21 Songs About Surgery (2023)

A surgery procedure can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Throughout the years, singers and songwriters had found inspiration for their songs in this field. Songs about surgery could refer to themes related to surgical and medical operations that could’ve been written from the perspective of the patient, the surgeon, or someone else involved in the process. Some of these songs may evoke humor, pain, and suffering from these unique experiences.

21. “Operation: Mindcrime” by Queensrÿche

Album: Operation: Mindcrime | Style: Rock Opera

By the title of the song itself, it could be noted that this tells a story about a young man named Nikki who is brainwashed by a shadowy organization to carry out political assassinations. It follows the lyrical narrative of a person who came to realize the extent of his manipulation. It also illustrates his growing resistance to his handlers. This intense song continues to captivate and inspire listeners with its themes of rebellion, power, and control.

20. “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” by Martina Mc Bride

Album: Eleven | Style: Country Ballad

This song will touch the hearts of listeners who know someone diagnosed with breast cancer because it talks about the ways in which loved ones support the patient through the difficult journey of treatment. The song’s lyrics generally convey a message of hope, love, and determination in the face of adversity. This deeply emotional song cuts the hearts of its listeners up to this day.

19. “Mrs. Potato Head” by Melanie Martinez

Album: Cry Baby | Style: Electropop, dark pop

This song was inspired by the famous American toy consisting of a plastic model of a potato decorated with a variety of plastic parts attached to the main body. It succumbs to the idea of plastic surgery being the ultimate standard for beauty. Many listeners have found the song to be relatable and empowering, as it speaks to the pressure that women feel to conform to societal beauty standards.

18. “Open-Heart Surgery” by Sense Field

Album: Killed for Less | Style: Emo, alternative rock

This song speaks so much of the emotional connection and vulnerability of human experience as it explores the theme of difficulty in opening oneself up to love. The song’s lyrics are a metaphor for open-heart surgery to convey the idea that letting someone into one’s heart can be a painful and risky process, but one that is ultimately necessary for emotional growth and connection.  This powerful song is a perfect illustration of the universal human experience of falling in love.

17. “Black Man” by Stevie Wonder

Album: Songs in the Key of Life | Style: R&B

Contrary to its title, this song does not only focus on the contributions of Black people in the advancement of American history especially in the medical field. It addresses the contributions of people from all races, cultures, and qualifications, too. It also celebrates the roles of varied individuals to make America what it is today, and it calls us to remember that this world has been made for all people and that justice must be extended to all, as well.

16. “Surgery” by Two Door Cinema Club

Album: False Alarm | Style: Indie Rock

The song is a metaphor for one’s desire to undergo a kind of surgery to remove the emotional baggage and start anew, and it explores the themes of emotional turmoil and the need for healing and transformation. Its dance-punk beats complement the honesty of emotional healing depicted in the song.

15. “The Miracle” by Queen

Album: The Miracle | Style: Rock

This classic rock track is a celebration of love and life’s beauty with the persona in the song expressing a sense of wonder and awe at the miracles that occur in our everyday existence. It also delves into the resilience of the human spirit and how love aids us to overcome our most difficult challenges. Throughout the years, this song continues to inspire its listeners to appreciate life more.

14. “Fire” by Ingrid Michaelson

Album: It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense | Style: Indie Pop

Fire” by Ingrid Michaelson is a catchy and upbeat pop song that will get you tapping your feet and singing along in no time. the lyrics are all about the intense and all-consuming feeling of being in love, comparing it to a wildfire that burns bright and hot. Ingrid sings about how this love makes her feel alive and how she wants to stay in its warm embrace forever. Overall, “Fire” is a fun and energetic love song that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

13. “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out” by The Replacements

Album: Let It Be | Style: Alternative Rock

This humorous yet chaotic song is inspired by the experience of a person getting his tonsils removed. It creates a soothing and emphatic feeling as it speaks about the discomfort of the procedure and its aftermath frustration. The song’s lighthearted approach to a serious situation never fails to bring a smile to every listener’s face.

12. “Under the Knife” by Rise Again

Album: The Sufferer & the Witness | Style: Punk rock

This song prompts a lot of meaningful interpretations from the vivid plotting of the idea of dreaming and waking up when it is through. However, it could be said that the song is somehow illustrating the process of surgery or being under the knife to metaphorically describe the suffering that the persona felt towards the failure of a relationship. Regardless of how listeners take this song to heart, it cannot be denied how its upbeat tune illustrates the empowering message of the song.

