21 Songs About Forgetting (2023)

Music and memory have a powerful correlation. Listening to songs is believed to be a great way to foster memory retention and combat memory loss. Over the years, a lot of songs had revolved around the theme of memory loss, forgetting important people or events, and even recalling events from the past. These songs create an emotional impact on the complexities and the pain that accompanies the experience of forgetting.

21. “Remember Me” by T.I.

Album: King | Style: Hip-hop

This song about remembrance explores one’s desire to leave a legacy and be remembered. The importance of perseverance and determination is emphasized as the singer reflects on his own life and his accomplishments in his career. This track resonates with listeners who continue to strive to make a difference.

20. “We’ve Saved the Best for Last” by Kenny G

Album: Breathless | Style: Smooth Jazz

This is a classic love song about lovers who, after a long time, concluded that all they wanted and needed is each other. Thus, the singer suggests that they both forget the unpleasantries of the past and just savor the best things about them. Characterized by smooth melodies, the song conveys a sense of satisfaction and triumph.

19. “I Keep Forgettin'” by Michael McDonald

Album: If That’s What It Takes | Style: Blue-eyed soul, R&B, Pop

The song’s lyrics explore the aftermath of a failed relationship and the difficulty of moving on. The persona in the song laments how he keeps on forgetting that their relationship is over every time he sees her again. This song outrightly manifests how much in love he is to be in a constant state of denial. Listeners from all ages relate so much to this dilemma.

18. “Forgetting Is the Hardest Part” by Kane Brown

Album: Experiment | Style: Country

Forgetting someone you love could be one of the hardest things to do. This powerful ballad released in 2018 talks about how forgetting her and moving on becomes even harder because of the constant reminder of her memories. The song’s impassioned delivery amplifies its emotional connection with its listeners.

17. “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Hudson

Album: Dreamgirls: Music from the Motion Picture | Style: R&B

The song’s lyrics convey a sense of defiance and determination in the face of rejection and heartbreak as the persona declares how she’s not going anywhere without putting up a good fight for their love, no matter what. The song’s powerful vocals and dramatic effect create a sense of urgency and passion that could not be ignored just as easily.

16. “Remind Me to Forget” by Kygo

Album: Kids in Love | Style: Electronic dance music (EDM)

Sometimes, we reach a point in our lives when forgetting becomes necessary. The song follows the persona’s experience of being able to get out of a toxic relationship already but, for some reason, he wants to go back to it. He then calls out to the people in his life to remind him to forget the idea and to remember the very reason why he lets go in the first place. This song is a constant reminder that love does not win sometimes, and all we need is to surrender.

15. “Like We Never Loved At All” by Faith Hill

Album: Fireflies | Style: Country Pop

A deep sense of loss and longing is depicted in this song as it describes a couple who have gone through a painful breakup to the extent that the couple both suggests that they should try to forget each other and move on as if they never loved at all. However, the emotional weight of their shared memories makes this twice as much difficult. The song’s blend of country and pop style makes this powerfully relatable.

14. “A Thousand Times a Day” by Patty Loveless

Album: Only What I Feel | Style: Country

This is a heart-wrenching song that speaks of the pain of a failed relationship as it narrates the persona’s feelings for a former lover depicted in her constant thoughts of him. The title of the song confirms the frequency of these thoughts. Fans of country music such as this appreciate the song’s traditional instrumentation combined with emotional storytelling.

13. “Forget Myself” by Third Eye Blind

Album: Out of the Vein | Style: Alternative rock

This song speaks about a guy lamenting on how he had been living a life that is not his own to please the woman he loves. When the time comes when she dumped him, he realizes the damage done to him by his artificial and fake living. Released in 2003, this song features introspective lyrics that oftentimes relate to people who are avoiding one’s emotional pains.

12. “Forget Me Too” by Machine Gun Kelly

Album: Tickets to My Downfall | Style: Pop punk, alternative rock

This song is grounded in the dilemma of not having enough commitment despite loving each other back. It deals with the aftermath of an emotionally charged relationship where they both understand that forgetting the past, they shared would be best for them.  This song, then, is a perfect representation that pain and healing can come at the end of a relationship.

