21 Songs About Smell (2023)

Songs about smell are a unique subset of music that explores the olfactory sense and its impact on our emotions, memories, and experiences. While songs predominantly focus on visual and auditory sensations, a few artists have delved into the realm of scent, creating compositions that evoke specific smells or utilize scent-related metaphors.

These songs offer a sensorial journey unlike any other, tapping into the power of scent to paint vivid musical landscapes. Step into a world where melodies intertwine with fragrances, where notes of aroma linger on the airwaves, as we delve into the enchanting realm of songs about the smell.

21. “Smell Good” by Tech N9ne

Album: “Special Effects” | Style: Hip-hop

Get ready for some infectious beats and Tech N9ne’s signature rapid-fire delivery as he takes you on a lyrical journey through self-confidence and style. With his unique flow and lyrical prowess, Tech N9ne brings a confident and charismatic energy to “Smell Good.” The song celebrates self-expression and self-assurance, reminding listeners to embrace their individuality and exude confidence.

20. “That Smell” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Album: “Street Survivors” | Style: Southern rock

This song hits you with intense, unrepentant energy that moves your heart to the dangers of excessive indulgence and its accompanying consequences. This song also portrays a deterrent tale about the risks of substance abuse and its detrimental effects on individuals and relationships. Buckle up and get ready to absorb yourself in the soulful and hard-hitting sound of “That Smell.”

19. “Mine Smell Like Honey” by R.E.M.

Album: “Collapse into Now” | Style: Alternative rock

This rock gem will have you tapping your feet and humming along in no time with its distinctive vocals and lyrics that delve into the enigmatic realm of personal scents. Metaphorically exploring the complexities of identity and relationships, R.E.M. weaves a narrative where the persona’s unique scent becomes a defining characteristic. The energetic rhythm of this song creates an irresistible blend that embodies R.E.M.’s timeless musical charm.

18. “Smell Yo Dick” by Riskay

Album: N/A (Single) | Style: Hip-hop

There is a bold and provocative vibe in the song that tackles the sensitive topic of infidelity head-on. The blunt lyrics of this track leave no room for interpretation, calling out cheating partners and demanding accountability. It captures and highlights the negative emotions and anger that come with discovering infidelity. Despite its controversial subject matter, the song is a memorable and impactful piece of music.

17. “I Smell Pussy” by G-Unit

Album: “Beg for Mercy” | Style: Hip-hop

The title alone sets the atmosphere of the song as the lyrics delve into themes of street credibility and authenticity, calling out those who are perceived as fake or lacking in toughness. Its hard-hitting verses exude confidence and assertiveness, creating an aura of dominance and intimidation. While the lyrics may be confrontational and explicit, the song’s purpose is to assert G-Unit’s dominance in the rap game rather than promoting negative behavior.

16. “Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny” by Bloodhound Gang

Album: “One Fierce Beer Coaster” | Style: Alternative rock

“Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny” is hilariously cheeky for one to take too seriously. Packed with witty wordplay and playful implications, the song delivers a satirical punch that will have you laughing out loud. Its lyrics explore unconventional romance and unconventional desires in a wild and lighthearted musical ride.

15. “Smell the Roses” by Roger Waters

Album: “Is This the Life We Really Want?” | Style: Progressive rock

A thought-provoking track that transports listeners on a sonic journey creates a rich and layered musical experience. Lyrically, “Smell the Roses” touches on themes of political and social commentary, urging listeners to wake up and engage with the world around them. The song creates a contemplative atmosphere that encourages introspection and allow you to dive deep into the profound musings. “Smell the Roses” invites you to question the state of the world and find meaning within it.

14. “I Smell Trouble” by Buddy Guy

Album: “Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues” | Style: Blues

You may as much smell trouble, too, as this song transports you to the smoky atmosphere of a dimly lit blues club as the song delves into themes of heartbreak, betrayal, and tribulations of love. You can also feel the pain and anguish behind the song’s impassioned lyrics, as it channels emotions through the blues. Moreover, the song creates a captivating musical experience where emotions run deep and the music tells a story of its own.

13. “Hippy Smell” by Ween

Album: “12 Golden Country Greats” | Style: Alternative country

This delightfully humorous track pokes fun at counterculture stereotypes and combines elements of alternative country and parody, creating a lighthearted musical experience. In this song, Ween playfully exaggerates the image of a stereotypical hippy, highlighting their unique aroma and peculiarities. So, kick back, embrace your inner free spirit, and join Ween in a good-natured chuckle as they humorously explore the world of “Hippy Smell.”

12. “Smells Like Me” by Charlie Puth

Album: N/A (Single) | Style: Pop

“Smells Like Me” radiates self-confidence and individuality as the talented singer takes the stage and brings his signature smooth vocals and irresistible charm to this empowering track. The song celebrates embracing one’s unique identity and owning it with pride. “Smells Like Me” invites listeners to dance, sing along, embrace their true selves, and let their personalities shine through.

