21 Songs About Sharks (2023)

The oceans are the largest bodies of water on the planet, and they are also the most mysterious. While the thought of oceans excites some people, it frequently raises fear in others. The fact that we have such a limited understanding of what lies beneath the waves is particularly unsettling.

Nonetheless, many people have seen films about sharks and know what they look like and how dangerous they are. Additionally, songs about sharks are widely available online, covering a wide variety of musical styles and eras. We’ve compiled a playlist of our favorite shark-themed songs for your listening pleasure.

21. Baby Shark — Pinkfong

Do you know that the top-viewed video on YouTube is a children’s song? With a whopping 12 billion views, “Baby Shark,” uploaded by the kid channel Pinkfong, holds the spot with the highest number of views on the said platform. Despite its short duration, the infectious melody, not only for kids but also for adults, makes it an irresistible song to listen to and dance to.

20. Fins — Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett, known to release songs that give off the “island escapism” lifestyle, also made one about sharks. However, the term “sharks” in his song called “Fins” doesn’t refer to the actual sea creature but rather to all the men that take interest in the woman he is singing about. This folk-rock song from his 1979 album Volcano has a refreshing tune that is sure to please your ears.

19. Shooting Shark — Blue Öyster Cult

The album released by Blue Oyster Cult in 1983 is titled The Revölution by Night. It contains several tracks, including “Shooting Shark.” The lyrics are amusing, just like the song’s title! A figurative “shooting shark” lights up the sky whenever two people in the story break up from their on-again, off-again romantic relationship. After hearing this incredible rock song, it is difficult to resist playing it again and again.

18. Shark Attack — Split Enz

As soon as the song “Shark Attack” by the band Split Enz begins to play, you will definitely start tapping your toes due to its lively and compelling instrumentation. It is a rock song from the band’s chart-topping album, True Colours (40th Anniversary Edition). If you want to be entertained and impressed by how charismatic they are as musicians, go see them perform “Shark Attack” live.

17. Shark Finger Family — Pinkfong

Pinkfong is back with another children’s song titled “Shark Finger Family.” From the album Baby Shark Sing Along (Pt. 1-3), this 2021 track is like another version of our top song. ” They incorporated the same melody into “Baby Shark” and “Finger Family.” With the two nursery rhymes’ contagious effect, it is not surprising that since its release five years ago, it has already accumulated almost 200 million YouTube views!

16. Mack the Knife — Bobby Darin

Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear
And it shows them pearly white

This is how Bobby Darin described sharks in his amusing song, “Mack the Knife.” Being a classic from the 1950s, the song has the sound and feel of that time period. The album Petticoats and Popcorn – 50s Original Hits, Vol. 9 is where this song belongs to. Aside from Bobby Darin’s delightful performance, the backing track is also impressive.

15. Sharks — Imagine Dragons

In their latest album Mercury – Acts 1 & 2, the in-demand rock band Imagine Dragons unveiled a brand new single. This alternative track is called “Sharks,” and it’s about toxic people who prey on the vulnerable. Imagine Dragons have been consistently delivering hit after hit for years, and “Sharks” is no exception. The song’s catchy hook and high energy, as well as the song’s well-written lyrics, will surely make you add this song to your collection.

14. Shark — Oh Wonder

Let us now dive into some more mellow music. Oh Wonder’s “Shark” has the ability to calm and inspire introspection. From their self-titled album released in 2015, it is an indie pop song with a gentle touch of electronic beats. The lyrics center on someone they describe as “my wave, my shark, my demon in the dark, the blue tide pulling me under.”

13. A Shark in Jets Clothing — Blondie

Back in 1976, the American rock band Blondie recorded the song “A Shark in Jets Clothing.” You will want to snap your fingers and jam along to this classic rock tune from their self-titled album. The female vocalist, Deborah Harry, sings about a pretentious, dressed-to-kill man, like a “shark in jets clothing,” that is sure to break her heart in the end, like he did with the other girls he dated.

12. Shark — Dwight Twilley Band

“Shark” from Dwight Twilley Band’s The Great Lost Twilley Album is another classic song on our list. It came out in 1993 and easily received love from the audience. With the joyous and appealing musical arrangement of the song’s melody, lyrics, and backing track, you will definitely end up singing “Shark” in your head after hearing it.

