21 Songs About Seeing Someone Again (2023)

Seeing someone after a long time can be as simple as running into them at the store and exchanging greetings. On the other hand, it can have a more profound significance—a life-altering encounter. A few examples would be running into an ex, getting back together, or wishing for someone to return.

Many talented musicians have already penned songs about seeing someone again, whether it be an old friend or a loved one. Despite their varied subject matter, these songs all share the ability to penetrate within you and win your heart.

21. See You Again — Wiz Khalifa

More than 5 billion people have watched “See You Again” on YouTube, making it one of the platform’s most-viewed videos. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth collaborated on a pop-rap song as a memorial to actor Paul Walker. This timeless masterpiece from the album Most Wanted, Vol. 2, served as the score for the smash hit film Furious 7 and won the NRJ Music Award for International Song of the Year. The combination of the singer’s emotional delivery, the lyrical quality, and the song’s arrangement create a song that will always live in people’s hearts.

20. It’s Not Over — Daughtry

The band Daughtry featured their song “It’s Not Over” for their self-titled album, and since then, it has been loved by many music lovers all over the world. It has a pop-rock tune that can surely hook anyone. Chris Daughtry’s distinctive voice and heartfelt performance helped the song land several Grammy Award nominations. After a breakup, the protagonist of “It’s Not Over” expresses his desire to reconcile with his ex by singing, “This love is killing me, but you’re the only one.”

19. Reunited — Peaches & Herb

For some, going through a breakup is a chance to learn to appreciate their relationship and the people in it even more than they did before. The R&B tune “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb perfectly captures this situation. This classic track from their album 2 Hot has that calming effect on you because of the upbeat lyrics and the beautiful harmonies.

18. Starting Over Again — Natalie Cole

Do you agree with the saying, “Love is sweeter the second time around?” That will be heard in our opening track, a timeless classic by Natalie Cole. The sound of her song “Starting Over Again” is tranquil and gentle. Her album Good to Be Back contains this mellow pop song. You’ll experience how pleasant and exciting it is to begin again.

17. Back to December — Taylor Swift

In 2010, the song “Back to December” from Speak Now came out. It was written and recorded by Taylor Swift and is one of her most popular tracks. The country-pop tune and genuine lyrics of this song tell of the day she ran into an old flame and felt the rush of emotion of wishing she could turn back the clock and love him better, as evident in the line that goes, “It turns out freedom ain’t nothin’ but missin’ you, wishin’ I’d realized what I had when you were mine.” After listening to “Back to December”, it will stay in your heart forever.

16. Taxi — Harry Chapin

It was in the 1970s when Harry Chapin’s classic piece “Taxi” came out. It was believed by many to be Harry’s best track ever. Lyrically, the narrative is about a taxi driver who chanced upon a passenger who turned out to be a special person in his life—an ex-lover. The poetry that lies in this track is what people loved about it. On the other hand, this folk song from the 70s Folk Rock album has a melancholic melodic effect that will take you to their bittersweet love story.

15. That Old Feeling — Frank Sinatra

The opening instrumentals in the classic song “That Old Feeling” are enough to set a soothing atmosphere. Frank Sinatra’s flawlessly unique vocals also make his jazz songs stand out among the rest. The protagonist in this track is a man who saw someone special again “last night and got that old feeling.” Listening to “That Old Feeling” from Nice ‘n’ Easy will make you feel as if you are looking out the window as the wind gently brushes through your hair.

14. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved — The Script

Another track that has a special place in people’s hearts is the song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. It was released in 2008 by the band The Script, and it is also one of their most famous songs. This pop-rock has already amassed over 300 million plays on YouTube! This song from the album The Script is taken from the perspective of a man who can’t move on from someone and is waiting for someone to come back to him about the play they met. The awesome guitar riffs, instrumentation, vocals, and brilliant lyricism make this a masterpiece in music.

13. See You Again — Carrie Underwood

The next song, “See You Again,” is a song about dealing with loss after someone dies and talks about how exciting it will be to see the person again in heaven. You’ll be hooked by Carrie’s voice and the way the song is played, which will help you get over your sadness. “See You Again” was written and recorded by Carrie Underwood for her Blown Away album.

12. Closer — The Chainsmokers

The chart-topper “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey tells the story of a couple who get back together after being apart for four years and find that they still want each other. This 2016 single off their album Collage proves that electronic pop music is “never getting older.” As of this writing, over 2.9 billion people have watched this official music video. In addition, this irresistible song earned the Billboard Music Award for Top Hot 100 Song.

