21 Songs About Knowledge (2023)

Knowledge is essential because it facilitates development, comprehension, and survival. It’s impossible to find fulfillment in this world without it. That’s why everyone should have access to quality education: because it makes knowledge more accessible. In a similar vein, music possesses an endearing and distinctive ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas in an artistic and remarkable way.

In this blog post, we will explore a curated selection of the best songs about knowledge that are certain to spark our desire to learn and expand our horizons.

21. You Oughta Know — Alanis Morissette

To kick off our playlist, here’s the winner of the Grammy for Best Rock Song: “You Oughta Know.” Alanis Morissette has incredible vocals that will have you tapping your foot. This song appeared on the popular 1990s album Jagged Little Pill. An emotionally charged and powerful song, “You Oughta Know.”  It describes how she feels after a breakup. This pop-rock song paved the way for Alanis’ big break in the music business.

20. Knowledge Is Power — The Ethiopians

Reggae has provided both a rousing soundtrack and a chill vibe since the 1990s. One of the best examples is the song “Knowledge is Power” by The Ethiopians. This song from their 1999 album Tuffer Than Stone is also an excellent choice, as its lyrics revolve around the classic maxim “Knowledge is Power.”

19. Forbidden Knowledge — Raury

To further stimulate your soul, check out “Forbidden Knowledge.” This track features Big K.R.I.T. on the indie rap album All We Need by Raury. This song from 2015 features lyrics that address issues of social justice, individuality, and violence. The bravery with which Raury tackles these social and political issues in this song should encourage listeners to question the status quo rather than blindly follow it.

18. The Knowledge — Janet Jackson

Yet another meaningful piece of music is Janet Jackson’s “The Knowledge.” “The Knowledge” belongs to her 1980 album, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814. Excerpts from its lyrics, such as “Insight to what’s going on. Information keeps us strong,” and “Cryin’ for a better day until you educate for a better way,” make this a perfect track for the topic knowledge. An upbeat instrumental will keep you entertained while Janet stresses the transformative power of education.

17. The Gambler — Kenny Rogers

Next up is a Kenny Rogers country song called “The Gambler.” The catchy tune and brilliant lyrics of this track from his album The Best Country Album In The World…Ever! will have you hooked in no time. He used gambling as an allegory for making sound decisions in one’s life, thus applying knowledge. “The Gambler” is an enduring work of art, for sure.

16. Free In The Knowledge — The Smile

The opening instrumental arrangement of “Free in the Knowledge” is undeniably captivating. The song, included in The Smile’s album “A Light for Attracting Attention,” showcases a poignant melody and profound lyrics that resonate deeply within. Released in 2022, this alternative track carries a sense of sorrow and the power to touch your soul.

15. Make Me Know It — Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, often referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll,” will grace us with the song “Make Me Know It” from his comeback album released in 1960 titled Elvis is Back! “Make Me Know It” is a testament to his talent as a vocalist and performer. Lyrically, he asks the one he loves to show him how much they mean to him so that he can feel it with all his being.

14. Ignorance Is the Enemy  Rodney Crowell

Stunning guitar picking opens the song “Ignorance Is the Enemy.” It was recorded by Rodney Crowell for his 2005 album The Outsider. Rodney highlights that “ignorance is the enemy” and that it is something that “…can bring you pain.” Moreover, its backing track and melody have a touch of folk and country genres, making one feel relaxed while playing it.

13. Cuttooth — Radiohead

Many listeners appreciate Radiohead because of the band’s distinctive and innovative musical approach. Amnesiac features the alternative track “Cuttooth.” Lyrically, it warns that “A little bit of knowledge will destroy you.” While “Cuttooth” may not have as wide a fan base as the band’s other singles, it holds a special meaning for listeners who can relate to the lyrics.

12. Let Knowledge Drop — Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur’s talent in rapping is showcased in his song titled “Let Knowledge Drop” from his album, Beginnings: The Lost Tapes 1988–1991. His rhymes and seamless delivery of the lines make it an entertaining listen. “Let Knowledge Drop” gives a powerful message to move on from the past and make better choices for yourself.

11. Knowledge — Operation Ivy

Singing along with Operation Ivy’s “Knowledge” is a great way to let off steam and relieve stress. This song from the band’s 1989 album Energy will have you banging your head and rocking out. Your vitality will, no doubt, be restored. Its repeated line, “All I know is that I don’t know nothing,” conveys a willingness to learn and grow through new experiences.

