Whatever You Like (T.I. song) Lyrics Meaning [Explained]

If you’re a fan of T.I.’s music, you’ve likely heard his 2008 hit single “Whatever You Like.” This song, which was the second overall release from his album “Paper Trail,” quickly became a fan favorite and shot up the charts in the United States.

“Whatever You Like” showcases the rapper’s ability to provide a lavish lifestyle for his significant other. The lyrics paint a picture of a relationship built on materialism and the power that wealth brings.

This article will analyze the meaning behind the lyrics, focusing on the different aspects of the relationship dynamic and the role of wealth within it.

Lyrics Interpretation

Before we delve into the story behind this song, let’s take a closer look at each verse of the lyrics.

Verse 1

“Aye, Jill, you know the old sugar daddies? They be tricking, they tell them girls I said you can have whatever you like. I said you can have whatever you like.”

The song opens with a reference to “sugar daddies,” wealthy men who provide financial support to younger women in exchange for companionship or other favors. This sets the tone for the rest of the song, as T.I. expresses his willingness to financially support his partner, allowing her to have “whatever [she] likes.”


“Stacks on deck, Patron on ice. And we can pop bottles all night. Baby, you can have whatever you like. I said you can have whatever you like.”

The chorus reinforces T.I.’s ability to provide for his partner. With “stacks on deck” and “Patron on ice,” the imagery suggests a luxurious lifestyle. The repetition of “you can have whatever you like” emphasizes his commitment to giving her anything she desires.

Verse 2

“Late night sex, so wet and so tight. I gas up the jet for you tonight. And, baby, you can go wherever you like. I said you can go wherever you like.”

In this verse, T.I. describes the intimate aspect of their relationship, coupled with the extravagant gesture of gassing up a private jet for her. This line further highlights the power dynamics in their relationship, with T.I. using his wealth to fulfill her every desire.

Verse 3

“Anytime you want to pick up the telephone, you know it ain’t nothing to drop a couple stacks on you. Want it, you can get it, my dear. Five million dollar home, drop Bentleys, I swear.”

T.I. continues to emphasize his financial prowess, asserting that he can easily “drop a couple stacks” on her whenever she wants. He mentions luxury items like a “$5 million dollar home” and “Bentleys,” showcasing the level of opulence he can provide.


“I want your body, need your body. Long as you got me, you won’t need nobody. You want it, I got it, go get it, I’ll buy it. Tell them other broke nigga be quiet.”

This bridge section highlights the transactional nature of their relationship. T.I. wants and needs her body, while she benefits from his wealth. He assures her that she won’t need anyone else as long as she has him, and he can buy her whatever she wants.

Verse 4

“Shawty, you the hottest, love the way you drop it. Brain so good could’ve sworn you went to college. Hundred K deposit, vacations in the tropics. Everybody know it ain’t tricking if you got it.”

T.I. compliments his partner’s intelligence and attractiveness, before mentioning a “$100K deposit” and “vacations in the tropics.” The line “it ain’t tricking if you got it” suggests that his financial generosity is justified because he has the means to do so.

Verse 5

“I’m talking big boy rides, and big boy ice. Let me put this big boy in your life. That thing get so wet and hit so right. Let me put this big boy in your life; that’s right.”

In this verse, T.I. further emphasizes the material aspects of their relationship, offering “big boy rides” and “big boy ice” (luxury cars and expensive jewelry). He suggests that his presence and the material goods he can provide will enhance her life.

True Meaning Behind “Whatever You Like”

T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” tells the story of a man who is happy to buy his partner whatever she desires, encouraging her to ask for anything she wants. The song offers a glimpse into a luxurious lifestyle and explores the dynamics of relationships centered around material possessions.

Two Versions, Same Message

Interestingly, there are two versions of the song. The original version contains some explicit language, including a line about “late night sex so wet, it’s so tight”.

To make it more suitable for radio play, T.I. created a censored version. In this version, the lyrics are changed to “Baby I can treat you so special, so nice” in the hook, and “Girl, you smell so fresh, and look so nice” in the breakdown, instead of the explicit lines.

The edited version also replaces the word “niggas” with “jokers” in one line and censors the word “brain” in another, which is slang for oral sex.

Regardless of the version, the core message remains the same: a man willing to provide a lavish lifestyle for his partner, showcasing the power that wealth brings.

A Fun and Catchy Music Video

The music video for “Whatever You Like” uses the edited lyrics, and it’s a fun watch for anyone who wants to see T.I. living his best life on a luxurious yacht. The video complements the feel-good nature of the song and highlights the extravagant lifestyle that the lyrics describe.

Music Video

T.I.’s “Live Your Life” music video is one for the books! Directed by Dave Meyers, it was filmed in Malibu, Los Angeles, California, and features a star-studded cast. Reagan Gomez-Preston plays T.I.’s love interest, and there are cameos from Jackie Long, Lil Duval, Jim Jonsin, DJ Toomp, and T.I.’s wife, Tameka Cottle.

The video begins with a girl working at a fast-food restaurant, and when T.I. comes in and orders hot wings, he hands her a folded-up paper with his number on it. She calls him, and T.I. invites her to his house.

From there, the video takes you on a journey of her living the high life with T.I. treating her to private jet rides, fancy dinners, and expensive gifts, like a new car. However, we also see clips of her living her normal life with her boyfriend.

Towards the end, the video shows T.I. and the girl on the red carpet, just before revealing that it was all a fantasy sequence, and T.I. had only given her a hundred-dollar bill, not his number. Nevertheless, it’s an entertaining and visually stunning music video that’s worth checking out.


T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” is an exploration of the power dynamics and materialism that can exist within relationships. The song highlights the influence of wealth and the ability to provide a luxurious lifestyle for one’s partner.

While the lyrics paint a glamorous picture, they also raise questions about the depth of such a relationship and whether it can be truly fulfilling when based primarily on material possessions.

Ultimately, “Whatever You Like” serves as a commentary on the role of money and materialism in modern society and the relationships that can form as a result.

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