11. I’ll Wait — Kygo and Sasha Alex Sloan

Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship or currently in one? If so, then you exactly know the anguish of longing to see someone again and be with them. From his 2016 album Golden Hour, Kygo has a song titled “I’ll Wait” that focuses on this very thing. This exceptional DJ and music producer did a collab with Sasha Sloan for this electronic pop song. The overall quality of this piece will melt your heart.

10. I Remember You — Skid Row

“I Remember You” is a rock song recorded by Skid Row. It belongs to his self-titled album and revolves around how he cannot get over someone and wishes to rekindle the love they once shared. The lyrics are all about their memories together. The emotive delivery and the hypnotizing instrumentation of this track will make you feel like you’re in his shoes, experiencing pain just like he does.

9. New Rules — Dua Lipa

From Dua Lipa’s debut self-titled album, the single “New Rules” has achieved tremendous success. It is quite different from the other tracks on this list, as this dance-pop track is about avoiding seeing someone again as it will be a huge mess for her moving on phase. It’s all about making the conscious decision to steer clear of the behaviors that got her into his clutches in the first place. This pop has a compelling beat that will make you want to get up and move to the music. Dua Lipa also won the Radio Disney Music Award for Best Song To Lip Sync To through “New Rules”.

8. Whatever It Takes — Lifehouse

The song by Lifehouse from their 2007 album Who We Are is ideal if you enjoy alternative rock. In the song “Whatever It Takes,” he expresses his willingness to go to any lengths to win her back. The sincerity of his words and the song’s composition produce a sentimental and cozy atmosphere.

7. Nice to Meet You Again — Meira Loom

Meira Loom’s rhythm and blues track is titled “Nice to Meet You Again,” and from the title itself, you can already see how it perfectly fits our playlist. She talks about meeting someone after a long time and feeling the childhood memories come flashing back. It has an engaging arrangement that you will surely enjoy as she sings the catchy chorus that goes like this:

Really nice to meet you again
Really nice to meet you again
Oh, I think it’s really nice to meet you again
So nice to meet you again

If you wish to relax through music, this song from the album Letting Go is one you should definitely put on!

6. Right Here Waiting — Richard Marx

Repeat Offender is an album by Richard Marx. Among its songs is “Right Here Waiting,” which has been a massive hit since it came out in 1989. This pop song has already received a Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. “Right Here Waiting” is a golden composition that will stir your emotions deeply. As for the song’s lyrics, they convey a sincere yearning for someone’s return.

5. I’ll Wait For You — Joe Nichols

The lyrics of “I’ll Wait For You” by Joe Nichols are so moving that they will make you weep. This country tune from his third studio album tells the tale of a patient wife who waits for her absent husband, who was once stranded in Montana because of a snowstorm. In “I’ll Wait For You,” Joe Nichols displays his skill as a compelling storyteller. It ends with a heartbreaking line that goes, “…I’ll wait for you at Heaven’s gate.”

4. Escape (The Piña Colada Song) — Rupert Holmes

Do not hesitate to move your body and feel the tropical vibe of the next song from Rupert Holmes’ album, Partners in Crime. It is titled “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” and was released in 1979. This pop-rock song is addictive to listen to due to its engaging lyrics and well-crafted instrumentation. Moreover, it was also nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Song. “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” is truly an iconic song.


3. Open Arms — Journey

Journey’s “Open Arms” is widely considered to be one of the most famous classic songs of all time. This song is a slow rock single that was featured on the band’s successful album titled Escape, which was released in 1981. The sincerity and power of this track, with its portrayal of an optimistic romantic with a desire for a second chance, is what gives this piece of artwork its enduring allure in the music industry.

2. Lego House — Ed Sheeran

If you’re in need of some musical comfort, put on “Lego House” from Ed Sheeran’s + album from 2011. “Lego House” is a metaphor for a broken relationship and how he picks up every piece to build it up again. This alternative-pop song is an expression of his attempt to better love someone. Ed’s entrancing voice, coupled with the heartfelt tune, will instantly transport you back in time. He also got a nomination for the MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video.

1. Hello — Adele

Since its debut on Adele’s album 25 in 2015, “Hello” has been a huge success. It is a perfect song to add to this list of songs about seeing someone again, as Adele’s mesmerizing voice says, “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.” to the backdrop of piano chords that will take your breath away. This Song of the Year Grammy winner addresses issues of closure after a relationship has ended.


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