10. Law (Earthlings on Fire) — David Bowie

The song “Law (Earthlings on Fire)” by David Bowie begins with the repeated verses, “I don’t want knowledge / I want certainty.” This phenomenal musician is well known for his innovative music. On his album Earthling, David Bowie includes the song “Law,” which features an upbeat electronic pop-rock tune. The lyrical message of this piece is an encouragement to take on oppressive systems and make a difference.

9. They Never Will Know — Marshall Crenshaw

Enjoy ’80s music by listening to “They Never Will Know,” an alternative classic song. It was recorded and released by the singer-songwriter Marshall Crenshaw for his album, Mary Jean & 9 Others. “They Never Will Know” has a blend of melodic pop-rock and power pop. Lyrically, this song is an uplifting song for someone who has low self-esteem, as evident in the following lines:

They don’t know and they never will know
You shouldn’t doubt yourself
What you’ve got you shouldn’t hide

8. Knowing When to Leave — Dionne Warwick

In a relationship, knowing when it is time to let go will save one from even more heartbreak. That is what Dionne Warwick sings about in her song “Knowing When to Leave.” This timeless tune first appeared on her 1970 album I’ll Never Fall in Love Again. The song’s worth listening to because of the emotional content of the lyrics and the upbeat lyrical melody, which slows down slightly at the end.

7. All I Need to Know — Bryndle

Bryndle will sweep you off your feet with her folk song from her 2002 album, House of Silence. This beautiful track is titled “All I Need to Know” and is her way of expressing her questions about whether her love interest will always stand alongside her. The soothing effect it has makes it a great addition to your bedtime playlist.

6. Ignorance Is Bliss — Kendrick Lamar

Have you ever heard the saying, “Ignorance is bliss?” It implies that ignorance can shield people from the stress, worry, and discomfort of knowing the truth. Kendrick Lamar’s Overly Dedicated album includes “Ignorance is Bliss,” a hip-hop track that clocks in at only one minute and 52 seconds. Despite its apparent brevity, the impression it leaves is sure to last.

5. Two Days from Knowing — Trisha Yearwood

Listening to “Two Days from Knowing,” recorded by Trisha Yearwood, is like taking a nap to the soothing sounds of a lullaby. It is a country track found on her album Thinkin’ About You. In this 1995 piece, she describes how their long-distance relationship makes her feel, through the following lyrics:

And I’m two days from knowing whether I can be strong
If I spend one more night in your arms
So I’ve a mind to keep going and drive right past your door
But I’m two days from knowing for sure

Your worries and stress will melt away as you listen to this song because of its alleviating melodic quality.


4. Lack Of Knowledge — Violent Femmes

Feeling down? Listen to “Lack of Knowledge” by Violent Femmes and get into the groove. Because of its lively rhythm, you won’t be able to help but tap your feet and snap your fingers. This song is featured on the album Why Do Birds Sing?, which was released by Violent Femme in 1991. The lyrics to “Lack of Knowledge” are deliberately vague and open to multiple interpretations.

3. You Know I’ll Always Love You — Nigel Olsson

Nigel Olsson’s singing style, which is often characterized by a gentle and soothing quality, is highlighted in “You Know I’ll Always Love You.” It was in 1979 when it first came out on his self-titled album. The tender and emotionally resonant effect of this classic ballad is brought about by the combination of affectionate lyrics, Nigel’s warm voice, and the incredible musical arrangement.

2. If You Don’t Know It — Don Gibson

You can’t help but picture yourself at a dive bar listening to Don Gibson’s “If You Don’t Know It” while downing an iced beer. In the lyrics, he reassures his lover how much he loves her and how he has been expressive enough to show it. This track from Doo’s album Accidentally On Purpose combines elements of country music and folk music that will give you a breath of cool, fresh air.

1. Ignorance — Paramore

Raise your hand if you are an Anklebiter! We will close this collection with Paramore’s “Ignorance” from her album Brand New Eyes. “Ignorance” is a powerfully charged anthem for overcoming one’s own and the world’s misunderstandings. The song’s upbeat, defiant vibe and Hayley Williams’ distinctive, high-range vocals helped it earn several nominations, including Best Rock Video at the MTV Video Music Awards and Choice Rock Song at the Teen Choice Awards. If you haven’t listened to this rock classic, then you’re missing out big time.


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