11. Sharks Can’t Sleep — Tracy Bonham

Tracy Bonham’s “Sharks Can’t Sleep” begins with a slow-paced verse and transitions into a full-blown rock song in the chorus. It can be found in the 1996 album, The Burdens of Being Upright. Musically, this alternative rock song features Tracy Bonham’s enticing vocals paired with the band’s engaging performance, which will capture your heart.

10. Mr. Jaws — Dickie Goodman

There have been a lot of reports of shark attacks at various points in time. That’s why in “Mr. Jaws,” Dickie Goodman teaches people what to do in the event of a shark attack and how to avoid one altogether. The spoken word and musical composition “Mr. Jaws,” which can be found on the album Mr. Jaws and Other Fables, serves as an effective educational tool. As a result, back in the day, it was also considered for the Juno Award for International Single of the Year.

9. Shark! Shark! Shark! — Adept

Our next song will definitely rock, so get ready. This is “Shark! Shark! Shark!,” a track off of Adept’s album Another Year of Disaster, where they play metal rock. Anyone listening to “Shark! Shark! Shark!” will get a surge of energy from the combination of the vocal screams and the upbeat instrumentation. This hard-core group deserves more attention for its brutally enjoyable performance.

8. Shark in the Water — V V Brown

Vanessa Brown, also known as V V Brown, showcases her versatile singing talent in her R&B song, “Shark in the Water.” It is part of her 2009 album, Travelling Like the Light. A sense of paranioa is covered in this song, as she sings about something that bothers her, like a shark in the water under her bed. Her soulful vocals and catchy melody will have you humming along in no time.

7. A Swim With the Sharks — Powerman 5000

The Blood Splat Rating System is an album by Powerman 5000, released in 1995. It contains the song “A Swim With the Sharks,” a metal rock track that fits our shark-themed playlist, as evident in the song’s lyrics that go, “You get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing / Well a swim with the sharks is like me.” The inviting instrumentation, in addition to the vocalist’s attractive delivery, will surely make you enjoy listening to it.

6. Shark Attack — Grouplove

An awesome song from the band Grouplove titled “Shark Attack” is a piece that is like a breath of morning air. The album Spreading Rumours (Extended Version) features this indie song from 2008. Playing this track will either make you get up and dance to it or amke you pack your bags and go on a tropical vacation. Truly a feel-good masterpiece!

5. The Sharks Are Circling — The Courteeners

The Courteeners’ album titled Anna contains a song titled “The Sharks Are Circling” as the album’s eighth track. The first verse of this alternative pop-rock song goes as follows: “The sharks are circling / The water’s getting clearer.” The lyrics to this song are written in an imaginative manner, and the musical arrangement is energetic and contagious, undoubtedly making the audience adore this song once they hear it.

4. The Shark Fighter! — The Aquabats

Isn’t it incredible how music can make all your problems disappear, if only temporarily? The indie rock song “The Shark Fighter!” is capable of doing just that. It was included on The Aquabats’ 2011 album, Hi-Five Soup! With its catchy hooks, rousing chorus, and fantastical, outlandish lyrics, the song sounds like something out of a comic book and is sure to captivate listeners.

3. Hammerhead Shark — David Lee Roth

There are a lot of species of sharks, and one of the most distinctive is the hammerhead shark. Hammerhead sharks are characterized by their unusual head shape. Back in 1991, David Lee Roth graced us with a rock song titled “Hammerhead Shark” from his album, A Little Ain’t Enough. This timeless song has a fantastic musical arrangement with lively instruments and imaginative lyrics.

2. Fast as a Shark — Accept

The speed of sharks is one of their most notable traits. They have the quickness to attack creatures in just a few seconds. Accept used this idea in the lyrics to their metal rock song “Fast as a Shark.” The song is from their 1982 album, Restless and Wild. It is appropriate for the title due to the fast-paced rhythm and the strong vocals. Many people consider “Fast as a Shark” to be their favorite rock song because of its timeless quality.

1. Lydia — Highly Suspect

We give you the Highly Suspect song “Lydia” as our final selection. The song “Lydia” from the band’s Mister Asylum album is a Grammy nominee for Best Rock Song. From the very first note, every listener will certainly be hooked. Lyrically, it tells the tale of a toxic relationship that has ended. With its distinctive and addictive musical quality, this masterpiece will make you forget about the world and transport you to another dimension.

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