song conveys a sense of liberation and self-acceptance that promotes letting go of inhibitions, embracing one’s true self, and rising above societal pressures. This track will have you grooving along and floating on the waves of Janelle Monáe’s soulful voice and the song’s empowering message.

10. “In God’s Hands” by Nelly Furtado

Album: Loose | Style: Pop/R&B

“In God’s Hands” will pull at your heartstrings for it explores into themes of vulnerability, surrender, and seeking solace in uncertain times while at the same time touching on the struggles and challenges we face as individuals, ultimately reminding us of the importance of faith and finding strength in something greater than ourselves. Moreover, this song speaks directly to the soul, making you reflect on your own journey and the power of resilience, to move you and inspire you on a deep level.

9. “Spiritual” by Katy Perry

Album: Smile | Style: Pop

Ignite your inner spark in this uplifting pop song as the song encourages self-discovery and personal growth in its true essence. This song evokes a sense of positivity and self-empowerment making it an anthem that will have you dancing and singing along in no time and reminding you to stay true to yourself, to follow your dreams, and to find your own inner light.

8. “Devotion” by Ellie Goulding

Album: Brightest Blue | Style: Pop

Feel afloat on a cloud with mesmerizing melodies and enchanting harmonies as this song envelops you in a dreamlike atmosphere of an ode to love and unwavering commitment conveying a sense of devotion and loyalty and evoking deep emotional connections. Surrender to the magic of the music and get lost in a moment of tranquil daydreaming.

7. “I’m Not Dead” by Pink

Album: I’m Not Dead | Style: Pop/Rock

Feel invincible as the powerful vocals and bold personality of the song talks about empowerment, resilience, and refusing to be defeated. “I’m Not Dead” is a rallying cry for anyone who has faced adversity and came out stronger on the other side inspiring you to stand tall, overcome obstacles, and embrace your own strength. Let the music fuel your determination be your personal anthem of triumph and resilience.

6. “Floating Through Space” by Sia

Album: Unknown | Style: Pop

With its energetic beats, this song unfailingly invites you to let go and surrender to the music as the lyrics speak of escapism, freedom, and embracing the joy of living in the present moment. Also, it will make you want to dance and sing along, leaving all your worries behind as you float through the rhythm. Put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and let Sia’s “Floating Through Space” be your soundtrack for a carefree and exhilarating journey through the cosmic waves of music.

5. “Red Eye” by Kid Cudi

Album: Indicud | Style: Hip-Hop

Cruise through the night in the unique blend of introspective lyrics and atmospheric production of an immersive experience on the highs and lows of life in the fast lane. This song also captures the essence of late-night adventures and those moments when you feel both introspective and ready to conquer the world. Put on your headphones, let the music envelop you, and be transported into a realm of introspection and raw emotion as you navigate the twilight hours.

4. “Floating Down the River (Once Again)” by Tears for Fears

Album: Elemental | Style: Pop/Rock

Be taken aback on a reflective journey down memory lane in a blend of heartfelt lyrics and melodic instrumentation creating a sense of wistfulness and introspection. As it talks about themes of longing, lost love, and the passage of time, the song transports you to a peaceful riverbank, where you can sit back and reflect on the ebbs and flows of life. Be serenaded by this song’s melodic charm evoking a bittersweet sense of nostalgia as you drift along with the music.

3. “The Floating Song” by King of the Opera

Album: (Unknown) | Style: Alternative Rock

While the album it belongs to remains unknown, this song captures the essence of the band’s unique style and musicality with its enchanting melodies and atmospheric instrumentals that invites you on a musical journey that feels like drifting through a cloud-filled sky. The lyrics paint vivid imagery of escape, encouraging us to let go of earthly worries, sparking our imagination, and filling us with a sense of wonder.

2. “Floating” by Alina Baraz

Album: It Was Divine | Style: R&B

Feel as if you are gliding on a cloud with this song’s lush harmonies and sensual lyrics that creates an intimate and dreamy ambiance. The song that sweeps you off your feet in a soothing invitation to surrender to the moment, embrace vulnerability, and let love guide you. Dim the lights, let the music carry you away on a journey of blissful tranquility and emotional connection.

1. “Miracles” by Coldplay

Album: Unbroken (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | Style: Pop/Rock

This pop-rock ballad combines its heartfelt lyrics and soaring melodies to uplift our spirits and make us believe in miracles and extraordinary things. The sense of wonder and awe that resonates deeply with its listeners reminds us of the beauty that exists in a world full of struggles and pains. Moreso, it leads us to appreciate the potential for miracles to happen in our own life and fill our souls with hope beyond compare.

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