11. “I Heart?” by Taylor Swift

Album: N/A (Unreleased) | Style: Pop

“I Heart ?” is Taylor Swift’s captivating and mysterious pop gem that leaves listeners guessing. While the song has not been officially released on any album, it showcases Swift’s signature style of heartfelt and introspective songwriting as it invites us into a world of uncertainty and intrigue. It’s a song that explores the complexities of love leaving us with more questions than answers.

10. “Stop and Smell the Roses” by Mac Davis

Album: Stop and Smell the Roses | Style: Country/Pop

This perfect blend of country and pop will make you want to tap your feet and sing along as it talks about slowing down, taking a moment to appreciate the simple joys in life, and to not let those precious moments slip away. Mac Davis is reminding his listeners to savor every little thing that makes life beautiful as you realize how important it is to pause and soak in the world around you.

9. “The Scent of Your Cologne” by Christine Lavin

Album: Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind | Style: Folk/Contemporary

This song takes you back to those moments when you catch a whiff of someone’s cologne and a flashback of memories came travelling back in a bottle. The song’s narrative weaves a tale of love and longing in vivid poetry. “The Scent of Your Cologne” makes you reflect on the power of memory and the lingering presence of those we’ve loved and lost.

8. “Smell Like Smoke” by Lainey Wilson

Album: Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ | Style: Country/Rock

Embrace your wild side and break free with this perfect blend of country and rock that will have you readily hit the dance floor. This song is filled with irresistible hooks and rebellious vibe that encourages you to let go of your hang-ups and embrace the adventure of living life on the brink.

7. “Perfume” by Britney

Album: Britney Jean | Style: Pop

“Perfume” is all about those moments of doubt, where you use your perfume as a secret weapon to mark your territory and leave a lasting impression on your lover. It’s a vulnerable theme that Britney brings to life with her incredible vocals drawing you in with its irresistible charm. Britney’s voice is both sweet and powerful, carrying the emotions of longing and uncertainty.  You’ll find yourself immersed in a world of emotions, contemplating the lengths we go to in the name of love.

6. “Smell the Color 9” by Chris Rice

Album: Smell the Color 9 (2000) | Style: Contemporary Christian/Pop

This song is not your average worship song as it takes you on a lighthearted journey where you’re encouraged to embrace your inner childlike wonder. Its lyrics paint vivid pictures that challenge your imagination and invites you to see the world through a fresh lens, encouraging you to discover extraordinary things in the ordinary. It’s like a whimsical reminder to find joy and beauty in the little things that often go unnoticed.

5. “Cheap Whiskey” by Patty Loveless

Album: Only What I Feel (1993) | Style: Country

This song is sure to hit you right in the heart with its raw and honest portrayal of heartbreak and pain as if taking you straight to a dimly lit bar where the air is thick with sorrow and regret. Patty’s powerful and soulful voice delivers the emotional weight of the lyrics with utmost authenticity, capturing the essence of heartache in every note. Whether you’ve experienced heartbreak yourself or not, “Cheap Whiskey” has a way of resonating with listeners on a deep emotional level. It’s a reminder of the vulnerability and fragility of love, and how sometimes we turn to temporary comforts, like drinking cheap whiskey, to ease the pain.

4. “Smell Your Way Through the Day” by The Wiggles

Album: Wiggle House (2014) | Style: Pop

This fun and lively children’s song with catchy tune prompts you to embark on a sensory adventure to use their sense of smell to explore the world. The song’s lyrics take you on a journey through various scents, from freshly baked cookies to flowers in a garden, and even stinky socks! It’s a playful way to introduce children to different smells and spark their imagination.

3. “Scent of a Mule” by Phish

Album: Hoist (1994) | Style: Jam Band/ Rock

The track kicks off with a catchy guitar riff that sets the funky tone for the song. As it progresses, the band weaves together intricate melodies and rhythms, creating a rich and dynamic musical tapestry.  The witty and playful lyrics of this song follow the story of a mule named Marley and his misadventures delivered with a mix of humor and energy where every element comes together to create a captivating sonic experience. It’s the kind of song that invites you to let loose and get lost in its infectious groove.

2. “You Smell Like Dinner” by Jinx Titanic & Super 8 Cum

Album: Mascarada! | Style: Glam Rock

This is a deliciously wicked and unconventional song that blends cabaret, dark comedy, and glam rock into a tantalizing concoction. With a seductive and theatrical flair, its lyrics exudes irresistible charm, wordplay, and mystery about one’s daring exploration of desire and attraction. This song celebrates the allure of the forbidden.

1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

Album: Nevermind | Style: Alternative Rock

The song’s cryptic and abstract lyrics have sparked countless interpretations over the years, but the general sentiment of teenage rebellion and feeling misunderstood resonates deeply with listeners. Musically, it is a perfect example of the grunge movement that Nirvana helped popularize with heavy guitar riffs, aggressive drumming, and melodic yet abrasive sound effects.

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