21 Songs About Mystery (2023)

Life is undoubtedly a mystery that we must solve, like a puzzle. Because of this, a ton of songs with a distinct sense of mystery have been created over the years by a variety of composers and songwriters. Additionally, in the world of music, some musicians opt to use imagery and symbolism to make it a riddle, while others express their interest and wonder in unknowable things.

These 21 best songs about mystery can either plunge us into profound confusion or satiate our sense of wonder.

21. Mysterious Ways — U2

“Mysterious Ways” by U2 is one about which people have different interpretations of its meaning. This rock song tells the story of three different characters: a man, his sister, and “she.” The singer expresses both the mystery of life itself and the enigmatic ways “she” moves. The musical and lyrical excellence of “Mysterious Ways” from Achtung Baby earned it the Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Song.

20. Mystery Man — Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

In the song “Mystery Man,” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sing, “Baby I wanna be your mystery man.” He addresses it to a woman who is playing hard to get and still makes him want her more. This pop-rock tune came out on the band’s self-titled album in 1976. It features compelling guitar riffs and catchy lyrics.

19. Magical Mystery Tour — The Beatles

The renowned rock band The Beatles released the song “Magical Mystery Tour” as part of their self-directed 1967 musical film Magical Mystery Tour. This rock track was quite controversial as The Beatles went outside their iconic musical style, receiving both praise and disappointment from the public. Nevertheless, it showcases the band’s creativity and versatility as musicians through this classic piece.

18. Mystery Wind — Richard Thompson

Be blown away by Richard Thompson’s “Mystery Wind” as he displays his undeniable talent for singing and playing the guitar. “Mystery Wind” from the album Rumor and Sigh is a rock song from 1991 that revolves around the invisible wind and its effect on people, describing it as:

It’s a cruel wind, screams and moans
Don’t know where from, don’t know where it goes
Rustling the leaves around your door
Cold, cold fingers through the cracks in the floor
The mystery wind

17. The Mystery of Love — Prefab Sprout

There is no way you are not going to be enchanted by the alternative holiday pop song titled “The Mystery of Love.” The pop band Prefab Sprout recorded this in 1997 for their Andromeda Heights album. It starts with a slow delivery of lines and then progresses to a slightly faster rhythm. In the lyrics, they describe one of the most mysterious things in this world: love.

16. She’s a Mystery to Me — Roy Orbison

You’ll be swept away by Roy Orbison’s lyrical poetry as he relates how a “mystery girl” leads him into a realm of mystery. This track, titled “She’s A Mystery To Me,” is taken from his album Mystery Girl. It is a timeless piece of soft rock that showcases Roy Orbison’s remarkable vocal range and his ability to convey genuine emotion through his music.

15. Who Are the Mystery Girls? — New York Dolls

In 1974, the rock band New York Dolls energetically asks the questions, “What do you know about love?” and “Who’s the mystery girl?” as they express their longing for romance. You’re going to go absolutely insane from the relentless guitar riffs, the thumping drums, and the singer’s boundless enthusiasm. Punk and glam rock aficionados can’t go wrong with this classic cut from Too Much Too Soon.

14. Sweet Little Mystery — Danny Thompson and John Martyn

Danny Thompson and John Martyn’s soul-stirring collaboration on “Sweet Little Mystery” is as fresh as the autumn breeze. It was released in 1980 as a track on Martyn’s album “Grace and Danger.” You will be swayed by this song’s gentle and poignant musical quality as well as the memorable chorus that goes like this:

That sweet little mystery that’s in your heart
It’s just that sweet little mystery that makes me cry
Oh that sweet little mystery that’s in your heart
It’s just that sweet little mystery that makes me try.

13. Mystery Lady — Billy Ocean

Another captivating track from Billy Ocean’s Suddenly album explores the mystery and allure of a mysterious woman. Everyone who hears this timeless classic rhythm and blues track titled “Mystery Lady” can’t help but hum along to its infectious melody. Particularly notable are Billy Ocean’s alluring vocals, which add to the track’s undeniable charm. The song’s theme is the woman’s seductive appeal and the way it causes him to lose his breath as he gives in to her spell.

12. Ain’t No Mystery — Brand Nubian

When it comes to things we can never seem to fathom, the idea of who God is tops the list. Brand Nubian tackles this deep subject in their song “Ain’t No Mystery” from the album In God We Trust. This hip-hop track is all about profound thoughts and deviant lyrics, accompanied by an upbeat and catchy melody that keeps you grooving.

