21 Songs About Vegetables (2023)

At a very young age, we were told to eat vegetables, even though most of us did not want to. We have been taught how important it is for us to grow faster and healthier. And our parents were right all along: maintaining a healthy body and mind is important, and one of the best ways to do this is by eating plenty of vegetables and passing this advice on to younger generations.

Hence, there are too many songs made about veggies to count, with most of them being children’s songs. To keep your mind, body, (and ears) healthy, we have gathered a basket full of the best songs about vegetables if you’re looking for some!

21. Vegetables — The Beach Boys

A song about love for vegetables is our first track. The American rock band The Beach Boys released this song, titled “Vegetables.” It is actually a classic from their 1967 Smiley Smile album. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you will surely enjoy this pop song due to its harmonious vocals and catchy and soothing tune.

20. Yes Yes Vegetables Song — Cocomelon

Don’t be shocked as the next song, titled “Yes Yes Vegetables Song” boasts almost three billion views on YouTube already! The popular kids’ channel, Cocomelon, is one of the YouTube channels with the highest subscribers, specifically 158 million! This children’s song, which is included in Cocomelon Kids Hits, Vol. 1, encourages kids to love vegetables while also learning their names.

19. Fruits & Vegetables Song — Babiloo

What’s the partner of vegetables? Right! Fruits! Babiloo dropped a new title track calledFruits & Vegetables Song.” It is also a children’s song that is highly educational. They incorporated colors with fruits and vegetables and aimed to teach the benefits of each color group. “Fruits & Vegetables Song” is a creatively composed and recorded song.

18. Vegetable Song — Kids Learning Tube

The “Vegetable Song” is an English nursery rhyme that serves to complete the alphabet by providing examples of vegetables and describing each one. This upbeat song is part of the collection of Fun Songs for Kids that can be found on Kids Learning Tube. If you are a parent or a teacher, adding this song to your children’s song playlist is a must.

17. Vegetable Town — Barenaked Ladies

The Grammy-winning rock band, Barenaked Ladies, also has an entry for the songs about vegetables, where they describe a town full of veggies. It is titled “Vegetable Town,” and it belongs to their album, Snacktime. The enticing sound of the instrumentals in this mellow song will surely make you want to listen more. In addition, it has a relaxing melody and catchy lyrics that go like this: Won’t you walk me down to Vegetable town?

16. Be Healthy — Dead Prez

Attention, hip-hop lovers, for we have a track for you: “Be Healthy” by Dead Prez. The lyrics focus on the healthy routines he follows, such as eating wholesome food like vegetables, drinking water, and working out. You can listen to this rap track on the Let’s Get Free album and will be motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle whether you are young or old after hearing him say, “My goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy cause true wealth comes from good health.”

15. Vegetable Song — The Singing Walrus

Next up is an adorable song for kids titled “Vegetable Song.” It was chosen as the title track of The Singing Walrus’ 2017 album. It has a cheery rhythm that everyone will love. It is also an effective educational song if you want your child to easily learn and memorize vegetable names while enjoying it at the same time.

14. Carrot Juice Is Murder — The Arrogant Worms

In 1994, the musical trio The Arrogant Worms recorded an amusing song titled “Carrot Juice Is Murder.” It is a unique song on this list in that they do not sing about their love for veggies, but they argue how terrible carrot juice is, even considering it a “murder”. This classic piece from Russell’s Shorts will make listeners laugh and forget about their worries for a while.

13. Asparagus Next Left — Half Man Half Biscuit

Get ready to rock out with “Asparagus Next Left” from Half Man Half Biscuit’s Achtung Bono album. It features lively instrumentation, attractive drum beats and rolls, and guitar riffs. The rock song “Asparagus Next Left” was released in 2005 and focuses on the various signs promoting various vegetable crops that the band saw while traveling through rural areas and driving on country roads.

12. Vegetables Are Funky — The Vegetable Plot

Luke Escombe is an award-winning musician and is part of The Vegetable Plot. Among the tracks they have written is the funky track “Vegetables Are Funky” from the album of the same name. When you listen to this track, not only will it impress you with its captivating composition and arrangement, but it will also give you energy for the day.

