21 Songs About Searching (2023)

Life is a journey. From our earliest memories, we are going through life by growing each day and learning more than we did the prior day. Life is a quest where we try to reach our goals and find the place where we belong. With these said, even young children know that we are all searching for something. We may be on a path to discovery, a road to expand our horizons, or following a direction to goodness and perfection. Undeniably, we can get lost more times than we wish.

Here are 21 songs about searching that we can all benefit from.

21. Search Party by Sam Bruno

This song is part of the soundtrack of the movie, Paper Towns. It is the movie adaptation of a book by John Green. The story is centered on searching for a missing girl who mysteriously disappeared. Aptly, this song is about a girl who is hiding in Paris and is enjoying being searched for.


20. Soul Searching by Bazzi

To go soul searching is to be on a journey to find meaning in your life and existence. It is looking for answers to questions that no one can give you the right answer to. This song tells a story of a guy who has already achieved success in life but is still searching for life’s meaning. Most of us think that being rich and successful are the ultimate goals in life but this song, together with countless testimonials of rich people would tell you that these will never be the only reasons why we are on Earth. Our souls hunger for more meaning than what the physical world has to offer.


19. In Search Of by Miike Snow

This song has a mix of Indie Pop and Dance, Electronic elements. It is so catchy and almost hypnotic. The song starts with a knowledge that he is already forgiven for his past mistakes and now he is on a search for a cure to his ills. It sings about his search for a remedy. In the scheme of things, this is his next step, the next thing he needs to find.

18. (I’ve Been) Searching So Long by Chicago

The question that is central in this song is “Who am I?” and this has been a question that has been asked for several lifetimes already. Even during the time of the ancient Greeks, this question has plagued the minds of people. As for all kinds of searches, some people find answers and some die searching. In this song, the answer was found. It comes with a maturity that as long as you are true to yourself and that you find some meaning in life, then you would be free and you would understand that “life is everything it’s meant to be.”


17. Searching For A Feeling by Thirdstory

Sometimes people go through so much in life that they develop coping mechanisms to live and survive. There are times when people just shut down and numb themselves from all feelings and stimuli in this world. This song tells a story about a man who has turned too numb and cold, that he rejects all the love that is being offered to him. Deep down, he knows he needs to “search for a feeling” because he is not doing okay.


16. Searching For Nothing by Fells

Interestingly, this dance, electronic song is a song about heartaches. It’s not often that you’d want to dance to the tune of a heartache but this song will make you go along with its beat. The relationship has been one-sided and there has been cheating too. The former beloved seems to be “searching for nothing” and just does what he/she pleases. Towards the end, the singer walks out of this relationship and ends the madness.


15. Searching For Someone Like You by Kitty Wells 

Judging by the fact that this song was released in 1955 and the quality of the music video (surprisingly, there is one,) this song is really old. However, despite its age, the theme of searching for your one true love has always been present in everyone’s minds. In this song, she has found her beloved and is wishing the he’ll never let her go.


14. Searching by INXS

People who are searching for something are oftentimes, lost themselves. This song makes you feel how lost the singer is. He is searching for meaning and at the same time, he’s not in a place of security. He needs meaning, he needs love, and most of all, he needs direction. This song was released in 1997, under the album Elegantly Wasted. 


13. Searching For My Love by Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces

Oftentimes, we hurt the people most special to us. We make mistakes and do our loved ones wrong. These mistakes are pretty much unavoidable because who among us has never made mistakes, right? This jazz, soulful song sings about his search for his loved one who walked away from him because of the mistakes that he has made. He realizes these mistakes and longs to apologize and find his lover to make things right again.


12. Searching by Roy Ayers

This relaxing song from 1976 will remind you of Jamiroquai and Lenny Kravitz. It sounds amazing. It’s a song about a search for someone who is in the same wavelength as you. There is someone out there who thinks the way you do and when you come together, it will just feel exactly right.