11. Mystery Roach — Frank Zappa

Let us rock out with the song “Mystery Roach,” performed by the one and only Frank Zappa. This folk-rock piece was used as one of the movie soundtracks for 200 Motels, a film Frank Zappa directed himself along with Tony Palmer. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey through Zappa’s musical genius and prepare to be swept away by the infectious energy that “Mystery Roach” brings to the table.

10. Mystery Hours — The New Pornographers

Back in 2000, The New Pornographers graced us with their track “Mystery Hours,” a captivating piece that seamlessly blends alternative pop and rock influences. This infectious and dynamic track from their album Mass Romantic is bound to make your head bop along with its zestful backing track. As you groove to the music, you’ll find yourself captivated by the introspective and puzzling lyrics that add a layer of depth to the overall composition.

9. Mystery — Tom Odell

With its light yet captivating drum beats that kickstart the song, Tom Odell’s “Mystery” immediately grabs your attention. This haunting track, featured on his album Wrong Crowd, is a standout in his discography. From the mesmerizing melodies to the heartfelt lyrics, and Odell’s emotive vocals, “Mystery” possesses a magnetic quality that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish. It’s no wonder this ballad is a track that immediately earns a spot on everyone’s playlist.

8. Where I Found You — Future Islands

Another hauntingly breathtaking song that deserves to be part of our songs about mystery is “Where I Found You” by Future Islands. This alternative track from On the Water captivates listeners with its emotive and atmospheric sound. From the moment the music starts, you’re immediately drawn into a sonic realm that is both enchanting and mysterious. Future Islands’ ability to create music that transcends genres and transports listeners to another world.

7. Mystery Train — Elvis Presley and Scotty & Bill

Elvis Presley, along with Scotty Moore and Bill Black, created the classic hit “Mystery Train.” This laid-back rock tune is featured on Presley’s album The Sun Records Collection. It’s impossible not to tap your toes and get swept up in the song’s stimulating rhythm and distinctive melodies. The song’s words conjure up images of a secretive train journey full of mysteries and questions.

6. How to Disappear Completely — Radiohead

Depression is a troubling condition that requires proper treatment. Our following song on the subject is “How to Disappear Completely,” a moving and introspective song. It is a hauntingly lovely song that displays Radiohead’s distinctive artistic style. Its poignant melodies and radical lyrics resonate with those who have experienced the weightlessness and loss of hope that can accompany depression. If you are in need of some solace, listen to this folk-rock masterpiece from their album Kid A‘s.

5. She Is Still a Mystery — The Lovin’ Spoonful

The Lovin’ Spoonful’s classic song “She Is Still a Mystery” can be found on their album Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful. His love interest’s obscure and enticing characteristics are perfectly encapsulated in the song. The instrumentals and harmonies produce a lively and upbeat background that perfectly matches the theme of the song. The listeners will undoubtedly enjoy this tasty track.

4. Between Two Mysteries — Mount Eerie

“Between Two Mysteries” is a song that has the power to draw listeners into a world of contemplation. The song begins with eerie instrumentals that perfectly complement the tone of the lyrics, which expertly steer through existential questions that arise in the face of the unknown. This indie song is a well-crafted masterpiece that is a great addition to our mystery-themed playlist because of its soothing and inquisitive musical arrangement.

3. Mystery — Matt Maltese

In 2021, Matt Maltese released an album titled Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow. One of the tracks in it is a song called “Mystery,” which has its own aura of artistic mystery. Every listener is guaranteed to be drawn into Maltese’s introspective world by his passionate singing, which carries the song’s emotional weight. “Mystery” delves into the complex nature of love in a way that will win your heart.

2. Into The Mystery — NEEDTOBREATHE

A country song will join our collection. It is titled Into the Mystery” and was chosen by NEEDTOBREATHE to be the title track of their 2021 album. It’s got a country feel to it, which is both comforting and encouraging given that the song’s lyrics remind us that we’re never truly alone. The song “Into the Mystery” does a wonderful job of conveying the spirit of boldly venturing into the unknown.

1. Mystery of Love — Sufjan Stevens

We always leave the best for last, so don’t miss out! The award for Best Original Song goes to “Mystery of Love” by Sufjan Stevens. It appears in the multiple-award-winning movie Call Me by Your Name. Beautiful beyond words, this song delves into the depths of love’s complexities. Its soft, soothing sound, along with its lyrical beauty, add to the overall enchantment of this work of art.

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