11. “Operate On Me” by Lil Wayne

Album: Tha Carter III | Style: Hip-hop

The song’s sensuality explicitly revolves around the desire for sexual pleasure as the persona in the song expresses his willingness to undergo surgery or any kind of physical pain to experience sexual gratification. This song is a controversial piece that has drawn criticism from some listeners for its explicit content. However, fans of Lil Wayne appreciate the rapper’s willingness to push boundaries and explore taboo subjects in his music.

10. “Miss Me” by Drake

Album: Thank Me Later | Style: Hip-hop

This straightforward song reflects the combined hopefulness and longing brought about by a long-distance relationship. It delves into how someone wishes to be badly missed when he’s away. Despite the dark feel depicted in the song, its haunting melody becomes a staple to the singer’s honest and vulnerable music themes.

9. “Plastic Surgery” by Xzibit

Album: Full Circle | Style: Hip-hop

The idea of plastic surgery as an attempt to enhance one’s features is a metaphor used in this song to evoke the idea of enhancing rappers’ skills. The song, at some point, criticizes the other rappers for their lack of originality and creativity in the rap industry. Thus, the sarcastic verse in the song calls out to these rappers that they need to have plastic surgery in order to improve themselves. The hard-hitting beats of this song match the bold message evoked herein.

8. “Do Not Disturb” by Drake

Album: More Life | Style: Hip-hop

This song is said to be a reflection of the singer’s own personal experience and his struggles with fame and relationships.  It describes how the singer wanted privacy from the limelight and how he wishes to silence all haters. It calls out to find our inner strength to stay focused, turn away from distractions, and live life to its fullest.

7. “Sentimental Surgery” by RedHook

Album: Bad Decisions | Style: Alternative rock

Sentimental surgery is a reflection of one’s desire to heal all emotional pains and pay attention to the needs of one’s mental health. The persona in the song desires something to be said to him that could alleviate the pain and suffering that he is feeling. This song is undoubtedly a sentimental plea to be freed from the bondage of mental health struggles.

6. “Twenty-Twenty Surgery” by Taking Back Sunday

Album: Tidal Wave | Style: Alternative rock

This high-energy fast-paced song explores the rollercoaster emotional ride of a toxic relationship. It describes a lot of drama and instability in the middle of chaos and adversities. The title metaphorically connotes that having a 20-20 eye surgery is as good as seeing things in clearer and brighter light.

5. “Crash Course in Brain Surgery” by Metallica

Album: The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited | Style: Heavy metal

This song is about social inability and a rocky love relationship being compared with brain surgery where the persona in the song feels as if his brain is knifed out. Evidently, the song implies one’s struggle against verbal and psychological approaches. In totality, powerful and moving tribute to the struggle for recovery and the human spirit’s capacity for resilience.

4. “Crazy’ by Simple Plan

Album: No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls | Style: Pop

This song deals with the untold stories of young women who think they need to look a certain way and will even undergo surgery to do it. It illustrates the overwhelming feeling of a pressured life due to the constraints of society. As the song progresses, it illuminates the fact that the general problem is society itself. The search for meaning in this world can often feel chaotic and confusing but this song encourages listeners to still embrace their individuality and pursue their dreams with fervor and vigor.

3. “Open Soul Surgery” by April Wine

Album: Electric Jewels | Style: Hard Rock

For someone who had reached the highest peak of emotional and psychological turmoil, an open soul surgery would be a pleasing idea. It is a metaphorical representation of seeking emotional healing through the process of opening their soul to the world. In general, this song depicts a powerful message of resilience and hope.

2. “Down at the Doctors” by Dr. Feelgood

Album: Private Practice | Style: Blues Rock

This song is a lighthearted and playful way of saying that music can heal the soul. It portrays music as something with healing and rejuvenating power. The song’s message of seeking relief from life’s troubles echoes with listeners of all ages and backgrounds which is why this song captures the spirit of a bygone era while still resonating with modern audiences.

1. “Like a Surgeon” by Weird Al Yankovic

Album: “Dare to Be Stupid” | Style: Comedy, Parody

“Like a Surgeon” is a parody song of Madonna’s hit single “Like a Virgin”. It cheekily describes a surgeon’s ability to heal patients but with a twist of over-the-top lyrics that somehow poke fun at the medical profession.  A lot of listeners not just enjoy the beat of the song, but more so, they relate so much to the portrayal of confidence and competence when facing challenging situations.

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