11. “No More Sad Songs” by Little Mix

Album: Glory Days | Style: Pop, dance-pop

The title of this song is Little Mix’s plea to the DJ to never play any sad songs anymore because they can forget their failed relationships for as long as the music is loud and happy. Generally, this song deals with the idea of embracing happiness and joy during the process of moving on. The upbeat energy of this song makes it a popular choice for dancing as it lifts spirits up.  

10. “Don’t Forget” by Demi Lovato

Album: Don’t Forget | Style: Pop rock

This song holds a lot of meaning to everyone who relates to it or its theme of heartbreak and regret.  The persona in the song begs her lover to never forget her despite their separation and just let their past be lessons learned for both. The powerful vocals combined with its rock-influenced sound set this song apart from other pop hits.

9. “Can’t Remember to Forget You” by Shakira

Album: Shakira | Style: Pop

We couldn’t agree less with the song as it talks about how hard it is to forget someone from your past when you still love him just as much as you used to. It also describes the push-and-pull of emotions and the struggle to reconcile her feelings of love and heartbreak. This fan-favorite song resonates with the usual experience of someone who longs for closure in a relationship.

8. “Eyes Closed” by Halsey

Album: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom | Style: Electropop

Quite ordinary as it seems, this song is about using someone else to move on from a past relationship. It describes the persona’s feeling of being trapped in her emotions which enables her to move on from the memories of a former lover. Despite this, the song reflects everyone’s need to find a way to move forward.

7. “It’s OK If You Forget Me” by Astrid S

Album: Single release | Style: Ballad

A lot of fans could appreciate the message of self-empowerment depicted in the song. It also encourages its listeners to find strength in moving on and acknowledge the fact that it’s natural for people to forget about each other for personal growth and self-improvement. The song serves as an inspiration to people who are currently trapped in the same hurtful process.

6. “Don’t Forget About Us” by Mariah Carey

Album: The Emancipation of Mimi | Style: R&B, soul, pop

If other songs call out former lovers to forget about their past relationships, this song is the exact opposite. It boldly expresses the persona’s desire to be remembered forever as she points out that there won’t be any other replacement for what she is capable of as a lover. The bittersweet theme of this song is emotionally resonant with the power of love and the lasting impression it could make on someone’s life.

5. “Will Be Forgetting This” by Elias Naslin

Album: N/A | Style: Indie Pop

The lyrics of this song describe the moments spent with the person you love. This song tries to make us understand that special moments should be spent because these are the memories that we will not be forgetting even through the test of time. The simplicity of its melody and the deep soulful message of the song could make you teary-eyed as you listen to it.

4. “I Won’t Forget You” by Poison

Album: Look What the Cat Dragged In | Style: Power Ballad

This song is one of the many powerful ballads that explains how we sometimes have to leave our loved ones behind. The memories, though, will remain intact and the longings will forever be felt. A lot of fans who are currently savoring the pains of heartbreak, separation, and loss will surely find comfort in this song.

3. “Forget You” by CeeLo Green

Album: The Lady Killer | Style: Pop

The song describes the persona being shattered due to the breakup with his former lover. Despite the anger and frustration, he realizes that he has to move on and forget her. Although the song illustrates out a negative situation, the melody, and vibe remain lit making it more enjoyable to dance and sing along with.

2. “Remember” by David Guetta and Becky Hill

Album: Nothing But the Beat 2.0 | Style: Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Listening to this song will make you reminisce about the memories of past love and the feels of it. The persona in the song belts out about thinking back on an old flame and the memories that come flooding back. The song is packed with energy and would make you want to dance your heart out.

1. “Hard to Forget” by Sam Hunt

Album: Southside | Style: Country Pop

When love struck us hard, no matter the pain, we will always tend to remember the person in everything we do and everywhere we go. This song is all that and a lot more as it speaks about a man who can’t seem to forget the woman he loves to the point of obsession. It also suggests of frustrations and pains of being unable to move on because the memory of the past keeps on hunting him. Many listeners had attested that this song helped them to somehow release their emotions and let go of the past.


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