11. Pork and Beans — Weezer

A Grammy awardee has joined our compilation! It is the rock track titled “Pork and Beans,” performed by the band Weezer in 2008. Like in the song’s lyrics, “Everyone likes to dance to a happy song with a catchy chorus and beat so they can sing along,” this piece from their self-titled album will also have you singing and dancing. It discusses doing what one enjoys without considering what others may think, such as eating “candy with pork and beans”.

10. Carrot Rope — Pavement

13 years ago, an indie-rock song titled “Carrot Rope” came out. It is the closing track of Pavement’s 1999 album, Terror Twilight. It has an attractive melody that features varying speeds and rhythms. It is important to know that even though “Carrot Rope” falls into this category because of its title, its lyrical content is not something for kids.

9. I Ate a Rainbow — Teeny Tiny Stevies

The award-winning children’s music group Teeny Tiny Stevies wrote the song “I Ate a Rainbow” with the intention of encouraging kids to try various colored fruits and vegetables. It has a captivating tune and a pleasant melody, which is appropriate for kids’ music. Useful Songs for Little People, the 2015 album by the Teeny Tiny Stevies, contains this fun tune.

8. Vegetable Car — Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin will captivate you with his amazing, cool voice as he sings “Vegetable Car”. This folk song is a romantic narrative of a girl he likes who used to drive past his place driving an old Mercedes that can run on vegetable oil, thus calling it a “vegetable car”. You will feel like falling in love while listening to this 2008 track from Simple Times.

7. Squeeze Your Vegetables / Grow Up Up Up — The Vegetable Plot

We have another veggie song for your kids from The Vegetable Plot. It is called “Squeeze Your Vegetables / Grow Up Up Up” from their album, Season One. Its instrumental melody has a touch of classic folk that will surely make you groove. “Squeeze Your Vegetables / Grow Up Up Up,” as its title suggests, teaches kids to drink veggie juice in the morning and at night.

6. The Cabbage — Teenage Fanclub

Feel the rush of nostalgia as you play Teenage Fanclub’s “The Cabbage”. This song is taken from Thirteen and is an alternative pop-rock tune that has an infectious mood. Even though the word “cabbage” does not appear in its lyrics, it seems to have a symbolic meaning as the lead vocalist lightly sings about how heartbroken he is after being left by a woman he loves.

5. Veggie Medley — Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin

“Veggie Medley,” released by Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin for the album Fish Drive Edsels, will catch you by surprise with its haunting and eerie melody and voice effects. It came out in 2012, and it is found by many to be a terrifying track about encouraging others to eat veggies. However, many also believe it to be unique in its own right.

4. Vegetables Song (So Yummy!) — Bounce Patrol

Another channel that creates songs for children that are educational is Bounce Patrol. A fun and cheery song from the Welcome to the Farm album by the name of “Vegetables Song (So Yummy!)” is one of their releases. Their voices blend together beautifully, and the joyful background music is a treat for the ears. It is a wonderful song to play for children!

3. Fruits & Vegetables — The Juicebox Jukebox

You will definitely crave some fruits and vegetables after listening to this fun song from The Juicebox Jukebox’s Now Hear This! albumIts aim is to convince kids and adults to eat fruits and veggies and how good they are for our bodies. This song has a catchy rhythm and easy-to-remember lyrics!

2. See You at the Market — Bounce Patrol

As important as teaching your children how to eat vegetables is teaching them about the farmers who plant and grow those crops. It is for this reason that Bounce Patrol wrote the song “See You at the Market” for the aforementioned Welcome to the Farm album. The idea is to introduce farmers’ crops found at markets and learn good vegetable-growing practices. Not only is it educational, but it is also incredibly entertaining to listen to!

1. We Are the Vegetables — INXS

Finally, the last track in our veggie-themed playlist is a pop-rock song titled “We Are the Vegetables,” performed by INXS. It can be found on their self-titled album, which was released in 1982. You won’t be able to resist jamming out to this fascinating track. Its instrumentation is a combination of ska and punk that makes it lively and inviting. It is only less than two minutes long but can leave a lasting mark on every listener.

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