Selena Gomez “Who Says” Lyrics Meaning

In the realm of pop music, few songs manage to capture the zeitgeist while also delivering a powerful, personal message. Selena Gomez’s hit single “Who Says” is one such rarity.

This chart-topping tune is not only catchy, it’s a profound anthem of self-love, acceptance, and individuality. The lyrical depth of this song takes us on a journey into a narrative that is as relatable as it is empowering.

Let’s dive deep into the potent verses and choruses to uncover the meanings and messages embedded in “Who Says”.

Lyrics Interpretation

Before we delve into the story behind this song, let’s take a closer look at each verse of the lyrics.

Verse 1: Questioning External Perceptions

“I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else

You made me insecure

Told me I wasn’t good enough

But who are you to judge

When you’re a diamond in the rough

I’m sure you got some things

You’d like to change about yourself

But when it comes to me

I wouldn’t want to be anybody else”

The song starts off with Selena Gomez expressing a defiant attitude towards someone who has made her feel insecure. The lines “who are you to judge” and “when you’re a diamond in the rough” suggest that those who criticize others often have their own imperfections to address. The verse ends with an assertive message of self-acceptance and independence.

Chorus: Rejecting Negative Messages

“Who says

Who says you’re not perfect

Who says you’re not worth it

Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting

Trust me

That’s the price of beauty

Who says you’re not pretty

Who says you’re not beautiful

Who says”

The chorus confronts the harmful messages that people receive about their self-worth. Selena’s rhetorical questioning (“Who says you’re not perfect”) implies that these negative evaluations come from outside sources, and should not dictate our personal worth. Additionally, the phrase “That’s the price of beauty” suggests that the pursuit of conventional beauty often comes with a psychological toll.

Verse 2: Suppressing Authenticity

“It’s such a funny thing

How nothing’s funny when it’s you

You tell ’em what you mean

But they keep whiting out the truth

It’s like a work of art

That never gets to see the light

Keep you beneath the stars

Won’t let you touch the sky”

This verse discusses how society often silences individual voices, represented by the imagery of a work of art hidden away and a person kept from reaching the sky. Gomez suggests that one’s unique perspective and authenticity can be stifled by societal pressures.

Bridge: Questioning Limitations

“Who says

Who says you’re not star potential

Who says you’re not presidential

Who says you can’t be in movies

Listen to me, listen to me

Who says you don’t pass the test

Who says you can’t be the best

Who said, who said

Would you tell me who said that”

This part of the song represents an empowering call to action, questioning the limitations that society often imposes on individuals. By challenging these assumptions, Gomez emphasizes the potential that everyone holds and encourages the listener to challenge those who doubt their capabilities.

True Meaning Behind “Who Says”

This song is literally a breath of fresh air, showing off a side of Selena that’s empowering, authentic and super relatable.

Selena recently had a chat with E News about what this song means to her, and y’all, her words hit home. She pointed out how young girls, especially those her age, often question their self-worth and feel the pressure to fit into what they think society expects from them. Fashion trends, the ‘cool’ factor, trying to keep up with what’s in – it’s exhausting, right? But Selena’s like, “Hold up! Strip all that away and ask yourself: Are you proud of who you are? Are you comfortable in your own skin?”

And that, my friends, is what “Who Says” is all about. It’s not just a song, but a message to every single one of us. Selena’s standing up and saying, “Who cares what others think? You’re perfect just the way you are.” It’s a wake-up call that each one of us should celebrate our individuality, our uniqueness, our very essence.

The music video? Just as powerful. Selena isn’t just singing her heart out, she’s inviting her fans – yeah, that means YOU – to join her! The video ends with her chilling with fans at the beach, and it’s like a big party of self-love and acceptance.

Selena hopes this song will inspire all her fans, and honestly, it’s already doing that for so many people. She’s encouraging us all to embrace who we are, and in a world that constantly tells us to change, that’s pretty darn cool.


Selena Gomez’s “Who Says” presents a message of self-love, acceptance, and empowerment. Through its poignant lyrics, it encourages individuals to define their own worth and defy societal standards and judgments. The song reassures listeners that they are not alone in their struggles with insecurity, validating their feelings while promoting a journey towards self-acceptance.

It effectively serves as a reminder that the power to define one’s self-worth comes from within, not from external voices. Ultimately, Gomez’s “Who Says” is a rallying cry against self-doubt and a celebration of individuality.

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