11. Keep Searchin’ by Del Shannon

This is a story about a man who wants to protect his woman by hiding her away from all that has hurt her. They are searching for a safe place. There was a time when there were a lot of couples who eloped. This is an apt song for that decision. This song was released in 1965 under the album One Thousand Six-Hundred Sixty-One Seconds of Del Shannon.


10. Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always by We Came As Romans

Heavy Metal Rock Songs have profound meanings hiding behind all the screaming and the loud music. This song in particular sings about endless self improvement. The path to becoming perfect is unachievable but one must keep trying and continuing through the path to doing right and improving your ways. This song came from the band’s 2009 album, To Plant A Seed.



9. Searching For Love by Midnight Star

This is such a sweet, smooth song from the 80s. It is about a man and woman who are both “searching for love” and eventually find it in each other. Both were lonely and alone. They both wish that they shared their lives with someone who will stick around during the hardships. Luckily, they found each other.

8. Searching by Liv Dawson

This song has a music video that starts with a young love that would make anyone smile. Only to be disappointed that this song is about a girl who was left behind by her lover. She has no idea where he is and she keeps searching for him everywhere. He can’t be found and she’s quite lost herself, and still longs for him. Towards the end, hope is lost and she just wishes that he’s safe. This is a common yet painful kind of relationship. There is always someone who leaves, and someone who is left behind, clueless.


7. Still Searchin’ Damian Marley 

This song was released in 2001 under the album Halfway Tree. It is an R&B Reggae song about the search for that “virtuous wife” that is truly hard to find. There are so many ways relationships can turn out to be. As complicated as humans are, we lose what we hold dear. Our dreams and best partners are already in our lives but we still manage to mess things up. Here, his search continues.


6. Searching With My Good Eye Closed by Soundgarden

This song can be interpreted in several ways. His search for a paradigm and his search for a pedestal can make you think about what he is actually looking for. Is he searching for life’s meaning? When he looks to the sky, is he talking to a Supreme Being? One thing’s for sure, the singer is out of sorts whether he’s hiding or he’s lost. He needs to open both his eyes and continue on his search. This song came out in 1991 under their album Badmotorfinger.


5. Search And Destroy by Iggy & The Stooges

This classic glam rock song is one of those with sad meanings. It has the actualization that he’s the “world’s forgotten boy.” To be completely forgotten is not something to be taken lightly. This song is from someone who’s hurting. Since he is forgotten, he goes along a destructive path as he searches and destroys. He does this and he also seeks for help to save his soul. Songs hide the saddest of meanings and hold the deepest of hurts.


4. Searching To Find The One by Unlimited Touch

The melody and beats of this disco song are very reminiscent of the 80s. It’s upbeat and the vocals are lively. It sings about searching for one’s love. She’s looking for someone strong and someone who will fill her life with “lots of love and sensitivity.” She has no plans to settle for anything else while she waits and while she searches. Don’t we all wish to find our true love? 


3. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2

This popular song was released back in 1987 under U2’s album, The Joshua Tree. Bono is unmistakably singing about his faith and belief in salvation in this song. He keeps looking for his Savior and awaiting for the kingdom to come. As he waits, he goes through searching but knows that he will only find what he’s looking for when he is together with his Savior, the one who “broke the bonds” and “carried the cross of his shame.”


2. Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic

Say (All I Need) is a pop, alternative song filled with deep questions and searching but ultimately comes up with an answer. He advises his lost friend that he is clinging on to the ways of this materialistic world and that is not what your soul needs. The only things you need are the “air you breathe” and “a place to rest your head.” We always realize this fact when someone dies. Our soul is worth more than anything this world has to offer. We keep on clinging to our titles, possessions and riches; but we cannot bring these with us after we die.  We forget what our soul needs. 

1. The Search is Over by Survivor

From their album, Vital Signs that was released in 1984, The Search Is Over is a love song that ties up loose ends and finally gives us a happy ending. A relatable story that tells of a man who finally sees the truth that the woman who has stayed by his side in his entire journey is truly the one for him. Her loyalty and steadfastness were unwavering. He has finally seen her worth and declares that he has finally nothing to search for.


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